On Hostessing

Being a good hostess has nothing to do with how well furnished your guest room is.  Or if you even have a guest room.  And I just put that pretty picture at the top of the post so the next picture wouldn’t scare anyone off too fast.

The lovely Holley Gerth, Stephanie Bryant (two of the founders of (in)courage) and my sister Emily Freeman are all spending the night at my house tonight. And this is the state of the “guest room” as of a few days ago.  Think they can all fit on that mattress on the floor?

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Also, did you enter the super big, easy to enter giveaway yet?  Wooden monogram, gift cards to J. Crew, Anthropologie, 31 Bits and about 15 other prizes…


  1. I needed this post to remind me. I am having some work friends over for a pool party tomorrow. Most have never seen my home so I have been scrambling like crazy to get projects finished that have needed doing. Now it appears we will have rain all day so the party may be indoors. Then we had a storm come through last night and I have half a maple tree laying across my entire front yard. Guess what? I really don’t care any more. We are getting together to enjoy one another and my house just happens to be the place we are meeting. We will have a great time and whatever projects get done, or trees do not get chainsawed and carted away, do not matter. Being together does. Thanks for this post. It came just at the right time for me!

  2. I’m trying to intentionally open up my home these days and am hosting a work luncheon next Tuesday. And some of the attendees are decorators. Exactly what I needed to hear!!

  3. That yellow vase is so fun. I want it. :)

  4. Being in the company of such wonderful women I know you will put your best foot of hospitality forward. But because of the relationship and because you want them to feel loved and special. I have no doubt that they will be caring about the details of the gurest room. I’m guessing they would all be happy to sleep on the sofas around the house. But, for some reason I don’t think that will happen.
    You’re having Holly & Stephanie & Emily for the weekend!!! Who cares about your house.

  5. I long for a beautiful guest room, untouched by all the day-to-day clutter of life. We used to have one before we had our wonderful babies. I loved that it was always ready and waiting for my mom or sister, that it was a room I could always count on to be clean and tidy, sometimes my only escape from the mess of life after my 1st was born. But alas, those days are gone. We have no guest room. No pretty linens. No cute tray with a decanter for water and a crystal drinking glass. But the visits with my guests are just as wonderful. I recommend reading “The Relatives Came” by Cynthia Rylant. It’s a great reminder that welcoming people into your home is all about love and enjoying one another’s company. Not who gets to sleep in the stenciled-wall, pops of yellow with the perfect grey paint, DIYed sunburst mirror, homemade upholstered headboard guest room. Love getting to have sneak peeks into your life. You make me feel OK about being me!

  6. Please tell me where I can find that adorable yellow vase in your guest room?

    Thank you.

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