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Every year I write a post called Do Less Be More.  It’s a phrase that’s over-used and under performed but I can’t think of any other words that make better sense.  So it’s that time again, when you and I are going to declare what we ARE going to do this Holiday Season, and what we are NOT going to do.

I’ll start with what I’m NOT doing.  Because sometimes you need to decide that first.  But if you first want to read what I AM doing, come over to (in)courage because I’m talking about that there today.  But then come back here for a big giveaway.

1. I’m not hosting a stressful Christmas party.

I didn’t say we weren’t having people over during the next four weeks, we are but it’s not going to be stressful.  The best way to learn how not to be stressed for a party is to host one and make it super stressful and then decide that for the rest of time you will never do that to yourself again.  I’ve found that the biggest stress producer for me is the idea of perfection.  Perfection isn’t allowed in my home right now.  Okay, ever.

2. I’m allowing myself a pass on sending out Christmas cards this year.

Did I mention that this post is also sponsored by DaySpring every year? And they are a company that majors in Christmas cards and they know I’m gonna say this one because I say it every year and they are good with that?  I think Christmas cards are wonderful if you are the kind of person who enjoys sending them. I think Christmas cards can be a huge guilt trip if you are a person like me.  If cards are stressing you out consider giving yourself a pass. Snap a few photos in the coming weeks, print them out and stick them in a card or have them framed for grandparents. That’s about as far as I take it and grandparents are really the only one’s disappointed if they don’t get a picture.

3. I refuse to go to the mall in frantic search for a gift.

I’ve been able to avoid this for the past few years and it makes a huge difference in my holiday attitude. The reason I’ve been able to avoid the mall is because I pay attention to sales at this time of year, every year.  For the next week the internet will be your friend when it comes to preparing ahead and purchasing meaningful gifts for people in your life.  Pay attention, you can thank the internet later.  There’s nothing like sitting in the comfort of your own chair in mismatched socks, Christmas shopping.

And, one person is going to get a bunch of their Christmas shopping done for them.

DaySpring is giving away over $760 in meaningful beauty to one lucky winner.  The winner will receive 25, yes TWENTY FIVE items, all the items that are included in their SUPER SALE which starts today and runs through Cyber Monday (see how friendly the internet is right now?).  And they are throwing in  my favorite DaySpring Christmas decor, the Hurricane Nativity.  Here are six of my favorite items that are included in the SALE see all the sale items here.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go ahead and have some of your shopping done now, before Thanksgiving?

Did you notice that the dough bowl is included in the sale?

It’s currently my favorite DaySpring item.  I had three here at the house last week and they were all so different, they are handmade in India and simply stunning. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell out.

This silhouette hurricane nativity is my long-standing favorite Christmas item from DaySpring. You can remove the sleeves (or change them out with the extra set they include) for year around decor.

Use the code 30SUPER at checkout to get 30% off the Hurricane and regularly priced items through Cyber Monday.

I now have 3 instructions, I hate instructions so forgive me…

1. Leave a comment telling us what you are NOT doing this Christmas season, to enter to win.

2. If you think you want a dough bowl or four, go buy them now because things sell out fast and I don’t want dough bowl starved women sending me hate mail.

3. Wondering what I AM doing this season?  Meet me at (in)courage and we’ll chat there.


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  1. I am not re-doing our Christmas cards. I got them done earlier in the year when I knew I would have more time, and now I’m not happy with how they came out. But… I figure most people look at them and throw them away anyways, so I am not going to stress about it. What a load off!

  2. I AM NOT putting out any of the Santa Claus or snowman figures I was given in the past few years from family. I have never liked them, mostly because they do not represent Christmas for me. I want to keep the focus on Jesus for my children, husband and myself. I am also not going to stress or worry about “what if they come and ask where _____ is?”
    I also AM NOT sending out numerous Christmas photo cards. I am beginning to realize they have more to do with self instead of our Savior. I may send a few special Christ-centered cards to family and meaningful people in our lives and be joyful in that.
    Glory to the King of Kings!!

