31 Days Buttons

Every year for three years now I’ve written a 31 day series in the month of October.  Two years ago seven friends wrote for 31 days on their own blogs with me. Last year over 700 friends wrote on their own blog with us.  It’s open to anyone who wants to take on the challenge of writing about one topic for 31 days. Wanna join in?

So, start to think about your topic, you want it to be broad enough that you can write 31 posts about it without getting sick of it, but specific enough that it feels like a series.  It’s not easy but it’s been a fun exercise that I enjoy one month out of the year, and then recover from for the other eleven.  There are no rules, feel free to look at our past posts and see how we each approached 31 days in our own way.

Consider having a really specific title. Take some time to look at last year’s topics and buttons.  Feel free to be creative in your button, this is the one you will link up to and people will decide if they want to click on it or not based on the button.  There are no rules you can have a button with the numbers 31 on it or just a photo (#9 #150).

If you are a person who would like to offer your button making services feel free to leave a link (only one link per comment or my blog will think you are spam) and any info in the comments about your price if you want.  If you are a person who doesn’t want to make your own button, feel free to check the comments for button making people.

Here are a few blank buttons for your sidebar or blog if you just want to drag them to your desktop, upload them into a program and fill in your topic you can.  Look in the comments if you have questions on how to add words–I use a program called keynote and then take a screen shot (totally dorky and the wrong way to do it but, I haven’t taken the time to learn Photoshop and it works fine for me for buttons).  If you are a smart button making person, would you mind adding a comment and telling what program you use to make your own buttons?

31 Days of Change starts October 1st with a link up for anyone participating.  Are you joining in?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

My past 31 Days Series:

31 Days of Lovely Limitations (my very favorite series of all time, near and dear to my heart)

31 Days to a Less Messy Nest

31 Days to a Better Dressed Nest

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  1. I think I might do this as my first challenge on my new blog Ali’s Crazy Life. It sounds like fun and a great way to get motivated to organize :) Thanks for the challenge to write every day on the blog for 31 days!!!


  2. Im in. Im starting a challenge on reading Proverbs. A chapter a day. So this will probably be my topic. I do have a question. How do I link up?

  3. I am still nailing down my topic, but am excited and for the challenge! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I’m in!! More like “holy crap I’m a little scared” but regardless, I’m all in.

  5. I posted everyday {for the first time ever!} throughout September… I think I’ll continue with you girls in October. It shall be a ridiculous month for me; all my major university assessment due that month… “How to be a great blogger when you’re also a nanny and full-time, frazzled out uni student”? Sounds like a plan! :D

  6. i’m in! as a first timer i have no idea what to expect but i’m…well…expectant!

  7. I’m in! I’m going to write about minimalizing our STUFF.

  8. I LOVE this idea. a theme in my life has come to the surface and I think this would be a great opportunity to write about it. a lot. Thanks!

  9. I’m in!!

    I also am a blog and web designer. So if you need a button, contact me!! I’ll charge $20 for a button & grab box! ;) email me at erin(at)erinlauraystudio(dot)com to get started ;)

  10. hello! :) i think i shall join you! :)

  11. k made my button (I REALLY NEED TO LEARN HTML LOL) now what? :)

  12. I know I’m late on this, but I can make buttons. I use Photoshop and I can make any kind of button. If anyone needs help, just get in touch!

  13. I’m in. Scared, but committed.

  14. SO MUCH FUN! I am in. First time doing this!
    I think mine will be about my daily life as a teacher.

  15. I’m in too! But I do not understand the whole button thing. Do I need it? Is there anyone who wants to share here how to do it and what it does:). Thanks!

  16. I think I will join in on your 31 day challenge. I took a few months off on my blog this summer as we had baby #4 arrive. I’m now ramping up again. This would be a great way to rebuild my readership! Not sure what my topic will be yet, but I’ll figure it out soon!

  17. I’m in! Can’t wait. I will be writing about Borders. I know it’s a bit obscure, but something close to my heart. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

  18. Also, I do web design, so I make my buttons in photoshop. Not very helpful, probably.

  19. I. Am. In. and SCARED.
    I started my blog in April and only have about a dozen posts. I look to a lot of blogs as inspiration and the push I need to get it back on a roll, but am having a hard time. This may just be the PUSH I need. Not sure on the topic yet, but hets roll ladies!

  20. I just started blogging this month, so committing to 31 days in October will get me well on my way. I just hope I can figure out this button thingy!

  21. I’m late to the party, and I’ve never done anything like this before, but I want in! I love this idea, though I’m a little nervous, both about posting for 31 days and choosing the right topic… Wish me luck :)


  22. Oh dang. I think I should join you. I closed my online sewing shop in July in preparation of baby #3 coming. Well she’s here! And I’ve been contemplating reopening shop at the beginning of November to be able to fill orders for Christmas. This might be a fun way to remind people I’m alive lol and as a sort of countdown to my shop reopening. This will be either really awesome or really bad. Yikes! :)

  23. I’m going to join in! I had been checking out last year’s link-up and didn’t even know you were doing it again this year — so glad you are! I just started a blog in August, so this will be a great way to really get going. I’m doing 31 Days of goal-setting.

