That One Little Thing

Yesterday I introduced you to the pair of lamps next to the bed.  Today, I want to tell you about the smallest, tiniest thing that I finally did that made a huge difference.

Ever since we’ve moved in–even with our old bed, our box spring, bottom mattress thing has been bare nekkid.  Usually I cover it with a fitted sheet at least, but I forgot to when we moved and it always seemed like SO much work to take the mattress off and put a sheet on the box spring thing, so I just lived with it… for THREE YEARS.

Even when we got the new bed, I realized that I didn’t have the kind of sheet I wanted (a subtle pattern like the one I now have in the photo) and I was in a hurry and didn’t feel like running out and getting a new sheet so I put the bare nekkid mattress thing back on the bed AGAIN.  Finally, when I knew our bedroom was getting a close up (how annoyed are you at me for linking to that, yet again, but it had so many ramifications!), I went and found a sheet.

It only shows just a bit but it’s a fun little hint of pattern.  I ended up buying a sheet set so I can use the flat sheet and pillow cases on the bed and mix those around with other patterns.  Since we have a neutral room, I like to add texture and pattern in neutral ways.

I just wish I hadn’t waited three years to finally cover up that old box spring.  I’m surprised at how finished something as small as that, can make the room feel.  I feel like a grown up!  Kind of.

Is there one little thing that you haven’t done that quietly drives you crazy?

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  1. I’ve never thought to do this and it’s genius! I always just use bedskirts, but I love this idea. There are several ‘one little thing left that drives me crazy’ in my home, but I’m slowly tackling projects and completing them. The tension of balancing home decor, time with family, and sticking to a budget can be tiring and frustrating, but I’m trying to keep all things in proper perspective and enjoy the process, even if it means living with these unfinished pieces of the puzzle for a time. And, I think it’s absolutely fantastic that you keep mentioning your magazine feature–that’s quite an accomplishment!

    • Lauren you said it so perfectly, and you know what, having a nekkid boxspring didn’t altar my life in any way– I call it Slow Decorating, giving yourself permission to slowly add to your home over time, you are doing it right!!

  2. Love all of your changes/tweaks! It took me two years to hem up the curtains in the bedrooms. I hate ironing and hemming –even though on one set I used the no sew hem. Obviously makes a huge difference, but I still hate doing it!

  3. Bits of clutter, not piles, are the little things that make me crazy. The “just for now” piles that soon become just part of the landscape. Love your sheet pattern!

  4. Suzanne says:

    Hanging pictures is my thing. I find it hard to put holes in the walls. I own those walls yet I still struggle. I like your sheet choice very much and celebrate with you for making that small modification which paid royally in satisfaction.

  5. There’s about 18 (or maybe 18,000) little things that I haven’t “gotten to” that are hanging over my head: scraping my bathroom’s peeling trim and repainting, adding a small length of fabric to my slightly too short drapes I made 18 months ago, finding a way to cover the unfinished edges of my cheapo matchstick blinds… I know there’s more. I don’t know why I do it! When I do get around to those little things, it usually takes minimal time and is often pretty simple. Duh.

    I’m so glad you posted this and that I’m in such fantastic company. I love how real you keep things.

    • Hi Erin! I am with you totally! I have so many “little” things to do that I think I get overwhelmed and then nothing gets done! And yes, most of my projects would take up so little of my time that when I do do them, I think, “now why couldn’t I have done that months ago?”

  6. Okay, I am convicted! Looking for a sheet set when I’m out running errands this afternoon so I can finally get that pesky box spring taken care of. It’s gonna look great.

  7. You are so right. Isn’t it the littlest of things, that when done, make our hearts sing?
    Me? Those pesky little weeds and grasses that spring up out of nowhere to annoy me on my front brick walkway. I’ve said it now in public. Guess that means I better take care of it…heehee! I should be dancing down the walk when I’m finished. :D
    Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!

  8. completely brilliant. love that you chose a subtle pattern. the good stuff is in the details. this makes me want to look around my own home and ask, “what long-ignored & maligned aspect of our home decor would I immediately address if a camera crew were showing up tomorrow?”

    there is a huge painting in our home that has been leaning against the wall (waiting to be hung) for SIX MONTHS. it’s painted on four six-foot slats of wood, so it’s heavy, and it has been quietly waiting there for me to make a french cleat and attach it to the wall… and waiting…. and waiting… and waiting… :-)

  9. Your bedroom looks great! My pesky thing is also the bed. Last winter my little rat terrier had back problems and couldn’t jump up on the bed anymore (I know, tragedy! ;) ) so we put our mattress and box spring on the floor inside of the bed frame. After he recovered, we put the bed back in order but then realized it actually is REALLY high. At 5’5, even I have to hop up to sit on it! So, it’s now back on the floor and quietly drives me nuts. It doesn’t look awful, but it doesn’t look nice either.

  10. I’ve got those same patterned sheets on my bed and I love them. I had always had plain white before and wanted something that was still neutral but were a little more interesting.

