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Every year I write a post called Do Less Be More.  It’s a phrase that’s over-used and under performed but I can’t think of any other words that make better sense.  So it’s that time again, when you and I are going to declare what we ARE going to do this Holiday Season, and what we are NOT going to do.

I’ll start with what I’m NOT doing.  Because sometimes you need to decide that first.  But if you first want to read what I AM doing, come over to (in)courage because I’m talking about that there today.  But then come back here for a big giveaway.

1. I’m not hosting a stressful Christmas party.

I didn’t say we weren’t having people over during the next four weeks, we are but it’s not going to be stressful.  The best way to learn how not to be stressed for a party is to host one and make it super stressful and then decide that for the rest of time you will never do that to yourself again.  I’ve found that the biggest stress producer for me is the idea of perfection.  Perfection isn’t allowed in my home right now.  Okay, ever.

2. I’m allowing myself a pass on sending out Christmas cards this year.

Did I mention that this post is also sponsored by DaySpring every year? And they are a company that majors in Christmas cards and they know I’m gonna say this one because I say it every year and they are good with that?  I think Christmas cards are wonderful if you are the kind of person who enjoys sending them. I think Christmas cards can be a huge guilt trip if you are a person like me.  If cards are stressing you out consider giving yourself a pass. Snap a few photos in the coming weeks, print them out and stick them in a card or have them framed for grandparents. That’s about as far as I take it and grandparents are really the only one’s disappointed if they don’t get a picture.

3. I refuse to go to the mall in frantic search for a gift.

I’ve been able to avoid this for the past few years and it makes a huge difference in my holiday attitude. The reason I’ve been able to avoid the mall is because I pay attention to sales at this time of year, every year.  For the next week the internet will be your friend when it comes to preparing ahead and purchasing meaningful gifts for people in your life.  Pay attention, you can thank the internet later.  There’s nothing like sitting in the comfort of your own chair in mismatched socks, Christmas shopping.

And, one person is going to get a bunch of their Christmas shopping done for them.

DaySpring is giving away over $760 in meaningful beauty to one lucky winner.  The winner will receive 25, yes TWENTY FIVE items, all the items that are included in their SUPER SALE which starts today and runs through Cyber Monday (see how friendly the internet is right now?).  And they are throwing in  my favorite DaySpring Christmas decor, the Hurricane Nativity.  Here are six of my favorite items that are included in the SALE see all the sale items here.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go ahead and have some of your shopping done now, before Thanksgiving?

Did you notice that the dough bowl is included in the sale?

It’s currently my favorite DaySpring item.  I had three here at the house last week and they were all so different, they are handmade in India and simply stunning. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell out.

This silhouette hurricane nativity is my long-standing favorite Christmas item from DaySpring. You can remove the sleeves (or change them out with the extra set they include) for year around decor.

Use the code 30SUPER at checkout to get 30% off the Hurricane and regularly priced items through Cyber Monday.

I now have 3 instructions, I hate instructions so forgive me…

1. Leave a comment telling us what you are NOT doing this Christmas season, to enter to win.

2. If you think you want a dough bowl or four, go buy them now because things sell out fast and I don’t want dough bowl starved women sending me hate mail.

3. Wondering what I AM doing this season?  Meet me at (in)courage and we’ll chat there.


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  1. I will not participate in gift giving at my inlaws. (We’re to buy a male or female gift and then pick out one from the pile). I’m bring ham for all to enjoy (some don’t like turkey). And then I’m donating what I would have spent to World Vision. Less stress, frustration and time spent!

  2. This year we will not drive 10 hours one way with 4 kids and 2 dogs to visit family. It’s been a rough year and we all decided we are staying home making memories with just our “little” family!

  3. I am not doing crazy last-minute mall shopping this year. I’ve purchased most gifts online or am making them.

  4. I am NOT going to over cater (just so we can have left-overs) and God willing, NOT going to overeat….trying to simplify so we can share more with those in need…xxx.

  5. Janice Bearbower says:

    I have been practicing saying “no” –I sew and everyone wants some “little” thing –I choose to make Grandma gifts – not Christmas gifts – so no time pressure.

  6. We are not dehydrating apples. We are not overdoing it on decorating. We never do a tree. Can send out a family photo at another time of the year and people are just as thrilled to recieve it. Christ is King everyday!

  7. I will not do Christmas cards this year…. I alternate years and do them every other year. I will also simplify on Christmas decorating to decrease stress and have extra time for my kids to do Christmas puzzles together and other fun things :)

  8. I will not be doing Black Friday or any crazy mall shopping. I’ve learned over the years to do Christmas shopping all years long-especially at sales. when I see something I know someone will like I get it then and wrap it when I get home. I’ve also started making more gifts for those on our list that really appreicate homemade things. It keeps the spirit of christmas alive all year long, especially when I think aboutbeing able to spend more time with friends and family and less time out shopping and fighting the crazed masses!!