  24. I’m in….I’m in….I”m in!!! Thank you for your Encouragement to Embrace the Empowerment! ( my current life theme in ministry…the three E’s !!!) YAY!

  25. I just tested my link on the test page and the photo shows up fuzzy, when on the blog post it is very clear. It fit into the small square in the template with no need to crop. Anyone know why it appears fuzzy in the linky list but is clear in the post? This is my first time and I know the importance of crisp pics, so I want to get it right before I participate for real. Thanks in advance!

  26. I”m in. Not sure of my topic, but I’m in!

  27. I am joining the fun! My theme will be “31 Days to creating a charmed life on a shoestring”. I make my own buttons on picmonkey. ( http://www.picmonkey.com/ ) It’s Free and easy!
    Tracey from Notes From A Cottage Industry acottageindustry.com

  28. Count me in :) I’m excited and have my topic picked out. Do we just post on your page the one time w/ our link and then we just blog daily about our topic for 31 days? Is that the gist of it?

    Also, I don’t mind helping out with making buttons. Feel free to contact me at contact@jenarmstrongdesigns.com if you need something made :)

  29. I am in. After seven years of feeling like I wasn’t qualified to talk about parenting, I am taking it on in October (I know, not the most original topic, but I think I have some fun ideas…). I am nervous and excited. Can’t wait to read lots of cool things!

  30. I am excited for all the new series to read this year! I am joining in this year with 31 Days of Embracing Autumn (So long Seasonal Affective Disorder). This is my best fall in years, as I have learned how to work with my body’s “wiring” so I am excited to share what I have learned!

    • oh, yay!!! i’ll be following you again this year to see what you have to say about THIS topic :-) i loved your words last year. it seems, once again, that we have so much in common! looking forward to hearing from you.


  31. I would really like to do this. I started blogging about our first year of homeschooling at gearstew.blogspot.com and would love to do something fun like this challenge, however homeschooling my five children isn;t the only thing I’m new too :) So my 31 days is going to be 31 days of Pinterest Projects. I just don’t know what or how to do the button and/or what to carry it out in a challenge. ANY help would be appreicated, thank you so much in advance!!

  32. Hey There!
    i am in and am super excited! This will motivate me to make sure I post every day,
    no skipping! Now I need to think of a topic…think, think, think. Hmmm, I’ll think of a
    good one I hope. For those of you who need help making a button. You can google
    it and make one yourself. I use photoshop to create my button.

  33. I’m in. Just launched a website to revive my freelance writing career. 31 Days will give me the boost I need to get back into writing everyday. My topic is 31 Days of Powerful Words. Will need the help of my talented web design daughter to create the button.

  34. I’m in! I’m really nervous because this challenge will literally be the start to my blogging experience, but I just set up a new blog, and then stumbled across this post. 0.o Fate? I think so. I’m going to be blogging about how I need to live life every day, instead of focusing on planning every minute and not enjoying anything that I do. I think this will really motivate me to try harder. =)

  35. I’m going to join in with a brand-new blog, and want to show how we’re putting together my only daughter’s semi-DIY, small-budget wedding set to happen in a few weeks. I can’t wait to share the fun!

  36. Hey Nester-

    I’m joining in 31 days {for the first time}. Whenever I make buttons for my site: I use this easy generator:


    It’s no fail. Blogger users: simply upload a photo to photobucket after making the button in picasa or picmonkey. Size it to 150 by 150.

    WordPress users, just upload your image, and use the thumbnail. The copy the jpg from your media file.

    :) Tomorrow is also my 33rd birthday, in addition to 31 days…{My topic is Halloween: broad enough to do tutorials, recipes, flashbacks about childhood, etc.}

    So excited! This is like NaMoWriMo for bloggers!
    Thanks for hosting,

  37. I will be doing 31 days of Encouragement!!!

  38. I’m so exited and nervous too! I actually use PowerPoint to make all my buttons and graphics because I’m too cheap to buy Photoshop and find it so easy. I design everything I want on a white square, group the whole thing and then “Save as Picture…” SO simple and easy to make things look just exactly the way you want! =) Hope that helps at least one person. ;)

  39. The buttons look great, but I can’t figure out how to get text on them either. I would love a button tutorial from someone!

  40. I make my own buttons using PicMonkey and then manually code the HTML – though I think for now, my “button” is just going to be a pinnable image. I don’t feel like futzing with coding tonight. ;)

  41. PHOTOBUCKET is the bomb, indeed. I use it for all of my images :)

  42. I would like to join….not sure how to link up. I would like to share on 31 days of Pampering yourself for free

  43. I’ve already started for day one but how do I link up with everyone else, never done this before?

  44. a little late to the party, but… my type a personality has kicked in, and i’m going to run with this…31 days of ootd (outfit of the day), what i ate (i am part of the paleo community) and i am joining in on a bowl full of lemons! love a good challenge!!

  45. A little late as well, but sounds like fun :0) Plus I can use a push on getting my blog going! Can’t wait to check out everyone else’s blog :0)

  46. I started mine on Monday…Now I Know My ABCs…(woman of action)

  47. Guess what? Borders went out of business.

  48. I think I’ve made a button. Just adding a few little things to it. :) if anyone wants to email me to check it out and offer suggestions.. that would be awesome! thanks so much !

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