“One must maintain a little bittle of summer, even in the middle of winter”

–Henry David Thoreau (also I’m totally going to start using the word “bittle”)


We’ve only got a few weeks left of the official summer break, for moms and kids, summer ends when school starts.

As I think back over the summer about my favorite summer memories I’m reminded of::

  • Traveling to Tanzania
  • Sitting on the back deck at the Cottage with my husband and Caroline and her husband and laughing entirely too loud in a restaurant
  • Chatting with neighbors watching our children play outside
  • Going for a swim at night
  • Long talks with Angela in our room at the Haven Conference
  • Maria’s 30th birthday party and laughing with friends
  • Sitting at my sister’s pool watching our kids dive off the diving board
  • Cheering for Mr. Bean during the opening ceremony at the Olympics
  • Working hard and finishing a risky project that was looming

It’s true what Caroline said, a summer kind of faith is about rest and risk. I hope you had plenty of both this summer.

Our family has one last road trip, a few friends and I are going to this on Friday night (join us?) and every year, this mom and her boys have a tradition.  We set our alarms (or stay up late) for this.  It’s not too late to add a little bittle of rest and risk into your summer.  And why not continue it for fall and winter?

What are your favorite summer memories, is the theory right, do rest and risk define what you remember most?

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  1. Like every end -of -summer….I always say “where did the summer go?”. I am now cramming a summer’s worth of field trips and memories into the week we have left!!! :( In between my getting- my- home- ready for the busy year ahead….YUCK! I want another month!!!

  2. Our summer is incredibly short, because my son is in year-round school. I dread the early return {this Monday}, but the two weeks off in October is my favorite.

    Just slowing down and recharging has been key…

  3. Some of my favorite memories..

    Sharing a drink out by the pool after my husband gets home from work, just relaxing and unwinding in a comfy chaise lounge as the sun sets. Even on a weeknight!!

    Visiting with friends, eating & drinking, grilling & laughing and of course enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

    Floating on a raft in my pool as the stereo plays my favorite music, just enjoying the sensation and tranquility, not thinking of any to-do list!

  4. We are Southerners who have been exiled to upstate New York. At least it feels that way in the middle of winter. But Thoreau lived at the same lattitude as we do. So this winter we are going to work at finding summer.

  5. Yes, this is my goal! How can I take my easy going, slower paced summer living…and extend it into fall? I am going to try soo soo hard! I know for one I need to let go of expectations and allow myself to not feel pressured to do it all…just be and enjoy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Our family of 6 did two summer road trips from Minnesota this summer. We went to Colorado to visit family and have 4 wheeling summer adventures and to Maryland to visit the other half of LoveFeast and family. Our whole families, kids and all, had not seen each other in 2 years so it was great to savor what we love ~ our families and friendship and enjoying The Bella Vita together! (Fav Memories of Savoring Family Friendships ~ ~Chris Ann

  7. What a neat observation that we need rest and risk in life (and faith).

    My favorite memory of this summer was going to the Oregon coast, watching our children jump off or board down (like snowboarding) sand dunes. I did climb the big one with them once. See it at the bottom of this news article … … it really is HUGE! You work hard to climb it, and are rewarded with a rest and beautiful view at the top.

  8. What a wonderfully full summer! My husband and I just moved to NC and I am so excited to join Emily on Friday! Can’t wait!

  9. wish i lived close enough to join you guys on friday! i can only imagine the amount of laughter that will take place :)

  10. Treat yourself to Cookies and Cream or anything at Zaharokos and tag me on Instagram.
    I want to see the joy. And also not feel so bad about the double scoop I had last month!


  11. We also love to stay up late and watch the meteor shower! I hope the weather cooperates. I need to hold onto as much summer as I can. 2 kids now in H.S., one in Middle, the time is flying by!

  12. We just got back from our first cruise about a week ago. Not a lot of rest involved, but it was a brand new kind of family adventure. Later this month, we’ll have a more restful kind of trip, driving up the Central Coast. Your hammock shot looks mighty inviting!

  13. One of my favorite adventure of this summer was 4 days ago, on my birthday. I was gone with my girlfriend and some friends 100 miles away from city and my car keys broke. But that doesn’t spoil the fun of us. We camped with our tent and we had fun three days like crazy.

  14. A summer kind of faith — a life kind of faith — is about rest and risk. Resting in God’s goodness and sovereignty gives me courage to take risks.
    Favorite summer memories: ocean surf, white waves curling under a full moon, sand crabs, seashells, flip flops and ice cream on the boardwalk, sun on my shoulders, tiki torches in the dark.

  15. I love that you took the time to recognize all of the special, wonderful moments of your summer and reflected upon them! Too often we think of all the things to grump and grouch about, but not enough time is spent thinking about all of the great things, big and small. All of the seasons go so fast, you need to embrace them all and squeeze all of the life out of each one.

  16. We love tent camping and staying in (really reasonably priced) cottages at KOA’s and Good Sam Campgrounds. This year we haven’t been able to take a vacation – so instead we are making the most of 3 day weekends. (And even just overnights.)

    We already have our reservations for a cabin for Labor Day weekend.
    We’re super excited. As always :)

    ~ Dana

  17. Love the quote and your post!

    Here is our summer in a few phrases:

    {Route 80, bonfires & s’mores, berry pickin,’ homemade popsicles, bubbles, rock throwing by the river, and I can’t leave out pee-pee on the potty}

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