    • I agree completely with Christ in Christmas tone in Christmas cards. Make your cards even more Christ centered with Madonna Stamps which you can ask for at the Post Office. I further use Christ centered address labels from Salesian Missions. God Bless.

  3. This Christmas I will not stress that my house has to be perfectly decorated. I will be happy with the simple yet meaningful decorations and I will smile!!! :)

  4. I am not going to worry about what anyone else expects me to be doing for the Christmas season and instead focus on what Christ wants for me each day. Christmas is all about Him, not traditions, gifts, dinners, holiday cards, etc. If I have all those things but my focus is not on the presence of God in my life, I have missed out on everything.

  5. I am NOT using about 75% of my decorations I’ve acquired as unwanted gifts over the years. Hubs and I just went through it all this week and we’ve learned how to just-say-no to “cute”… That’s our buzz word now. And ironically we kept finding oursevelves saying “oh how cute” while going through stuff and then would look at each other and automatically put it in the give bags!! Makes it so much easier now and we have no regrets, only relief.

    Hope you had a super relaxing Thanksgiving day!

  6. I will not stress over the fact that I can’t be everywhere for everyone all the time.

  7. I am going to learn to say no and I am going to learn to delegate! Wish me luck!

  8. I am not shopping today! (black Friday.) and I am not filling up my calendar…being more intentional about what I say yes to.

  9. I, too, am being more selective over my Christmas decorations again this year. My Jim Shore nativity will be the first thing displayed – On top the the china cabinet awash with soft lights (and safely out of temptations way when my son’s dog Bailey visits – it looks like wood and she loves all things wooden!) I invite Jesus into “my day” every single day & if I’m happy with my home, He’s happy!

  10. I am not stressing over doing major amounts of baking like my Grandma always did. She is not able to do it anymore, and somehow I mentally translated that to mean that I had to do it in honor of her. I will do the baking I enjoy and what we need for our family, but I won’t be allowing myself to be overly stressed about trying to be like her.

  11. This holiday season I a not going to pout about what we can and cannot buy. I am going to find my joy in the Lord and not in material things-even if it is things for others. Whatever budget my husband gives me, I am not going to nag for more. That is what we have, I will make it work somehow. The things I cannot buy, I was not meant to buy them anyway!

  12. I’m not putting up a Christmas tree this year!! We are going out of town the week of Christmas so I’ve decided to put out only those decorations that are meaningful to our family…like my grandmothers nativity! I think my house will still have that Christmas feel without putting up our huge tree! Who needs the stress?! Not me!

  13. I am not going to the mall on Black Friday. I come from a small town and will try to shop locally. I am going to spend less on gifts.

  14. I am not overbuying toys for my children this year–and we didn’t last year.

    Our children have all agreed to sacrifice a large portion of their gifts to choose Christmas gifts from the catalog from Gospel for Asia this year (last year it was Compassion’s catalog). Though they haven’t seen the poverty first hand, we keep it in front of us so we cannot forget those in need and remember how much we have in comparison.

    And let’s be honest—those toys will be cast aside in a few weeks and then what? Why not spend TIME building relationships and connections with our children and our children with Jesus rather than spending MONEY on building up their toy box? (Trust me, this is something I am learning just like anyone else!)
    Blessings to you Nester!

  15. i will not buy what i cannot afford

  16. The comments this morning are so enlightening! Once we make these resolutions for the Christmas season, then we must carry them throughout the year. Christmas is about caring, love, and family. Our world network needs that from each of us. JESUS is caring and love — all without the most expensive sought after gift. We must “die to self” and give up the craziness and commercialism. We must care for each other in Jesus’ name — EVERYDAY.

  17. We are not sending out Christmas cards this year, and it’s lovely to release that pressure! We’re also doing a tabletop tree instead of a larger tree — hopefully to avoid/reduce mishaps with some very mobile young’ns!

