The Most Frivolous Thing in our Home

disco ball

I bought a disco ball off ebay for $36 in February.

Some of you noticed polka dot lights in our bedroom photos–it’s the disco ball.

disco ball

He sits over there on my husband’s side on the table.  And for about two hours every day, puts on a show.

disco ball

It’s quite possibly, the most needless purchase I’ve ever made, but for under $40 it was worth it for the fun it adds to our home. I think every home needs a little quirk.  Plus, my husband has rented one in the past for parties at our church, now, he can just use ours!  See, saving the church money, that’s me and my disco ball.  That’s how we roll.

I originally bought him for the coffee table in the front room.

And even tried him in the laundry room but, I realized that the sun doesn’t shine there.  And putting your disco ball where the sun don’t shine is just disco ball abuse.  It’s a waste of a perfectly good disco ball.

Disco balls.  They’re not just for discos anymore.

Want more disco ball decorating inspiration?  Check out this post from Decor8

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What’s the most frivolous thing you’ve purchased for your home? Was it worth it?

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  1. I’ve always loved disco balls and have wanted to have one in my home for ages. I could never think of a way to incorporate it into the house w/o hanging it from them ceiling…and that seemed to be a tad much. :P

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Oh my heavenly days. This may be one of my favorite posts of yours EVER. DIscoballdiscoballdiscoball! It’s as fun to say as it is to see! You are too funny, girl!

  3. it’s ridonkulously awesome.

  4. I think it’s fun…everyone needs a little whimsy, right?? :)

  5. Down with disco ball abuse! A disco ball is a terrible thing to waste.

  6. What is the most frivilous thing around here? Well, that would depend on who you ask lol my hubby and children or me lol. I think the disco ball is great and I think you should keep the spotlight on him;)

  7. It think that is the most fun decorating item ever!!! I bet it makes you happy
    to see polka dots during the day! I say it was an ingenious purchase!

  8. We have TWO disco balls! :-) We started with one for my son’s room as a nightlight. It’s such a great accessory and does add a fun sparkle to any day.

  9. Oh my gosh — this statement…”And putting your disco ball where the sun don’t shine is just disco ball abuse” just made my day! You are a very funny lady! :)

  10. Love it! Love how the light reflects off of it. Plus it brings back so many memories of dancing at the discos in the 70’s. Yes, I’m THAT old.

  11. I wish i could use one of those, but being in Washington state where the sun rarely ever shines here, it would be a total waste. If we ever move to a sunny state, though, I’m gonna hunt for one of those too! How fun!

  12. Love the disco ball! Years ago my mom got several small disco ball ornaments for the xmas tree, they are fantastic!

    So far I do not believe I have ever purchased anything frivolous for the house, maybe I should…


  13. Heading to Ebay…Love it!

  14. How fun! Frivolity is worth it’s weight in gold!

    My only thought of caution is that I once placed a crystal ball on a table in the sun. The sunlight was “magnified” onto an old gold leaf frenchy table and it started to actually burn! I could have burnt the house down!?

  15. Oh, how fun!!!

  16. I now want a disco ball. Thank you. :)

  17. So funny. I love the little polka-dots of light it adds to your room. So fun!


  18. I have one! a vintage one… ohhh wait. it’s not really mine. It belongs to my 15 year old. she actually spent her well earned $$$ on it about 3 years ago. Do you think she will notice if I “borrow” it?? Her room is so messy, I might get away with it for a week :)
    I love them too! YOurs looks great in the master. I always wanted to find her a thing to make it spin which I never did. Does yours have that?

  19. Wow, you managed to make me think I now need a disco ball. That’s weird and wildly fun! Love the sparkly glow in the room.

  20. LOVE IT1 What size is the disco ball? Thanks

  21. Disco ball abuse…girl you are cracking me up today!

  22. Love it! I have a disco ball that hung in my dorm room in college. It’s been collecting dust but now I see it can still work!

  23. I kid you not. That would drive my dog Belle crazy. She would try to catch every single spot of light. I’m not sure why she does that but it’s so funny.

  24. love it!

  25. I think reading this post is the best part of my day so far! Thank you very much. :-)

  26. AWESOME! I want one!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. We used to have a prism hanging in a window, don’t know where it ended up with all our moves. Your disco ball is much more of a statement, love it!

  28. How fun! Dance party at your place!

  29. They sell disco balls as large holiday ornaments at the craft stores and each time I’m in there I want to buy one. It’s a year round party piece!

  30. That’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it, uh huh, uh, huh

  31. Haha I love it! I made a gigantic pillow a while ago– like 50″ square. It’s so ridiculous and my husband does not understand it, but I absolutely love it!

  32. Frivolous?! A disco ball?! You are not frivolous girl…you’re hip!

  33. Fantastic! Putting such a huge smile on my face and I will be on the lookout for these at thrift shops in our area.

  34. Love it! Now I am sure ebay will be out of disco balls – think I will head to a craft store to see if I can find one!

  35. “disco ball abuse” bwahahahaha!! Love you and your quirk.

  36. “putting your disco ball where the sun don’t shine is just disco ball abuse” just made me spit coffee. I so needed that today – thank you!!!!!

  37. Curious to know what size disco ball you purchased… 8″, 12″??

    • I’m pretty sure it is 15″ I looked back in my ebay stuff but it only goes back 6 months so I couldn’t find it, and I can’t find my measuring tape #organized. But it’s more than 12″

  38. “Where the sun doesn’t shine”? HAH! What a great post! Love it, thanks for the laugh!

  39. Love.Love.Love. Umm, did I say, “Love?” Your home overall is THE BOMB! Thanks for sharing! :)

  40. “That’s how we roll.”

    Not sure how I will bounce back from this awesomeness. I got caught up in the pun and almost didn’t get ’round to the rest of the post.


  41. I’m still super envious over that owl! :)

  42. I love your disco ball. I agree every home needs something quirky!

  43. Love, Love, Love it.

  44. You put disco ball in the laundry room? That’s like putting Baby in the corner.

  45. I like how the disco ball gives a playful ambience to the space. I just love what you have done with your bedroom. It’s to die for! You decorated it to perfection.

  46. So fun and pretty!

    My recent frivolous purchase was of the emotional retail therapy kind. :P I love it … a vintage pull-down school map … but the reason I finally purchased it was emotionally driven!

  47. Totally fun. The light show is kind of lovely, yes?

  48. Never thought of the similarity before, but I have a bowl with multi-faceted, mosaic glass covered balls in my Family Room, and for several hours a day, we get a light show from them. Mini disco balls! My little ones say they make sparkles (or ‘smarkles’ according to the youngest one) :-) on the ceiling and walls. Such a simple delight!

  49. Love this post! So, the day you posted this, I bought a 12in disco ball. Yes, yes, I did. I have been so good at not being impulsive, but I just had to have one. It came yesterday. The kids love it. My husband thought I was joking until he walked in the door yesterday and was greeted by a large sparkling ball. He doesn’t understand, but he did smile, really big. : ) Thank you!

  50. I just found this post via the handmadehome and I had to compliment you on your disco ball! I’ve been swooning over the photos of your bedroom for a while and love that there is a disco ball in there. We have a tiny disco ball hanging from our built ins in the living room and one on the top of our Christmas tree; I also have one in my classroom and love how they always make people smile/laugh. Thanks for the inspiration! Now you’ve got me jonesing for another…

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