I wanted to try something different on our mantle this summer.  I still LOVE the mirror that used to hang on the wall over the fireplace but it didn’t pop with my white walls and I wanted a fun change for summer.

Enter the $8 yard sale canvas I found a few weeks ago when I was out with Reeve and Angela.

A blank canvas that big would cost so much compared to buying a used one second-hand and then painting over it.  I just grabbed two small containers of craft paint and alternated pouring them on the canvas and then painting them around.

For our mantle my goals were: fun, quirky, saturated, relaxed, summery.  I’ve already added to it but it’s fun to see how a big piece like that canvas can change the temperature of an entire room.  It feels so much cooler with those colors over the mantle.  Maybe I can hike up the AC a few degrees?

If you changed up your mantle for summer you can link up at The Lettered Cottage today.