  18. I am not sending out Christmas cards.

  19. Linda Deming says:

    I have a ton of decorations: more than a household — let alone one person (me!) needs or can ever use. In addition, I have downsized my tree to a table top size. So I am sorting… a major portion will be going to the local charitable resale shop. Others may enjoy them, the resale shop will benefit, and I will have more room and a much more meaningful decorated home.

  20. I will not put up all the decorations. Then, I will donate the ones I do not use.

  21. I am not going to family functions out of obligation.

  22. Thess Isidro says:

    I am not giving everyone in my family a gift this Christmas. However, I will make sure that those who don’t get can have the privilege of tasting some home-made food that I plan on cooking. That’s it I am not eating out this Christmas. Everyone eats at home and be nice and cozy!

  23. jodi hammond says:

    i’m simplifying…destressing, staying in the moment….focusing on the simple joys…baking, bringing the outside in…candles…knitting…making homemade gifts..granola, knitted dishcloths…happy holiday

  24. Instead of stressing, I will seek the joy of this season: Jesus. I will listen with His heart and see with His eyes as I abide in Him. I will not take it upon myself to try to make everyone happy, but instead, seek His wisdom in each encounter.

  25. I’m going to simplify, worry less, and enjoy the Baby Jesus season!

  26. I am not decorating every room in the house. I am going to enjoy time with my family.

  27. This year, I am not decorating my entire house for Christmas, as I have done in the past. I’m going to let less be more!

  28. I will NOT stress about not having any Christmas decor. Just a simple tree is perfect enough for us right now.

  29. I will not compare how much we spend for our family compared to other people!

  30. AJ Holsinger says:

    I am not baking or decorating early. On the first Sunday in Advent, I will put up a simple lit tree with one purple ribbon. We will wait and decorate it together on Christmas eve. We won’t bake until school is out, so we can share that time. I am already less stressed!

  31. Elizabeth Torma says:

    This Christmas I will not stress and feel guity that I cannot get everything that my kids want on their Christmas list. I will do what I can and let the rest go. I will not hold on to negative feelings and instead choose to embrace what my real blessing are.

  32. I am not buying my parents nor my husband’s parents actual gifts this year. We are donating to World Vision on their behalf instead. To quote my 93 year old grandpa,” what can I actually not live without anyways.” People can’t LIVE without water, so that’s where the money’s going, to help build water wells.

  33. Deb Sumption says:

    This Christmas I am not going to focus on the “wants.” I am focusing on the “needs” of others, specifically the needs of the children being served by the “Lord’s Child” organization this Christmas. My grandsons and I will be collecting toys and warm coats for these precious children.
    What a precious thing it is to give time and energy in the service of those who really need it.
    God bless you. Enjoy your Christmas!

  34. Nancy McGrew says:

    This is my first holiday season as a retired teacher. I will do more with less and enjoy my family when I see them. Our parents are all still alive and in their 80’s…What a blessing. My son is here for Thanksgiving. It will be the first Christmas he won’t be home. :0(
    Counting my blessings, staying calm and carrying on! Have a Blessed Christmas.

  35. Kristen F. says:

    I’m not traveling or stressing about trying to get the “perfect” present for people.

  36. It is hard, but I am working on not harboring bitterness toward family members who avoid holiday get-togethers. It breaks my heart how hurtful this is to our grandparents…

  37. Andrea Sargent says:

    Last year, about this time, I had a pretty serious dip into depression. The stress of pleasing everyone and doing everything was the final trigger. So, this year, I’m NOT going to let that happen. I’m going to focus on those things with eternal value, let myself be immersed in the true meaning of the season and pray myself right through to the New Year.

  38. I will not push myself to be queen of baking again this year. Only going to do small care pkgs for our kids and my grandfather. Last year, although handicapped and struggling financially, I felt a need to bless half our church family, countless nurses and doctors, etc. In truth I just need stay healthy so I can empower and teach them to do themselves. Still practicing to be more like Mary and less like Martha!!

    On a side note, I’d love to win your pkg but even if I don’t thank you for making available such a meaningful gift. Merry Christmas!

