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Every year I write a post called Do Less Be More.  It’s a phrase that’s over-used and under performed but I can’t think of any other words that make better sense.  So it’s that time again, when you and I are going to declare what we ARE going to do this Holiday Season, and what we are NOT going to do.

I’ll start with what I’m NOT doing.  Because sometimes you need to decide that first.  But if you first want to read what I AM doing, come over to (in)courage because I’m talking about that there today.  But then come back here for a big giveaway.

1. I’m not hosting a stressful Christmas party.

I didn’t say we weren’t having people over during the next four weeks, we are but it’s not going to be stressful.  The best way to learn how not to be stressed for a party is to host one and make it super stressful and then decide that for the rest of time you will never do that to yourself again.  I’ve found that the biggest stress producer for me is the idea of perfection.  Perfection isn’t allowed in my home right now.  Okay, ever.

2. I’m allowing myself a pass on sending out Christmas cards this year.

Did I mention that this post is also sponsored by DaySpring every year? And they are a company that majors in Christmas cards and they know I’m gonna say this one because I say it every year and they are good with that?  I think Christmas cards are wonderful if you are the kind of person who enjoys sending them. I think Christmas cards can be a huge guilt trip if you are a person like me.  If cards are stressing you out consider giving yourself a pass. Snap a few photos in the coming weeks, print them out and stick them in a card or have them framed for grandparents. That’s about as far as I take it and grandparents are really the only one’s disappointed if they don’t get a picture.

3. I refuse to go to the mall in frantic search for a gift.

I’ve been able to avoid this for the past few years and it makes a huge difference in my holiday attitude. The reason I’ve been able to avoid the mall is because I pay attention to sales at this time of year, every year.  For the next week the internet will be your friend when it comes to preparing ahead and purchasing meaningful gifts for people in your life.  Pay attention, you can thank the internet later.  There’s nothing like sitting in the comfort of your own chair in mismatched socks, Christmas shopping.

And, one person is going to get a bunch of their Christmas shopping done for them.

DaySpring is giving away over $760 in meaningful beauty to one lucky winner.  The winner will receive 25, yes TWENTY FIVE items, all the items that are included in their SUPER SALE which starts today and runs through Cyber Monday (see how friendly the internet is right now?).  And they are throwing in  my favorite DaySpring Christmas decor, the Hurricane Nativity.  Here are six of my favorite items that are included in the SALE see all the sale items here.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go ahead and have some of your shopping done now, before Thanksgiving?

Did you notice that the dough bowl is included in the sale?

It’s currently my favorite DaySpring item.  I had three here at the house last week and they were all so different, they are handmade in India and simply stunning. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell out.

This silhouette hurricane nativity is my long-standing favorite Christmas item from DaySpring. You can remove the sleeves (or change them out with the extra set they include) for year around decor.

Use the code 30SUPER at checkout to get 30% off the Hurricane and regularly priced items through Cyber Monday.

I now have 3 instructions, I hate instructions so forgive me…

1. Leave a comment telling us what you are NOT doing this Christmas season, to enter to win.

2. If you think you want a dough bowl or four, go buy them now because things sell out fast and I don’t want dough bowl starved women sending me hate mail.

3. Wondering what I AM doing this season?  Meet me at (in)courage and we’ll chat there.


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  1. I am not spoiling my three-year old boy with an over-abundance of material items. We have enough.

  2. I’m not spending any money we don’t have.

  3. I’m not going over board with gifts for our 8 kids … we are just doing stockings. They already receive plenty of gifts from grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.

  4. This Thanksgiving we are NOT driving 6 hours in our sad, breaking down cars to the family event that we are guilted into attending every year. It’s our first holiday time in our first house and we are going to enjoy it, just the three of us!

  5. I am NOT going to dwell on missing my family (who are so very far away!) for the holidays…but I want to focus on how to create meaningful memories with the people right around me!

  6. This Christmas season, I am NOT letting all the hustle and bustle around me make me forget the quiet arrival of my Savior on that first Christmas night!

  7. I am not buying lots of presents for everyone. We all have too much stuff.

  8. I’m not baking oodles of Christmas cookies. I don’t need the extra calories and I’m the one that ends up eating most of them!

  9. I’m not hosting a Christmas party for the small group that we lead–I’m letting someone else from our group do that. Not only that, but we’re holding it the Saturday after New Year’s.

  10. I am not going to miss out on sending Christmas cards with our family picture, like I did the last 2 years. Our friends probably think we’ve disappeared!

  11. Leigh Sabey says:

    I am not going to question my well thought out and minimal gift purchases and run out to the store at the last minute to buy more just in case.

  12. This year I am not stressing out about gifts. I have donated to various charities in my family’s name and that is more important than any material gift I could buy.

  13. This year I am not going to overreact on gifting , but pay more attention on giving away, donating, create with my 10 years old son,

  14. Emily Simpson says:

    I’m not doing all of the cooking. I spent hours am hours last year preparing things that lasted 15 minutes. I’m enlisting help this year and maybe even picking up a few, dare I say it, store bought items.

