Decorating Truths From Justin Timberlake

This post brought to you by HomeMint. All opinions are 100% mine.

I got an email for an ad campaign from a company that I work with a few times a year and I saw the name Justin Timberlake and I was all “huh?”  Don’t they know I’m not 18 and I don’t want to go to a Justin Timberlake concert, I go to bed at 8:57 every night.  I told them “no thanks” and forgot about it. Until they emailed me back to make sure I knew what I was saying “no” to.

I know three things about Justin.  1. He was in that facebook movie.  2. He was in that SNL all the single ladies video.  3. He is HILARIOUS. Clearly my JT knowledge is extensive, sorry Justin, I’m 38, I just don’t know what the kids are into these days.   I have deducted that he’s kind of good at a lot of things. Apparently he’s got style too.

So, Justin and his long time friend/stylist/designer Estee Stanley are curators for a fun new website called HomeMint which is a part of BeachMint if you keep up with those things. It JUST launched a few weeks ago so the site is still a baby and I like to think I’m an early adopter when it comes to things like this so of course here I am talking about this new tiny baby site even though I’ve yet to purchase something from them, basically, I’m rooting for them and looking forward to what they have to offer.  And also? I think they would make a really cute couple…look….



Oh my word, we just listened to Justin Timberlake talk about home stuff?  And he actually had something really great to say? “Home should be an expression of who you are”.  Seems simple, huh?  I’m surprised to find that lots of people surround themselves with beauty but it’s not always that meaningful.  Justin is actually onto something–your home should tell the story of you.

Similar to sites I adore like Joss & Main and One Kings Lane, HomeMint asks you to become a member.  I know, it seems like a pain at first but, HomeMint makes it a little easier because you can still view the collection without joining (although you pay a higher price if you want to purchase something) OR you can pay $9.99 a month and get discounted rates.  I don’t even think they have you pay until you make your first purchase (and even then I think the amount is credited towards your next purchase) so it’s kind of like free eavesdropping on stylemakers until you see a really great deal.

One of the main ways I like to keep myself up to date on the current trends is to look at magazines and watch sites like this.  Does it mean I buy everything I see?  Nope. I like to think I’m a smart shopper, because I keep up to date with the current trends I know a good deal when I see it.


Like this pouf. I wonder if Justin picked this pouf himself?  You know I love me some poufs, here’s more information about poufs, their price points and the two poufs that I have.   And how sweet would that pouf be in this room?


My only complaint?  I wish they had twice as much stuff to choose from, it definitely leaves you wanting more.  I’m looking forward to watching HomeMint and their monthly finds I’ll keep an eye out and try to pin any irresistible deals I see.  For now, you can go take this style test (I’m SUCH a sucker for those) and HomeMint will recommend some finds.

Now, make me feel old–what’s your Justin Timberlake memory?

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  1. Wha? JT knows home fashion too? That’s wild, man. ;) looks like some really nice stuff, how fun! ;)

  2. I heard that he was doing something like this – it looks fantastic! I still have a definite leftover crush on JT from when I was about 12, so I think I’ll be joining! :)

  3. Loved the little video. It’s interesting that they mentioned that JT was more focused on the architectural side of things while Estee was more drawn to the decor. It’s the exact same dynamic we have in our house–we’ve been remodeling for the past 5 years and my husband always envisions architectural improvements that I don’t even consider. I’m much more interested in the feel and mood of the space. We make a good team. ;)

  4. He’s still a cutie and while I liked the items, they are EXPENSIVE! Maybe reading your blog all these years has taught me frugality and how to shop wisely! Checked it out but probably won’t go back.

    • yes, I think on their site they say they have items from $10-$12,000! I did see something for $10 (a tumbler? washcloth?) and I also think it’s rare that someone will buy something online for $12,000 but, I’m sure it does happen? I tried to pick out a few things that I thought were reasonably priced–just like with all shopping, you have to search for the best deals!

  5. I am the same age as you, and I really wasn’t a HUGE fan of his…until I saw him on Oprah with Reba McIntire. He wrote a duet and sings it with Reba, its called “The Only Promise That Remains”. Seriously the most beautiful song….and I was instantly in love with him.
    Now I realize he is more than a boy-band-has-been…..(and he’s kinda cute too…shhhhh, don’t tell BaileyHusband!) :)

  6. LOL! I saw the words “decorating” and “Justin Timberlake” in your title and just about fell out of my chair. Those are 2 things I NEVER expected to see in one sentence! Let alone on a decorating website, hahaha!

    I used to be obsessed with JT when n’sync fist came out, so of course I had to drop everything I was doing to jump over hear and find out what the deal was. You know what? JT actually sounds like he knows his stuff. Totally a shocker to me! Thanks so much for sharing! I can’t wait to share it with my readers and friends too!

