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Today I’m off collecting some fall inspiration.  If you need a quick autumn pick-me-up check out my Autumn Pinboard, then get out and collect yourself something fall for your home–cut some branches with turning leaves, make that soup recipe, buy that pumpkin candle that you buy every year.  Even if the weather doesn’t feel fall-y you can slowly usher in the season to stretch it out, I always feel like it’s gone too fast anyway.

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  1. I think autumn is about the only thing I truly miss about living up north. What I wouldn’t GIVE to be able to wear cute boots, a sassy sweater and some skinny jeans right now….In my mind I am totally rockin’ it! Maybe that pumpkin candle will help get me in the mood. :-)

  2. I want to just live in your Autumn board on Pinterest. It was exactly the pick-me-up I needed today while I’m still adjusting to life in Spain. I miss fall in the States! So thank you for cheering me up!

    • Ill trade autum in California, where it’s still in the 90’s by the way, for the adventure you’re having in Spain! I hear Barcelona is wonderful…along with the rest of the country. Missing friends and family is another thing, but dive in and I hope you’ll enjoy what many of us are a little envious of. Good luck!,

  3. LOL I’m stretching out SUMMER!

  4. I always love the beginning of every season….but I think Fall is probably the shortest….sadly!

  5. Autumn really seems to be here! This morning we woke up to crisp, sunny, and breezy weather. Acorns have begun to litter the pavement, and I needed a sweater for my morning walk.

    Have a glorious morning,

  6. Autumn is certainly my favorite! I’m going to go check out your Pinterest board!

    By the way, I was so inspired by you and the other blog stars at Haven, that I started a blog directory and events calendar at! The calendar will be activated this month, and we have nearly 100 members. I hope you’ll consider joining!

    Take care,

  7. Thanks for the inspiration Nester! I do love to stretch the season out as long as possible!

  8. Okay, I don’t even think I was all that excited for fall, until I looked at your pinterest page! Wow…beautiful images. As much as I hate to bid the lush green of summer goodbye, I might actually be getting ready to welcome fall. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. It’s in the low 80s here in Las Vegas so even us desert dwellers are getting a teensy taste of the new season!

  10. I love the Summer, hate to see it’s departure, but I really LOVE the FAll! I have to agree with Ruth – I miss Fall up north. It’s my favorite season to decorate for sure. Love your pinterest board!

  11. After dropping the children at school this morning I saw some of the most beautiful trees with all different colored leaves. I thought to myself “I’m not ready for cold days but these colors are so, so wonderful! ” I just might go back and take a few pictures :) Thanks for the Autumn board, it is lovely.

  12. Having grown up in the Northeast, this now Dallas-ite misses fall. It’s still in the 90s, though we’ve slowly been dropping to the 60s at night. That fall feeling doesn’t hit until mid-October at the very earliest. In order to get my fall decor up, I have to crank up the AC and pretend the windows are open!

  13. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. And yes, I did purchase a ginger pumpkin candle on Sept. 1st!

  14. I can’t believe it’s autumn already! I’m ready for it though. This summer has been HOT!

  15. I’m going to make pumpking bread. I have my grandma’s handwritten recipe I need to frame and put up. I’ve adapted to make it whole wheat and I’m going to adapt it to make it veganish but the smell of that bread…despite the South Carolina sun…tells me fall has arrived. I love those photos you found, going to have to checkout out your pinboard!

  16. i wish we had autumn in los angeles. the season never changes here. makes me miss seeing the colors swashed over the mountainsides of Colorado

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