formal dining room, unsourced on pinterest


You thought I was gonna tell you what that word is, right?


Nope, once again you get to decide.  I’ve loved this post Darlene wrote about how she figured out she didn’t want her home to be cute. She likes cute things in other homes, but it wasn’t for her.  And Cute is even on her “Don’t Buy List”, it’s a fantastic concept and one that she’s already written about so beautifully that today, I encourage you to stop by Darlene’s blog Fieldstone Hill and read what she has to say about Don’t Buy Words.

I like how that helped her narrow down what would and would NOT be in her home.  Knowing what not to buy is just as important as knowing what TO buy.

I don’t really have a “Don’t Buy” word, but I do have a word that I don’t want my house to FEEL like. That word is Formal.  I think formal rooms are pretty and have their place but they just aren’t for me.I don’t want my home to feel too formal.  I’m not a formal person–at all.  I have chippy toe nail polish, loosely fitting slipcovers and a head planter wearing a pink moustache.

Now, I’m a little different and even though I don’t want my house to feel FORMAL, I still might mix in a formal item or two because I love to mix up unexpected things.  So for me, it’s not a Don’t Buy word, but it’s a “Watch out for” word.  I don’t think one formal item will make my house formal, but, I don’t want the over all feeling to be formal.  Is formal even a word?  Suddenly it sounds like I just made it up.

Anyway, what’s your word?  And you know what the best part is? There’s no wrong answer!