Our Summer Mantle

I wanted to try something different on our mantle this summer.  I still LOVE the mirror that used to hang on the wall over the fireplace but it didn’t pop with my white walls and I wanted a fun change for summer.

Enter the $8 yard sale canvas I found a few weeks ago when I was out with Reeve and Angela.

A blank canvas that big would cost so much compared to buying a used one second-hand and then painting over it.  I just grabbed two small containers of craft paint and alternated pouring them on the canvas and then painting them around.

For our mantle my goals were: fun, quirky, saturated, relaxed, summery.  I’ve already added to it but it’s fun to see how a big piece like that canvas can change the temperature of an entire room.  It feels so much cooler with those colors over the mantle.  Maybe I can hike up the AC a few degrees?

If you changed up your mantle for summer you can link up at The Lettered Cottage today.

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  1. Saturated is the precise word that came to mind when I saw this. You did it! :) Love simple, creative ideas like this for changing a look ~ so inspiring. Now, where is that canvas I used as a paint sampler last fall??

  2. ahhhh! love it love it love it. so simple. i have two gignormous canvas’s… one i covered in fabric (bc i didn’t feel confident enough to try and create a ‘masterpiece’); the other is just collecting dust in our garage! totally inspired, the creative genuis in me :) thanks for sharing!

  3. oh waoh i love love every piece of art

  4. Love your mantel – the art is gorgeous and I love the glass candle holders on the left! I almost brought one of those home from the store today to put on my mantel – maybe I need to go back :)

  5. I love your summer mantel! The art looks gorgeous; great idea just painting over an old canvas!

  6. Suzanne S. says

    Love the canvas!!! Wondering where you got the candle holders? Thank you

  7. I remember when you first did this post and I saw MY picture up on your mantle and I thought, oh look! she’s going to show me how to use that within her items (yay me!). And then you painted over it. And I sat stunned until a few days ago. When I realized that I, too, would like to paint over that ridiculously dark and drab painting (I swear to you at one time that thing looked lively, but in the world of lightning instead of darkening, it is looking pretty sad). So today I made the commitment to change it. And change it I shall! Thank you! :) I know I would have never done it had I not seen my very own picture lightened before my eyes.

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