Mothers everywhere love their babies and want them to grow up and to succeed in life.  Partner with a mother (or if the child is an orphan, partner with their guardian) and help ensure that their child is cared for, fed, schooled, immunized, in community with other children, surrounded by mentors, clothed and  given the chance to learn about God’s Word.  Is there any better gift?


a little round-up of our week.
music: Come by Here {Shaun Groves} (All proceeds go to Compassion)
photos (the good ones) by Keely Scott

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For children in need of release from poverty. For Americans like me in need of rescue from wealth.


–Shaun Groves




Don’t be average, (I know you already clicked over and looked at the children and your heart went out to one, and then you waited, because that’s exactly what I did for two years and then I regretted it) don’t be like me, sponsor that child today. Thank you all for reading and emailing and praying and supporting and sponsoring a child.