  9. I am not going to ‘get crazy’ cleaning. I am going to do what I can and ENJOY My Saviour’s birthday. I will clean what I can and let the rest go. Having a Christ-Centered, Christ-Filled Christmas with family.

  10. Elise Albert says:

    My family is scattered all over the United States. We decided to skip gift exchanges, post office hassels, and cards. We spend time with our immediate family and share gifts with them. I have decided not to send Christmas cards either this year. My husband and I each get one gift of our choosing and then enjoy the day celebrating at home! No driving hundreds of miles, exhausted and weary. We are taking time to celebrate Jesus!

  11. Hello, I am not planning on stressing out this Christmas. Christmas is a time of joy and peace and the reminder of the birth of Jesus, our Lord. I am not overbuying presents. I am not going to go crazy this year trying to figure out what each person wants.My family will each get one small gift. Its the joy of giving something I’ve made and thought just of them for, not just buying a gift.

  12. Stephanie H says:

    I am giving myself a gift this year-NO driving on Christmas day! I love my family but after driving to everyone’s houses , I end up feeling exhausted! But not this year. I am going to stay home and let my daughter open and play with her gifts without rushing out to visit relatives. I feel relaxed just thinking about it!

  13. Thanks for the opportunity to participate and also reflect in how much the people has to do on Christmas.
    I will not put a Christmas tree at our home anymore.
    We are going to adorn the fireplace and that will be our center piece instead of the tree.
    Our decorations at home will be for Christmas .
    I will order the food online and I will have more time to relax and enjoy my family.
    We opted out in exchanging gifts.

  14. I am not going to compare myself to others and feel guilty when I don’t “Measure Up” (in my own mind)! I am going to say that no one else is in my shoes, so how can I compare apples and oranges?
    Thanks for making me focus on the real reason for the season…Jesus coming to Earth and prepare for His Second coming!! It’s later than we think!!

  15. I am not sending out Christmas cards this year and I’m not waiting until the last minute to buy gifts.

  16. I bought two small turkeys on sale & put them in the freezer for later when we have company. Didn’t make sense to fix the big Thanksgiving dinner for 2. Instead, we enjoyed a reasonably-priced dinner at the local buffet. Was relaxing without the usual preparation, cleanup and left overs.

  17. This year I’m NOT buying gifts for my son that will be played with for a few days and then left in the pile of “plastic-just-had-to-have-it” toys. It has taken me many years to see it as a pile of dollar bills awaiting a yard sale. This year is one large meaninful gift that will get much use. The rest will be the gift of time spent together. Memories are always the right size!

  18. This post is perfect timing because I *am* throwing a Christmas party next weekend. I was even ramping up to stress out about it. Now, with your timely reminder, I will *not* be stressing about my party. It will be what it will be.



  21. I am not ‘buying’ into the ‘must have’ mystique! I will be happy with what I have: a wonderful husband, 4 great kids, and a precious granddaughter. Material things pass away, but family is forever!

  22. I will not go shopping “looking for a gift.” It puts us way over budget and time-crunched. I will make my list specifically and THEN go get the gifts.

  23. Rachel Riley says:

    This Christmas I am not going to purchase random gifts for loved ones without first making a plan! I want to purchase gifts that mean something to the person, not just because I need something now, or feel I need an even amount of gifts for all present!

  24. I am NOT getting caught up in all the busyness of the Christmas Season. I am enjoying Jesus’ birthday and thankful for His coming to earth. I am not only blessed by His birth, but also by His death and resurrection! I am proud to say that Jesus has given me my LIFE!!

  25. I’m not making Christmas dinner. :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. This year I will let the holiday spirit come slowly rather than trying to force myself to feel joy when I need time to reflect.

  27. Suzy Anderson says:

    This year I’m not overindulging in Christmas gifts for my children I am overindulging in teaching them the gift of showing love instead.

  28. Dawn Reilly says:

    I am NOT participating in “Grey Thursday” and Black Friday. (Thursday should be time spent with families.) I am NOT waiting until the last minute to buy gifts. Thank you for the giveaway!

  29. Neita Homerin says:

    I love to decorate it is so simple for me, but finding Just the right gift for each grandchild is
    getting harder as they grow. I will not break the bank this year trying to answer every request. This year we are giving them a recordable storybooks. so they can always hear us, and remember our love for them always. Sharing the Christmas Story with the next generation.

  30. I am not sending Christmas cards either!

  31. I am going to focus on Jesus Christ this season and pray for peace in Israel. I am going to give gifts that edify Christians in their faith or point non-Christians to Christ! I will be more worshipful and give glory to the Lord!!