  7. Back in 1998 (I won’t reveal my age lest either of us feel old) I went to the Today Show to see *NSync perform. Stayed up (and on the street) all night to be part of the front-crowd-section! Have also had many-a dance party with roommates watching video footage of the SexyBack tour. He’s a good one, that JT. You should look up his first appearance on SNL, and the “Omeletteville” skit!!

  8. ‘your home should be the story of you’ – LOVE that!!
    i actually hated JT till seeing him on SNL, lol…now i think he’s really funny!

  9. My kids would get excited whenever an N’sync video would play on the Disney Channel. I’m older than you so now you don’t need to feel old. :D I do think JT is crazy hilarious! Love him in all the stuff he does on SNL.

  10. Wow, some nice stuff there. My husband, who would NOT like me mentioning his age, loved NSYNC, and really got me into them as well, this, obviously was eons ago. Now every time we hear one of their song, it brings back memories. Can you let JT know that we would like a reunion comeback?

  11. Um, I remember dancing to quite a few NSYNC songs in my day, and I think he is hilarious every time I’ve seen him on SNL (“Classic Peg!”). I saw something about his new gig with HomeMint, and kind of rolled my eyes about another celeb hawking something, but if he’s truly sincere, then I say go for it!

  12. Hmm… Justin Timberlake… Well, honestly, the first thing I think of is when he and Janet Jackson had that “wardrobe malfunction” during the Super Bowl halftime show. I also know that he was on the Mickey Mouse Club, but I never watched it (except for old black and white reruns which were on at midnight when I was in college). Most recently, I saw him host the Walmart Shareholders meeting last week, which is always a fun time. :)

  13. I’ve loved him since the 7th grade! haha! Although now I don’t cut out pictures from Teen Bop and tack them all over my walls. And I’ve realized that we probably aren’t going to get married. Needless to say, I was a little Justin obsessed back then (like every other girl in 1998). Now I just think he’s hilarious…I love him on SNL!

  14. Anyone knowing even just a little bit of mainstream rap MUST check out “The History of Rap” by JT & Jimmy Fallon. It will blow your mind. Here’s the first of the three parts….

  15. Man…is there anything JT CAN’T do?! First: The History of Rap is a masterpiece!!! And I have to admit, I love him on SNL. He’s so cute and funny with the skits “get on down to …ville,” MotherLover, ha!!! Thanks for the reminder of his awesomeness. ;-)

  16. Well, a few friends and I saw him in concert a few years ago. It was the three of us mid-20somethings … and 1,000 13 year old girls. IT WAS FABULOUS. ;)

  17. Same age as you… but I do remember that he & Britney Spears showed up somewhere wearing matching denim (formal gown and tuxedo). Classic. {Just google “justin britney denim” images and get a whole plethora of fashion goodness.}

  18. Sounds interesting…. Me? I am older than you and really no memories of JT only that
    he is from a small town north of where I am from (Memphis) and has a golf course there too…
    He was spotted at the Walmart with Britney Spears back when…. at Christmas!
    People were going karazy…

  19. I’m a huge NSYNC fan. Still holding out for a reunion tour or something. :) I went to 5 concerts in 3 states. Would have gone to more, but my dad put his foot down on me “wasting” my money. Can you believe it? I was 18 in 1998 when I first discovered nysnc. Still love them to bits and am excited everytime I hear about something new that one of them is doing.

  20. oh my gosh! Are you serious? Yet ANOTHER reason to love Justin Timberlake (by the way, almost ALL his SNL stuff is great!)

    My husband totally has a man-crush on JT, so I had him watch the video, and seriously, honestly, I think he’s much more into helping me with home decor just because of JT! Thanks!

  21. I am SO in the same boat as you…knowing Justin mainly from those hilarious Saturday Night Live skits. I do know that he is now engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Jessica Beil…some have speculated this is a shot-gun-ish engagement (we get engaged or we break up for good). I wonder if Jessica like his same style of decorating?

  22. I remember seeing JT for the first time on SNL and just laughing my head off. The dude has perfect comic timing. Honestly, I have never cared for his music or his “celebrity”, but when I saw him do the BeeGees skit (which is kind of sad now that Robin has passed), I just thought he was a riot.

    I had no doubt that he must be a pretty smart dude to make me laugh like that. I have high standards for comedy. Haha. So I guess it should be no surprise that he actually has STYLE.

  23. Never cared one way or another about Justin Timberlake or other celebrities in general until I saw an article on jt about his work with the Shriners and support for their children’s charities and the fact that Shriners helps all children, not just the poor but any child who needs help. After reading the article I researched shriners and we have since decided that the only charity we will donate to is Shriners since they help ALL kids ( even middle class families can be suffering….imagine that!) anyway, he seems to be a very level headed guy, he gets it! he seems to really love this country and it’s children who are suffering. Some of jt’s contemporaries in Hollywood could take a lesson from him!!!!

  24. Would this be the same Justin Timberlake who gave a half-hearted-not-really-guilty-get-over-it apology for the wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson? Yeah, he lost me then. No, thank you.

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