    The “little thing” in my house: cord control. Last summer I bought these “cord wrappers” so I could contain the madness behind my desk and the box is still sitting here in my office, waiting to be opened. It would probably take me all of 10 minutes to do it. I need to get on that!

    • Julia, yes, I always had pure white sheets until just a few months ago, now I’ve mixed in some neutral patterns and it’s so fun!

      cords are from Satan.

  11. It’s all in the details. Your bed coverings have a more polished look. Very nice!

  12. Miss Em says:

    I love the lamps! I’m so glad to see good brass making a comeback.

  13. Okay, now that I see it on your bed…gotta do it on mine! Adore those lamps, the brass against the gray tones is gorgeous! Enjoy, Janell

  14. What a great idea to use a fitted sheet instead of a bed skirt. I hate those things because they slip around too easy. I also LOVE your headboard!
    ♥ Terrie ♥

  15. You’ve convinced me – I will do this over the weekend. And maybe this will give me the jump-start to paint the bed and it’s ugly rails that the bedskirt hides.

    One thing always leads to another, doesn’t it?!

  16. 17 Perth says:

    I am new to your blog—LOVE it. I just got a new bed–and was faced with a similar situation with the box springs–love this idea.

  17. ugh! the same exact thing with my bed. and i keep looking at it and it makes me crazy. gonna try to fix that this weekend. thx.

  18. I have to say the one thing that has bothered me for 3 years now is having a standard, UGLY bed frame that’s only function is…to hold the bed… you know what i’m talking about?
    Funny thing is I totally have a cute little fitted sheet on the box spring but still have the yucky ole industrial frame!
    One of these days I am totally going to suck it up and get a REAL, BIG GIRL bed!!
    Love your room by the way :)

  19. I lived without a bedskirt for YEARS, but finally got this one when I got hardwood floors. It really finished things off and hides all the junk under the bed!

    • Love that ruffled be skirt, Vicki V.
      The one thing I’ve always wondered is how dirty a white bed skirt would get.
      I mean, there’s no easy way of cleaning other than lifting up the mattress. Wonder if there are velcro types. Off to google I go…

  20. Girl, your bedroom is so serene!

    We have a curtain on our back door and I just know it is hung backwards. I always seem to notice it right before company and then forget about it. We like it that way! LOL

    We just re-did our front room. I painted a mirror BRIGHT AQUA BLUE just because I could and it turned out so fun!

  21. This is such a timely post! I bought a bed frame that shows the box springs in March. Since then, the Target near my house has been out of white queen-sized fitted sheets. I wanted plain white, and I didn’t want to use any sheets I actually use (they’re all between 600-800 TC). I could have ordered online or bought a cheap sheet set, but I thought it wasn’t that big of a deal. Last week, I noticed a hole in one of my fitted sheets. I seized the opportunity to put it on the box springs, since the hole won’t show. My bedroom looks SO much better with the box springs covered, AND I treated myself to brand new bed sheets (one of my favorite things that only happens once every few years). It really is “the little things” in life.

  22. I bought the sheet to cover the box spring six months ago; it’s still in the bedside chest of drawers–thanks for the reminder! :)
    Your room is SO beautiful!

  23. Well, yes! This would in fact be one of my one little things that has annoyed me forever and a day. The box-spring showing! Argh. Ok, guess I’ll just have to remedy it now.
    That, and finally making my mantle look “complete.”

  24. Very nice! I love the print on the sheet too!

  25. Love the new sheet…sometimes the smallest details have the biggest impact!
    And I say “Dont fear the nail holes!” I had a friend that lived with a stack of pictures on her floor for over a year due to the fear. You are right…they are so easy to fill and cover…most the time I dont even fill them if they get covered by the new picture…shhhh dont tell!

  26. That is a good idea. I have a question for you…..where did you get your bedding? I’m looking for something similar but maybe in a light tan for boys’ room. Thank you.

    • the printed sheets are from target and I love them so far, I have some other geometric ones from Home goods (but they are low quality and annoy me) the rest are Jennifer Adams, a splurge but I had credit for One Kings Lane when they had a sale. I’m a big believer in nice sheets. I’ll buy the cheapest most sturdy bed I can find but insist on at least one set of buttery sheets and a well made quilted blanket.

  27. Thank goodness I’m not the only one that bothers!! I’ve always covered our box springs usually by cutting the ends off a cheap box pleated bed skirt or just straight cuts of fabric and safety pinning them to the box spring. It totally makes a difference and looks more finished. Great idea using a fitted sheet with a pattern. Love!!

  28. I always cover my box spring. It really does finish the space. Well I say always except right now! LOL! Because we received a replacement box spring a few years back and it already had a geometric pattern on it in the tones that matched our room. SO pretty. Maybe the manufacturers are starting to figure out not everyone wants a floral pattern! :)

  29. Yes! When we moved in to our rental there was a tv mounted on the wall in the bedroom…like in a hospital. When we pulled it off it messed up the wall and instead of patching and painting, we just painted over it and decided to fix it later. I just patched it two years later! Why did I wait that long!?

