Making the Most of Summer Surfaces

You know how I love my cleared off surfaces.  I think empty surfaces are the key to a clutter free, clean and organized house.  But I don’t keep the surfaces clear just so they can be empty all the time. I keep them clear so  that they are ready for us to use them and abuse them for fun and wonderful things. And you know what? During the summer our surfaces are gloriously full….

But I LOVE my little junk/geegaw/smalls what-have-you and I like to show them off…

Here are three of my favorite smalls for summer–the feather that was sitting by my chair one morning last weekend at The Cottage (more to come on that soon) the hunk of turquoise glass I bought at the Tobacco Barn (yes, I get the irony of buying a chunk of broken glass) and my berry basket full of my favorite instagram photos from last year.  I’ve found the best way to show off my smalls is to contain them in something pretty like this shallow wooden dough bowl.

And the bowl serves a few purposes, it looks nice and rustic–which I love, it holds small things so they don’t get visually lost in a room and…when we need to use a surface, we can just pick up the entire bowl and move it to a new location, no trying to pick up an arm load of little junk and dropping half of it. Containing my little junk into a large, pretty something is a secret to room editing.

Sometimes I use it as a jewelry bowl in my room.  And this fall it will be filled with velvet pumpkins and dipped pine cones at Christmas.

Not only is the dough bowl beautiful, it’s also meaningful.  DaySpring normally sells these lovely bowls for 64.99 but they made a special sale for us and they are available for $29.99.  SUCH a great deal.  I’ll go ahead and tell you now, these bowls are my Christmas gift this year for teachers and mothers they are my new favorite thing from DaySpring and I’m so SO excited about this sale!

One side says Let your heart bring you joy in the blessings of God. And the other side has Psalm 85:12 The Lord will indeed give what is good.

There are two ways to get your hands on these lovely dough bowls, may I suggest doing both?

Leave a comment to enter to win–and tell me what you would put in your dough bowl.


Be sure to use the code DBNEST when you are checking out to get the sale price for the Wooden Dough Bowl from DaySpring

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  1. I love the bowl, it’s so versatile. I would probably put green apples in it in the summer and it’s perfect for fall pumpkins and winter greenery and pine cones.

  2. I would love to have a dough bowl to put sea shells in it

  3. Rachel ambrose says:

    I will would use my dough bowl as a centerpiece on my table. I would fill it with fruit seasonal items.

  4. Love it! I’m thinking I would maybe put those decorative balls in them. I saw some cool “faith” ones at Hobby Lobby today or just leave it empty. I love them empty too.

  5. Meg Smith says:

    Please may I have one!!!

  6. i would love to put my jewelry in there. love these bowls

  7. Charlene Prigge says:

    I’d love to have a handmade bowl…preferably by one of my own ancestors but since this isn’t going to happen…I’d love to win the bowl!

  8. Carolyn Maves says:

    What I beautiful bowl, I would put apples in it. Thanks.

  9. My boyfriend needs a bowl for his nightstand (oops.. he needs a nightstand first! been living here a year and still don’t have furniture, but that’s another story for another day). At the end of the day, he empties his pockets and his wallet, keys, earbuds, iPod, phone, receipts, change, pocketknife, etc. etc. all wind up ON EVERY SINGLE SURFACE FROM THE FRONT DOOR TO THE BEDROOM. OMG. I hate it. He would love having his own place to put his stuff.. he says I don’t let him have anything “manly”.. and I’d say this looks pretty manly! :) Two birds, one stone.

  10. Those bowls are absolutely gorgeous! I remember noticing/loving them when you first showed a bigger one a while ago! Very cool!

  11. Amy in PA says:

    LOVE! Would fill with fruit, nuts, dried rosehips & candles, Christmas cards….

  12. Charlotte Knox says:

    I would love to proof some bread in that bowl so that you would get those impressions on the top of the bread. How cool would that be?

  13. Kristi Henson says:

    I want to win! Love these and would put it by the front door to collect keys and other run out the door kind of things!

  14. Christi says:

    Beautiful. I would ask my husband to put the contents of his pockets in the bowl. He empties his pockets on the counter and this would help hide the contents.

  15. I would put my jewelry in it :)

  16. Jennifer I. says:

    I would put mine in the kitchen and put fruit in it…or put it by the door and put keys in it….or put it on my vanity and put jewelry in it…so many possibilities!!! :)

  17. I would use my dough bowl on my kitchen island for baking supplies. Imagine baking powder, salt, flour, vanilla, etc., decanted into vintage jars, and ready to be carried over to the mixer when inspiration strikes! I love it when “decor” is functional too.

  18. our remotes!

  19. Randi S says:

    I think it woyld be great for my coffee table as kind of a catchall-make things an organized mess;) Or some cute decorative balls!! The possibilities are endless!

  20. Stephanie says:

    I think maybe some scabble tiles!

    PS – where do you print your Instagram photos?

  21. Definitely pumpkins!! I love the fall :)

  22. I would love to put affirmations or questions for my hubby and I to ask each other, things that would affirm and strengthen our marriage. Once our girls were a little older (they’re 2.5), then affirmations, quotes and bible verses to affirm who they are as daughters of the king.

  23. cassie j says:

    i love this bowl! iv had my eye on this for quite some time. i think i would use it on the coffee table for remotes and stuff.

  24. I would put something different for every season. Pine cones, fruit, candles, ect..

  25. mary beth says:

    I would love a dough bowl. And it would probably be filled with crayons and colored pencils via 2 little boys.

  26. Julie C. says:

    I think the better question is what WOULDN’T I put in this great bowl! Tiny pumpkins, autumn leaves, dried berries in the fall, juniper boughs, tiny wrapped gifts for those “surprise” guests in winter…bird nests, tiny poetry books and ribbon tied sprigs of Spring herbs…right now, I would love to put some tumbled glass pebbles, a pretty conch shell, and vacation booklets in there for inspiration!

  27. Leslie M says:

    I would put my children’s treasures in the bowl. The ones they find as they play outside. Currently, they have some shells from out trip to the beach.

  28. Scarlet says:

    My bowl would be full of seashells and glass net floats! Wonderfully summery . . . and reminds me of home in Corpus Christi, TX.

  29. mieke.vaartjes says:

    Hello I wil show it off on my coffee table ,with maybe on or two beatiful flowers.
    I would rely treaser it yours Mieke Vaartjes.

  30. Seashells from our summer beach trips should go in our dough bowl.

  31. We are in the process of buying a house so I don’t know where it would go or what would go in it but it is beautiful. I know it would have a good home in my home.

  32. Dianna Marcum says:

    Our granddaughters (ages 11 and 7) spend each Tuesday and Thursday with us this summer, and are always finding “treasures” here on the farm. This would be their “summer treasure bowl” !

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