  32. I am not going to let consumerism dictate how we will spend this beautiful time of year. I AM going to take more time to reflect on the greatest gift given~ Our Lord Jesus Christ ♥

  33. This year I am not putting up my big tree and all the other decorations I usually put out. I will put out only my nativity and light it up to remind me to be a light to the world and share the gift of Jesus.

  34. I’m not knocking myself out to make pixture-perfect cookies or other treats, & I’m not participating in our ladies’ Christmas party cookie exchange. My family likes the cookies I make, & we don’t need dozens of extras around!

  35. Since losing my mom in 2007 at this time of year I remember to think about the really important things in life. Remembering the reason that we celebrate Christmas is our Saviors birth. My siblings and I plan a day to get together and have fun and laugh and enjoy our time together. Our time together is a precious gift and I would not miss it for the world. No stress no worries just fun and laughter.

  36. I am not going to worry about the frustration of finding the “perfect” gift for everyone. I’m going to instead make homemade gifts that will mean more than any store bought item could ever mean.

  37. I will NOT let myself feel bad about Not being able to keep up with what I’ve done in the past to make Christmas feel like Christmas because it’s NOT about material things anyway. If Jesus was in front of us all this Stuff wouldn’t matter. It’s about HIM and US…sharing His joy, giving and NOT expecting to receive.

  38. This whole commercial Christmas has bugged me for years. I always try to connect with the
    real reason for this season and we all know it or we wouldn’t be on your website. I do have two
    granddaughters and I buy them pjs for Christmas Eve and something their parents think will be good for them. They don’t watch a lot of tv so don’t get into the materialistic “I want that” for
    Christmas. Since I’ve always put forth the real reason for Christmas and cherished the “family” in holidays to my daughter, she is paying it forward in her two daughters – so they love having family and friends over anytime for any reason – but most of all to just be together. So…no Black Friday shopping – no crazy rush for a present – just the idea of “being” in the season and doing for others.

  39. Thanks so much for your encouragement!
    I am not saying yes to every holiday event to which I’m invited.

  40. I am planning on doing nothing different. No one invites us to parties, nor are we in a position to host parties. We haven’t gotten much in presents for several years now with both of us underemployed. I like sending out Christmas Cards and decorating other then the lights. I do plan to try to keep the focus on Christ the new born King and ignore all the commercialization of Christmas.

  41. Jan Everette says:

    I LOVE Christmas and at this wonderful time of the year there are very few things that can get me down or stressed BUT this year I plan to enjoy MY time, MY blessings, and the love I have for my family and friends by concentrating on the love of MY Savior and what HE represents……… worries about the gifts, the time, the money, the stress, the impressions!! JUST THE LOVE while I am here on this earth!

  42. Barbara Walker says:

    I am moving before Christmas, so I know I will not be able to do the things I usually do at Christmas. I am definitely cutting down on my Christmas cards. Although I love writing them, I have to simplify everything. I won’t be buying many gifts due to the expense of moving. I plan to give poems to some people. I’m asking God to give me creative ideas as I will be busy with unpacking and then packing to go visit my children and grandchildren in CA. There will be more facusing on the reason for the Season, which is Jesus.

  43. No black Friday sales and running around at the last minute for gifts. No big decorating plans either. The Christmas season has become way too commercialized and people have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. Put “Christ” back where he belongs!

  44. I will not try to do everything this year.

  45. Hi Nester! I’m not going to forget my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who is why we celebrate this time of year. Thank you God for the gift of your Son! Other things I plan not to do include Black Friday shopping and decorating my house so that others will approve…just want my children to enjoy. :)

  46. I am not going shopping on Black Friday or Thanksgiving Day. I am not holding a stressful Christmas party, I am giving myself the ok to give money to those people that don’t give ideas, and I am keeping baking to a minimum.

  47. Dorothy K. Korb says:

    I am entertaining my adult women Sunday School Class. I am getting older and can’t do what I used to do. Rather than not entertaining them in my home I am going to a restaurant and buying the meal. Each lady will pay her part. They will be welcomed to my home after church one Sunday. I think I am meeting the “want to” half way.

  48. We have a new puppy who loves to chew or rip apart things. So I am not going to feel guilty about not putting up a decorated tree, which will free me up from running after her or disciplining/screaming at her 24/7.

  49. Carolyn Trammell says:

    This year I will try to think on the joy of Christmas. Jesus Christ, God’s gift to us. I will try to not get depressed thinking about life happenings that make me sad. I will be sending out very few cards. I have done some shopping on line. I will not go out in bad weather and among the crowds to shop. I am not putting up a tree, I plan to get some poinsettias. But I am not pulling all those decorations down to have to be packed and put away again. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your contest. I have sisters, sister-in-law, and niece, and cousin that would be delighted with the gifts.

  50. I have been contemplating sending Christmas cards for the first time…I do that ever year….contemplate that is…and yet I have never done it. I probably won’t…mostly to just save in that area…time and money.

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