My leather sofa has been here for two weeks and I haven’t even had time to think about it, much less write about it.  But I have had time to sit on it.

We love it. And the leather feels like butter. Not even kidding.

And just like I knew it would, it threw the entire house into transition.  The sofa is dark. And a few inches higher.

First I decided the wall wasn’t quite right for the sofa.  It’s a little higher than our old sofa but, I think once it relaxes and lets its perverbial hair down the back cushions will lower a bit.

We moved the white sofa into the front room “just to see” and then lived with this goldish sofa in our foyer for a week.  They boys thought it was great.  Clearly it’s not in the way whatsoever.

This is what the front room looks like.  I figured I’d just sell the gold sofa from the foyer but it was in the way so I decided just to move it to the family room “for now”.  To get it out of the way.  Because I KNEW there was no way it was gonna work right there, obviously. But, you know what happens when I say ‘for now’…

So I moved out the homework table and put the sofa there (even though I knew it would be ridiculous) and hmmmm, it’s kind of nice to have more seating…we NEVER feel like we have enough seats when we have friends over.  There’s hardly such a thing as too many places to sit. But, I knew if we took out the homework table we’d need more surfaces for homework and such.  So I brought down the old black coffee table from the playroom.

Then I felt like the green/blue on the round coffee table was too saturated.  I LOVE saturated colors but combined with the dark sofa it was making me naucous.  So out came the chalk paint and I painted both coffee tables.

Actually, first I painted it white but it was too stark. As soon as it dried I painted it duck egg blue.  I did all this while the boys played outside and the pizza dough was rising.  It went super fast.

Here’s the new color, still wet.  If you scroll to the top you can see it’s just a little lighter and muddier. I’ve realized that I like muddy colors.  And this room is still in progress and will be…forever.

As far as the sofa, I think it was a smart choice. Of course, it’s only been two weeks and I love everything at first but, I think it’s gonna do well.  It’s really soft.  And to me, leather is like a man and cloth furniture is like a woman.  Leather looks better and more wonderful with age, cloth looks, well, older with age.  And I just offended women everywhere, including myself.  I’m actually looking forward to the leather getting wrinkles and some scratches and losening up even more.  Imperfect, lived-in leather is actually even better than brand new leather.

And I reserve the right to move my furniture 209 more times.  Right now my downstairs looks like a sofa store, but it’s SO inviting!  So we’ll see where everything ends up.

Special thanks to La-Z-Boy for providing this entirely too wonderful sofa (it’s the Laurel if you are wondering) for our family to live on and for me to write about here and tell you honestly how it holds up over the years–clearly they have confidence in their product.  If you are wondering about the “American Made” aspect of La-Z-Boy here’s what they have to say about that.


Also, only 10 more days until October, I hope you are getting excited about your topic if you are joining in writing for 31 Days.