This Week at The Nest

Maybe no one will notice?

I sat down and heard a large crack.  The next time I sat in it the back leg broke off.

Not bad for a $12 thrift store chair that we slipcovered and used for two years.  Last year I begged my husband to put some vintage casters on the chair, turns out drilling a hole in the legs really weekend the wood.  So it’s been rigged up with some random parts for a year even with a cracked leg. I may try one last-ditch effort to save it and remove all the wood  and see if we can put in new feet.

So our sofa is falling apart, the chair just fell apart, my husband’s $20 green leather thrift store chair is ripped in 3 places.  Oh my word my entire family room is decomposing before my very eyes.  STOP IT!

But it still looks ok for photos, can I get an amen? As long as you don’t sit on anything, you are fine.  This is not good, I like the way this all is, I don’t feel like change, I don’t want to think about anything different. Ugh!

In other news…Haven 2012…are you going?  Angela and I leave in 6 hours and I am so excited.  A little sleep deprived since I was home alone last night and at 4:00 am heard something fall in my house and the dog and I have been up ever since.  Currently it’s 5:30 and I’m sitting on the sofa with my phone and a baseball bat.  You know, in case the burglar/killer/thing falling off the wall decides to pitch a ball at me.

Anyway, if you are going to Haven, please come say hi to me?  I’ll be the one sweating and laughing really awkwardly and loudly in a corner.

PS, I have a new post up at incourage :: The Easiest Wall Art in the World . Complete with a link to a new board on Pinterest.

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  1. Have fun! So wish I could be there. ..planning on it for next year. Are you speaking???
    Everytime I am home alone something weird happens around here…like the car alarm randomly going off at 2 (truly!) or the dog howling at something. Hate those nights. Also hate that your furniture is decomposing…do some thrifting in Atlanta. Maybe you will find replacements for them.

    • nope not speaking, just enjoying!!

      oh YES of course the only time the dog will howl or growl is when you are home alone. I even flinch when his ears perk up.

  2. Gina in S FL says:

    With you at Haven in spirit! Give us an update!

  3. You are sooo completely funny, I thoroughly enjoy your humor and relate 110% Enjoy your time at Haven….this mama is a little jealous, I get to take my daughter to College Orientation today :( *sigh, choke,gasp* ~Kim

  4. I’m with you, leave the room exactly as it is, it looks gorgeous in photos and who needs to actually sit on anything anyway ;) ?

  5. The baseball bat in case someone throws a ball at you! Sounds like me. The room still looks gorgeous. The floor is a good place to sit. Use your pillows on the floor! ;) You’ll think of something.

  6. Oooh, I’ll be sweating and laughing awkwardly in the corner, too. From the sounds of it, lots of us will! Despite the nerves, I’m super excited to meet lots of my favorite bloggers! See you soon!

  7. oh my word you crack me up – your comment about sweating and laughing too loudly in the corner made me literally laugh out loud!! Such a great mental picture :) Have a blast at Haven – I’m sad I can’t be there :(

    Oh, and I’m SURE whatever you come up with for furniture fixes/replacement will be brilliant, but I totally understand the major “bummer factor” in all of that. BUMMER!

  8. Who needs functional when it looks so nice. At least your rug looks soft and cozy and seems a good place to land! Have fun at Haven.

  9. My coffee table has decided to fall apart too! Thankfully I found a low cost wood shop in town. Maybe there’s still hope for your slip covered chair! :) I LOVE your coral lattice pillow!! Do you remember where you found that pillow/fabric?

  10. Kristin says:

    I’m a loud laugher, too! [I went to a YoungHouseLove Improv event here in Richmond, and John actually thanked me afterward for laughing so loudly.]
    But not my point… I’m coming to meet you! And I’m so stinkin’ excited about it! Thank you for the invitation to invade your corner and say hi. And I will NOT ask you about Tanzania. :)

    P.S. “Hi John and Sherry. It’s good to see you again. I’m the loud laugher from Improv night.” [It’s so good to be memorable!]

  11. Hilarious post! Around here thrift store sofas cost a heck of a lot more than $20 but we balance that with coffee tables in the trash. Seriously, my coffee table was in someone’s trash. Luckily (or not since it is ugly) it appears to be indestructible. I love your thrift store room. Hope that chair fix works out.

  12. Sorry…I hate it when things all fall apart at once…which, with 3 kids, seems to happen often at our house! Have fun at Haven!

  13. The room still looks great! And, who cares if the pieces are falling apart?! It’s a well-loved, lived-in room! And, also, can I ask where you purchased your horizontal striped curtains at? I’ve been looking for some forever!!!!!

  14. Didn’t you mention in a recent post that you are currently shopping for a new sofa? Or maybe you were just dreaming of shopping for a new sofa — I do that often.

  15. Your furniture is kind of like a kid’s favorite stuffed toy or blankie. You have loved it to death, and the parting is kind of hard. But you will get a big girl treat (like a new sofa!) after you get rid of your snuggly seating! And when you (and we) look back, you (and we) will say fondly, “Oh, I remember that pretty couch and cool chair. They were so cool looking! But look how cool and grown-up I am now!”
    And your comments about sweating remind me of Mary Katherine Gallagher on SNL. I have a really fun mental picture of you now! Ha!

  16. Hold on a dang minute. Did you chop your hair off????? I dig it, either way.

    RIP, chairs.

  17. oh, I love that shot of you in the bowl!

  18. Your furniture gave its ALL! :)
    Have fun at HAVEN.

  19. RIP, beautiful furniture!!! You fought the good fight {and I agree, they’re all still holding it together for the camera…what awesome soldiers!}

  20. Oh. I so relate. My husband goes away and I sneak around the house. What ever happened to Miss Independent? Hahahaha!
    When you find that place of contentment in your home you just want to hold on. Contentment can be so elusive.
    Wish I was able to go to Haven and meet you and so many others. But, I will strive to be content and look forward to hearing some juicy details in your future posts.

  21. Have a wonderful time at Haven. Wish I was there.
    After being unable to convince my husband to check out the noise downstairs in our kitchen, I got up to investigate and just missed punching my oldest son in the face when he popped out unexpectedly from the living room. Good thing i didn’t have a baseball bat.

  22. Too bad about your beloved furniture…pieces are like old friends you don’t want to get rid of! Have fun at Haven! I am making it a goal to go next year!

  23. Oh man thats not fun, Im sorry to hear that, but I have to say your post was hilarious to read… though it was probably not so hilarious on your end with many broken things. is the chair unsalvageable? maybe some glue ahahaha.

  24. Judith Nigh says:

    Ideas….recover the cushion on the green leather chair in a fabric that blends and enhances the room. Use piping in the same green as the leather. For the chair…cut off the leg and stack vintage books in its place (glue them together and epoxy them to the base of the chair)….You will gain additional years and much amusement. Smiles.

  25. I can so relate! Our bed creaks and groans every time we get in it (It was my parent’s bed for 30+ years before we got it), the sofa cracks and pops and you sink a little lower each day, and the adjacent chair is in bad shape, too. And of course we don’t have enough money to replace them all :) When we bought our house 3 years ago we bought it with all the furniture in it (the previous owner had passed away). It was a fantastic deal for newlyweds who didn’t have any furniture anyway, but now many of the pieces are showing their age. Any tips for those of us who need to buy furniture second-hand?

  26. awwww…man. bummer about the chair leg! loved that chair all slipped in white!

  27. that’s not decomposition, it’s patina.
    a very heavy dose of patina.

  28. Addicted to your blog! Please check out my Etsy Page!

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