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Oh, y’all, I just finished the book 7.  Because so many of you recommended it to me, thank you.  I LOVED it, if you haven’t read it, go, now.  And also, I’m getting rid of everything I own. Maybe.

In other news and all over the place::

What’s it Like to be an Introverted Woman in Church Circles? a guest post by Adam McHugh

How to Make A Statement Necklace a guest post by Andrea Howe

5 Ways to Use Vintage Sheets @ Infarrantly Creative

Around the House Summer Edition ~ I LOVE any and all photos of Edie’s home she is the gold standard when it comes to taking risks and being creative

When Simplifying Life Turns into Building a New House @Flower Patch Farmgirl

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  1. WOW! i want to say thank you because i am sorta indirectly featured since i was in beckie’s lineup of vintage sheet projects! so thank you! :)

  2. Ooooh…..I’d not heard of 7. Thanks for the recommendation. I love books like this.

  3. i’m purging currently. it’s addictive…really. :) miss you, girl. hope to see ya sometime this summer!

  4. Thanks for the shout out love!

  5. I still laugh when I think of Jen Hatmaker’s referencing her “free-swinging lady bits” or something like that…. That book still has me spinning. It’s the food, man. It terrifies me to think of letting go of the food.

    Thanks for the link. I truly believe not a week went by over the past 18 months that I didn’t think about your brilliant post that helped me make a little sense of the world.

  6. I must admit that I’m a little scared to buy the book 7! I have it in my Amazon cart now, but haven’t submitted my order. I think your comment, ” I’m getting rid of everything I own. Maybe.” is freaking me out a little! I’ve heard a lot of people recommend the book and I think we all need a little kick in the butt sometimes, but frankly I’m thinking to myself that rummage sale season just started and I really like going to rummage sales!! Will this book really make me feel like I should get rid of everything??

    • no, really it is SUCH a fun read–Jen is HILARIOUS–think if Tina Fey were married to a Pastor and wrote a book about following Jesus and simplifing her life. It’s not preachy, just a record of her own experiment–at first I didn’t buy it either but it’s GREAT! And I’m not really getting rid of everything, I was already on that kick before i read the book.

      • Ok, I just ordered it! I’m on a purging kick too so it might just validate what I’m already doing! I want everything in my house to be something that I really like or find useful. It is turning out to be quite the project!

  7. Thank you for the book recommendation! I just checked out the Amazon link and it sounds so interesting. It’s now on my reading list and I can’t wait!

  8. First off, let me say that I’m a terrible lurker and I’m sorry. I haven’t been reading too long… a few months, maybe. But I just realized that I’ve never commented and thanked you for what you do. Most of all, thank you for being real.

    Okay… Now, on to 7. Thank you SO much for mentioning it. I’ve never heard of it. I’m currently enjoying the book (about halfway through) but, through that I discovered her church and her other books and her husband’s books… Long story short, they went through what my husband I are now going through. I feel like I stumbled upon the Holy grail (pop culturally speaking, not theologically speaking) because I found someone who went through what I’m going through!

    All that to say, thank you. It may not have seemed like it at the time, but you were used by God when you wrote that sentence. :)

  9. Hi Nester, Just caught you in Ladies Home Journal. Love your office space!

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