  30. This post made me chuckle. I have lived with the exact same naked box spring since we moved in… nearly 3 years ago :) Every time I am in the bathroom I get a great view of that ugly box spring and cringe. But I am waaaaay to lazy to fix it! We are replacing our mattress soon, so perhaps I should get a fitted sheet and have it on hand when the day comes!

  31. I am calling this “The Summer of Completion”. I have piddled from one project to another, finally finishing some of those pesky motivation-drainers. My mom always used to tell me “Success begets success!”, and it is very true. Once I get one thing done, I am inspired to finish another. Congrats on completing your bed project!

  32. OMG, I have never had a bed frame in my life, never a big fan of bed skirts either. This is perfect for my frameless bed to hide what my comforter doesn’t cover! Great idea! Can you share where you found these perfect sheets? My room is a gray shade as well, and this subtle pattern may be perfect! thanks!

  33. Hey, sweet girl!

    I wanted to stop in and say, HELLO! It has been awhile. I have been busy becoming a professional life coach. I love your new bed!!! A~mazing!!! I think back to all the changes your homes has gone through. It has evolved into such a beautiful and INSPIRING place. I want to invite you and your followers to visit my blog & FB page, A Screaming Good Life. It is a blog about finding happiness, peace and contentment every day. The FB page is my second home. I am able to share my passions – writing, life coaching and connect with wonderful people! And I will be subscribing to your blog, so I can catch up!

    BIG hugs to you,
    (Screaming) Meme

  34. OMG! Your bed frame is magnificent. I have been searching high and low for an upholstered piece just like that. Where did you get that from…or was it a diy project?? Thanks!

  35. Funny how much your sheet makes a difference and I’m glad I’m not the only one who lives with small things like that. About 6 months ago a photo on my photo wall near my bedroom fell and messed up the back hook of the picture and I still haven’t fixed it and still haven’t replaced the photo on the wall so here’s all these photos with one missing. Maybe I need to have a party and invite people upstairs to motivate me? (:

  36. yep, I just replaced a knob on a antique washstand. My grandmother had replaced the original with
    a white knob with blue flowers. Not bad. Just not…me! So at Hobby Lobby today, I bought a new knob! 5 min. DIY that should have been done 30 years ago! lol. (So don’t be too hard on yourself! ;-p)

  37. Such a teensy detail makes a big difference. I have a whole houseful of mini jobs that need doing! One at a time!! And what a beautiful bed. Also: can you tell me about the pretty floral blanket on your bed in the second picture?

  38. What a super easy idea! Why haven’t I thought of that? :)

  39. we just bought a new house and are renovating room by room we finished one bathroom except for the trim paint on the window inside the shower, i see it every time i’m in there but don’t have time to do it then but forget about it until the next shower, i feel like it will be that way forever!
    your bedroom looks great!

  40. Colleen P. says:

    Oh dear…well, I have a patch job that I didn’t do very well and needs to be redone in my kitchen. I’ve mentioned it on here before, I believe, AND on another blog. And I still haven’t done anything about it. Sigh…

    I also need to paint all the baseboards and trim around the doors and closet doors but that’s more of a Great Big Project, than a small easy and quick project that I ought to just get on already! LOL!

  41. I love your bed by the way. I have just a plain white sheet over my box springs cause thats all i owned and our box springs got dirty when we moved (I had mattress bags on them but the ends were not taped and thought I love my friends and fam for helping us move attention to detail is not a strong point).
    I have a million little things that need to be done or re done. we did quick renos before we moved but some are not to my standard and some new problems have cropped up too. plus most my walls are bare…

  42. What a simple tip for a very annoying problem. Never crossed my mind to do something like that.

    Something I haven’t done that’s driving me crazy. Every day when I cook I see a glass cabinet that has fingerprints on it. Such a little thing to clean it, but it doesn’t get done too often.

  43. this is such a beautiful idea!! I’ve never thought to do that before! thanks for sharing :)

  44. this is such good stuff.

  45. Well- it doesn’t really bother me all that much, but sometimes I think that it would be a very grown up thing to do to get something to cover my box springs. And my kid’s. Because both of theirs are nekkid too! ha! I really like what you did here, it looks really nice and finished.

  46. Yes! My husband was so surprised when I nixed his old gathered bedskirt that moved around all the time and draggled, instead covering our boxspring with a nice fitted sheet. I do this too. Our sheets are solid dark blue, but the boxspring is damask stripes in seafoam green and so are two of our pillows. It’s a great choice for handling that pesky boxspring.

  47. I did the same thing a few years ago. Seeing that box spring about drove me nuts (and bonus it’s such a cheap and easy fix)!

  48. Love this. Sometimes the littlest things can be the biggest things, can’t they? Beautiful sheet, too. :)

  49. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing, I always get so inspired by you!

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