Winterized Birch Tree

Our pre-Christmas Tree winterization has started. We do have our Christmas tree.  It’s been siting in a bucket in the driveway for four days because over half of us are sick at our house.  I think I’m the only blogger without my tree fully decorated and up for a week. But even without the tree up, our house still is starting to feel Christmasy, and not just because of all the wadded up Kleenex on the floor.

Since moving the white sofa to the front room I’ve purchase four things to help solidify the direction I’m moving.  A throw from World Market and faux feather pillow from Home Goods plus a little cowhide pillow from Metrolina helped warm up the front room.  And that birch tree?

He started out as an $8 thrift store, sad, almost leafless Ficus.  I heard a couple of women whispering about why anyone would buy this tree.  But I figured I could find some use for the branches. I paid my son to pull out all the stems with the pliers.

And then decided I liked it just like it was.

With some fur stuffed in the bottom.

Wondering about the lighted dots on the wall?  They come around in the late afternoon thanks to the disco ball in the window.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar:

Also, we have a winner for the DaySpring Christmas Giveaway with all the millions of prizes, I put the winner at the end of the post, click here to see if you won, I didn’t email the winner yet I thought it would help with the suspense!  And all the sales are good thru today!

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  1. I love the disco dots! I want them too!

  2. Yay! I was wondering over the weekend if you’d be hosting a Christmas Tour this year. Glad to see this – and hope you’re feeling better soon! xo

  3. I like it just the way it is, too- and you’re not the only blogger without a Christmas tree. ;-)

  4. Lynn Bauer, from Virginia says:

    Hope you and yours feel better soon! Pictures are beautiful.

  5. So sorry to hear that you are sick, hope you feel better soon. My family was sick all weekend with the flu. Yuck! On the brighter side, your room looks lovely!

  6. Disco balls are ALWAYS appropriate! And I LOVE the book pages used for the shade!

  7. Hope you’re feeling better. I love all your neutrals with layers of texture. So soothing. And love, love the disco ball. Who can resist dancing light? Happy winterizing. I’m working it in a little at a time. Have the twinkly lights up. Love that! Have a good week!

  8. … I love following that disco ball around your house!

  9. that tree was a diamond in the rough, you just have to have a good eye… father had to cut down a beloved birch tree and I asked him to save some of the branches to make a bird house. love birch.

  10. MichelinTexas says:

    All the white and natural elements in your winter decorating are wonderful! I’d love to know the source of your beautiful white lamps – share, please.
    I hope you feel better fast!

  11. Love it! I can’t wait to see the rest of your home for the holidays. I have a question. We are about to get a slipcovered sofa. From a fellow home-of-all-boys, would you recommend I go with a darker color then a white or off-white slipcover? I love the look of the light white/cream, but trying to be realisitic. If you had it to do over would you have white? I notice you now have a dark leather sofa for your family room.
    Would love your feedback.

  12. I unearthed a disco ball last week from our jumle of boxes! I hung it up in our kitchen with south facing windows and I LOVE the whimsical sparkle feel it adds to my kitchen! Thanks for inspiring all of us to be quirky, whimsical, and unique with our decorating styles. You rock Nester! Get well soon and I am enjoying the next days of no decoations! Just took down Fall, need a day or two before Christmas explodes all around the house! :-)

  13. Shear brilliance!! Hope you are feeling better!

  14. Definitely winterized! I like it…

  15. I love your polka dots. Seriously. I totally feel like I need a disco ball now. lol. The dead tree is pretty fabulous too.

    I sent my husband out to find me some tree branches this weekend. He thought I’d gone completely nuts. He was too far from right. ;-)


  16. Ha!! I bet now birch trees will all of a sudden become high demand! You have some awesome ideas!!!
    Off to find an old birch tree!!


  17. Lovely! I wish I had seen this before I wrote this:

  18. Lovely! The colors in your room are great and the birch is the perfect accent!

  19. disco ball twinkles! so pretty! I like the birch tree look even if it did start as a sad pathetic little tree. :)

  20. I haven’t started Christmas decorating yet. Don’t feel like you are alone. Plus, I also have a cold. I feel you, girl!

  21. Please tell me there’ll be a favorite things party this year!

  22. I love thinking of projects that my boys will want to do too! :)

  23. Love that room! Love that disco snow :)

  24. I think the birch limbs are perfect! When I looked quick, I thought you had them stuffed in a pair of UGG boots with the big fluffy tops but realized it’s a throw :) FUN!

  25. Dear the Nester, just want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Hope you all feel better soon!

  26. haha! i completely was trying to figure out where the dots were coming from, very unexpected. LOVE the new look!!

  27. And to think, I gave my ugly old ficus to my sister years ago! Had I known then…

    And anyone who loves a good disco ball is a friend of mine!

  28. Georgia says:

    How did u attach the white plates to the wall?

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