  39. Barbara Babcock says:

    I am not sending out photo Christmas cards to friends & family. If you are in need of a Christmas card from our family to see what we look like or what we’ve been upto, you probably don’t really care. I bought some boxed cards earlier this year, but I’m going to have my kids write notes in them and address them to “Any Soldier”. I’m sure they will be appreciated.

  40. I have always keep it simple so I will again this year! I love doing photo card- already got them done!

  41. This year, this Christmas, I will not avoid the decorations, the Christmas cards and run away. This will be our second year without our 2nd daughter, Hailey Jasmine. This is our 4th year with our first daughter, Tamara. We will do Christmas cards, we will put the lights and tree up. We will stay at our house and celebrate it. We will not avoid cards, decorations, and the celebration of Christ at our home.

  42. About 7 years ago we stopped buying family gifts. All the years struggling as a single mom to buy gifts had made that part of the season very stressful. Such a relief and now no one misses it. We select recipients from the angel tree at our church and donate to soup kitchens. We get together for a smorgasbord before worship on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas Day for a nice meal, conversation, singing, hugs and for some, a nap. This year I am not baking for the neighborhood and already feel relief.

  43. Jennie Baker says:

    I am an OCD perfectionist type A person, so I can let Christmas become very stressful on me to 1. Get the right gift they will love 2. Have everything in order around the house 3. Participate in all activities at church, schools, etc. 4. Cook things I normally would never cook, and my list can go on. But this year, I am not focusing on perfect gifts, perfect home, perfect performances, or perfect meals. I am focusing COMPLETELY on a perfect Savior that loves me as unperfect as I am. This is the Christmas season and the true reason we celebrate, and I plan on letting those around me know of His great love and gift of salvation this Christmas season and all year long!

  44. This year we celebrate our second son’s ninth birthday as well as Christmas. For me having to celebrate two birthdays, Jesus and our sons, put things in a different perspective. I much prefer keeping it simple and having birthday cake. We spend time with as much of our extended family as we can through the weekend. It’s not about the doing, shopping, gifting and comparing for us. It’s about the being – loving, caring, giving, helping and thankful for all these blessings. That’s what I want my children to remember is the “being” of celebrating the best gift all of us were ever given. God bless!! DV-NMV

  45. I will NOT be encouraging my 3 sons to write a list to Santa this year, I will however remind them that there were only three gifts brought forth for Jesus and as their wheels begin to turn thinking of three gifts they may want this year, I will tell them that within their three gifts one will be a shared gift amongst our family, one will be something they will give to someone in need and one will be for themselves. As a single mom of 3 sons I have been in the position of the family without a tree to put up until a family member of a coworker surprised us with one, I was unable to buy anything for anyone last year and somehow God provided for my sons. I learned the lesson of true everlasting love and it is not in the form of presents under a beautifully decorated tree… Jesus is love and we will celebrate Him above all else!!

  46. Elaine Sohlo says:

    I am sending out the majority of our Christmas letters by email this year to save postage, time addressing envelopes. Most of our friends and relatives are now on email, so can do that. The few that aren’t will get theirs in the PO mail. Also not doing a lot of Christmas decorating.

  47. This year I am not spending more of my time on my feet than on my knees in praise to our Savior!

  48. Kathy Olson says:

    I’m not going to stress about not having enough money this year. I haven’t had enough for the last 4 and gift giving goes wanting. This year I will focus on what I can do. I will extend the gratitude for what I do have from Thanksgiving into the Christmas season. I will invite a friend for a quiet cup of tea. I will look for an opportunity to do a kindness for a stranger. I will make gingerbread houses with my girls and decorate them with whatever we have in the cupboard. We will go to church on Christmas eve as a family. We will keep our focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

  49. Love this! What am I NOT doing this year? I am not spending a lot of money on gifts, but am making a conscious effort to give more of my time to those I love.

  50. I am NOT going to every “adults only” holiday party we were invited to this season (only one). I am choosing to be with my kids and find meaningful ways to share the joy of Christ’s birth. They are only little once (18 Christmases!).

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