It’s the last day!  I don’t know if I’m happy or sad.  What about you?  Did you write for 31 days?  Did you read for 31 days?


I’m so happy for all of you (and me!) who dared to try this.  And if you wrote 31 posts?!  Cruises for everyone, just check under your seat for a key to your cabin……..if only.

Anyway, I was stunned, shocked, flabbergasted and other words that show I had no idea what to expect at the number of participants (1239) in this year’s 31 Days. I was sure after people did it last year they’d figure out how much work it was and no one would want to do it this year. But, since you did, Caroline and I are talking about ways to organize the link up.  But that means some of the work would be on you to organize yourself and link up under the right category.

Does anyone have any great ideas about how to organize this monster?  I’m in over my head and never planned on being an organizer for something this large, if you have any advice let’s talk in the comments.  I’ll be referring back to them all year!

If you loved it, you can thank me, and if you hated it, you can blame Darren from Problogger, because it’s his fault we started all this in the first place.  I loved writing this year (I love every October and this was my fourth year writing for 31 days) and just want to say thanks to all of you who read, wrote, or otherwise put up with us 31 Dayers.

Also, I’m not counting this as today’s post, you can find the last-ish post to Home. On Purpose. here.