  15. I’m not going to get caught up in the materialism of the season and I am going to support local businesses and handmade businesses.

  16. I’m not going to be (too) sad that my kids are spending Christmas making their own family traditions and that means that some of them won’t be ‘home’ for Christmas…I’m proud of their desire to build into their little families and to use their money wisely (like by not spending many hundreds of dollars they can’t spare flying across the country). P.S. Pick me to win all that great stuff!

  17. I am NOT going to every party I’m invited to and obligated to bring a gift for an exchange or an appetizer or whatever.

  18. I am NOT going to overspend and feel upset when my presents aren’t universally liked.

  19. I am not going to use credit, I have made several gifts already this year.

  20. I am not killing myself to get it all “right” this Christmas.

  21. I will not travel with heavy presents packed in my bags. Due to a hernia, I will have to travel light and find light gifts. Any ideas?

  22. I am NOT trying too many new ideas. It’s the old ideas (i.e. traditions) that matter.

  23. I am NOT taking my kids to see a mall Santa! :-)

  24. I’m not Christmas shopping in December this year. I finished everything in October so I could spend this holiday season just snuggling our newborn baby and playing with our 4 other little ones.

  25. I am Not being distracted by the hustle, bustle, glitz, and glam of the holiday scene.(I live in a village in Africa.) I am trying hard, though, to make the season special despite the absence of daily reminders that Christmas is coming. It is a little bit easier here to imagine the arrival of Jesus in a dusty old stable amid barefoot shepherds and bleating goats.

  26. I live in Africa, too! :) But, this year, I am NOT going to spend 5 hrs looking thru the big town we will visit for a Toy Story play set for my little girl (did that last year!!!). I bought each of my kids a special gift when we were in the USA in the summer, and that with a few candy treats and a bag of chips and a banana will be enough! (and their grandparents gifts)

  27. I’m NOT going to stress out over being the perfect daughter!

  28. Anna Walmsley says:

    I am NOT going to forget that god loves me for me not for what I do!

  29. I’m not going to take for granted that this is the last year that my son will be home for Christmas before he leaves for college to be an adult. Also, I’m not going to let the holiday slip away without sharing new traditions with my 3 year old daughter.

  30. Catherine T. says:

    I am not making a gift for everyone in our congregation.

  31. I am not traveling every which direction when I really just want to be home!

  32. I am not working right up until the holiday. I am taking time off for me.

  33. I am not going to have unreal expectations of what the day “should ” look like!

  34. I am not going to stress about family relationships I have no control over.

  35. This year I am not buying presents for anyone. But I have donated larger gifts to a my favorite charities. This year I’m giving my time and undivided attention to my loved ones as my gift. I will not let this season stress me out this year or leave me with an empty bank account on Dec 26th just because I felt obligated to keep buying one more thing for one more person. I’m declaring this the best Christmas season ever!

  36. I will not have expectations for anything this Christmas

  37. I am not going to send cards either.
    I love this giveaway!

  38. I won’t be stressing…I will be thanking.

  39. I am not going to clutter my schedule with parties or writing Christmas cards. Thank you for this fantastic giveaway!

  40. I am not glad ending cards, I’m not going crazy with decorating, I’m not making more than 1 kind of cookie. :)

  41. I am not buying gifts for anyone other than my hubby. I will have a three week old come Christmas time which is the perfect reason to NOT worry about a lot of misc. stuff.

  42. I am not buying more than 4 gifts for my husband and 4 gifts for my toddler (something they want, need, wear, and read), and nothing at all for my 4-month-old! And I’m planning those gifts out now, so I can look for good deals and discounts and get my shopping done in the next week or two.

  43. This year I’m NOT stressing out about decorations/activities/gifts. I kinda want to, but my sister is getting married the 21st so I pretty much don’t have time (of money). For those special people that I can’t overlook, I’m thinking it looks like DaySpring has just the ticket. (Love that huge wall art “Lord bless this home”. So awesome!)

  44. I’m not going to complicate the season. we are going to have a laid back, simple, family focused Christmas finding things to do together that enhance our experience!

  45. I am not shopping at the mall this year {or any year}, and for the first year ever, I am NOT putting up my Christmas decorations during this week before Thanksgiving. And it feels lovely!

    What an awesome giveaway! I have long admired the Nativity hurricanes. Off to buy a dough bowl! xo

  46. I am not going to stress over all the little things that I want to accomplish this Christmas. If I only get a small portion of the house decorated, I am good with that! I am going to enjoy the time with my girls home from college!

  47. I appreciate your thoughts so much! While I can’t sign on to passing on Christmas cards, I can say I will not obsess about taking the perfect family picture. We will take one for those cards but I will not make myself or my family crazy over it.

  48. This holiday season I am NOT letting family differences & pettiness get to me.

  49. I will not stress about family dynamics and the extended family. And I will also avoid stores as much as possible.

  50. I’m not going to miss just hanging out with family because I’m too busy trying to have the perfectly decorated house, most amazing parties, etc. I want to be present.

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