I read minimalist blogs.  I have for a long time.

One of the many reasons I love writing Topiwo is because it gives me perspective.   It’s the same with reading about minimalism, it reminds me to be intentional with what I have. There’s a post by The Minimalists that I haven’t been able to get out of my head.

Organizing is Often Well-Planned Hoarding.

It reminds me of something Fly-lady says, “You can’t organize clutter.”  I know I’ve been guilty of trying to organize clutter, thinking that if I were just more organized, then it would all work out, when a big part of my issue was that I just had a bunch of junk I needed to get rid of, and I needed to evaluate my job as a stuff manager.

What about you, has there been a time that your well-intentioned organizing has really been a ploy to avoid getting rid of things?