weekend links :: on being moved and moving

Randy P. Martin thanks for the source, John


Layla and Kevin said yes

Kasey moved to Hawaii and wears a bikini you probably remember her from this.

(Also, Kasey is one of my favorite people to follow on instagram)

Kristen is moving to a different part of town

Gussy and Zack decided to pack up and move to California, even before he had a job secured

Britt and family aren’t moving to Africa, but they are moving

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  1. I knew of all the others but not Kasey. Thanks for the intro to her stunning blog. Just subscribed…

    Can’t wait to “meet” you at Becoming next month.

  2. DH guesses Swiss Alps

  3. What a beautiful picture! It made a calmness come over me!

  4. Wish we had the courage to just go … someplace new, someplace meaningful. Just for the experience. I love that about Kasey.

    Thanks for the links!

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