Monograms & Happy Accidents

After showing a photo from our room with this monogram I got emails, comments, tweets, and facebook messages asking where in the world I got my monogram.  I mentioned it at the end of April, Southern Nest a new sponsor here at Nesting Place.  A few months ago I was searching around on Etsy for local shops and I stumbled on these lovely wood monograms.

And then I bought one and asked/begged Courtney, the shop owner to advertise at Nesting Place which is something I rarely do.  I think it’s been years since I’ve taken the time to court a potential advertiser, I’ve been so lucky here at Nesting Place to have a group of lovely advertisers that stay with me for a long time so I haven’t needed to reach out to anyone but I just had to make room for Southern Nest.  I was immediately emotionally attached to these monograms and I knew you would be too.  You and I, we have great taste.

Courtney and I live close enough to shop at the same grocery store and she’s absolutely adorable. I snapped this picture when she delivered my monogram.  They come primed and ready for paint, which is the fun part.

First I painted my monogram white.

Then I painted it blue.

Then Courtney gave me a big huge monogram and I knew exactly where I should put it.  I’ve had a big empty canvas in our room for months.  I painted that canvas months ago, just for a background but couldn’t figure out what to put on it.

So I grabbed my big wood monogram and took it outside in the backyard and spray painted it gray.  Then I went in my house and forgot about it. I forgot about it until the next day.  And it sat out over night.  And it RAINED.  And the next morning I suddenly remembered my monogram sitting out in the wet and I ran and grabbed it and it was SO WARPED with bubbling parts.  I immediately grabbed my sandpaper hoping I could sand it all smooth and start fresh and then something pretty happened…

I really like how those warped bubbles looked when I sanded some of the paint off.

I love it when things like that happen.  It’s more common than we think–when something seems ruined but wait–it’s not.  I wrote an entire month-long series about that type of thing called 31 Days of Lovely Limitations.  It’s one of my favorite decorating phenomenon.

So, that’s the scoop on my monogram, it’s from Southern Nest and over there on the right side of the blog are little buttons and links to all the Nesting Place advertisers.  The monogram is going to be my new go to wedding gift for people. I simply hot glued it to the canvas and the great thing is, you can pop it off and use it somewhere else if you want.

PS, just got an email from Caroline, Nesting Place has an ad spot available find out more here.


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  1. I just stumbled on to your blog and i love it so far! LOVE the monogram…so versatile too! thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great accident! I love the texture it created. Kind of makes me want to leave all my spray-painted things in the rain and see what happens.

  3. Christina says:

    My rugs, poor guys, they always get left out in the rain.
    Looks great!!

  4. I have a question? Is the monogram your initials, or yours on the left, husbands on the right with last name in center? I have thought about a monogram for our bedroom and had thought I would do mine and my husband’s together, unconventional I know but romantic……


    • yep, it’s our married monogram, so my first name initial on the left, then our last name initial, then his first name initial on the right, there are some flouishes within the cutout that kind of look like letter (looks like a tiny “j” on the right of the m, but that’s just a fancy design)

  5. i am have a hard time get to you blog it will not load for me took me a long time to get but i had to search for it i do not know if other people are having a problem too. just thought you should know.

  6. Oh that spray-paint-leave-it-out-in-the-rain look is just too fabulous! Totally unique, very primitive and rustic!

    I love that we can make lemonade when handed a bunch of lemons …

  7. Love stuff like this! Soooo cute

  8. I love the monograms too! After your last post about the Southern Nest and Courtney, I ordered mine and I can’t wait to receive it!!! They are beautiful.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Just visiting your blog for the first time… love it! Would you mind sharing what the name of your paint color is? The gray? Im looking for this for my daughters room. Thank you!

  10. Jennifer says:

    The monogram is great but the owl lamp…..oh the memories! My mom had that lamp (in brown of course). I think she got it as a birthday gift! She died 4 years ago…looking at that lamp made me smile.

  11. I want one so bad!!!!!

  12. Love love love!!! Is that the 18″ monogram in your bedroom? I’m thinking I need one for above my bed!!

    • I didn’t realize, it’s the 24 inch–she used my photo for the etsy photo so you’ll recognize it, check again if you didn’t see it, I think she just changed it. xo

  13. What a perfect idea for weddings!! I love the happy accident – it totally looks like you meant to do that. Almost looks galvanized. Anyway, LOVE!!

  14. Also – what’s the paint color you used in your bedroom? Love it too.

  15. Okay, the monogram is perfect! I’m bookmarking this so I can remind myself to get one. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  16. Love this. Great wedding gift : )

  17. Harriett says:

    I love your blog – and I love the monogram picture! But, the paint color in that room is beautiful – would you please tell me what it is? TIA!

  18. I *love* happy accidents like that! What a fun metallic look now.
    It would be fun to see a series of photos of your mantle as it has changed over the seasons…or even a series of the same season from year to year. You have a great way of making it fun, and elegant all at the same time. But, I just want you to know…this one rocks!!! Though I won’t throw any, they might break that gorgeous mirror ! LOL!!
    Hope your day is extraordinary!!!

  19. That monogram is absolutely beautiful! I’m going to have to check out that etsy shop. Very interesting how the rain caused it to bubble up. Right when you think something is ruined, you’ve got a masterpiece!

    Take care :-)

  20. Very nice work so . your home is very beautiful. thank you

  21. I bought one for my daughter to use at her wedding reception – love the idea of mounting on canvas:)

  22. I love that chair! Found you on Pinterest. Where is the chair from?

  23. I thought I saw a monogram in the background in that post…I have the same type of wooden monogram, however from a different supplier…Mine is hanging on the wall waiting for me to decide whether to put a frame around it or mount it on a canvas, as yours…It is rather large, so makes a great impact…I love the way you showcased yours…You are lucky to have Courtney near you for such “personalized” service….

  24. I just love this and think it would make the perfect gift for a friend’s upcoming vow renewal! Did the coupon code expire though? I remember seeing one on here I thought the other day for this…

  25. Delaney says:

    Saw this monogram project, and I am in love!! I want to do this for my little girl’s nursery. Can you tell me what you used to attached the monogram to the canvas? Thanks so much!

  26. Oh, how I love, love, love monograms! So much so that I opened a business for – you guessed it – monogrammed stationery and gifts! I know that different decor styles can come and go at times, but I will always love a good monogram, no matter what (oh, and toile, too)! I guess it’s a southern thing because there aren’t as many people in the DC area so infatuated by such a simple thing. They don’t see the point in dressing their children in monogrammed smocked clothing or having totes/purses and even my work lunch box with a monogram- all in different fonts and styles representing my mood at the time. Ahhh….

    Ok, I’m a total font and paper geek, but at least I know there are others out there just like me. I mean, there ARE others out there, right???? um, hello… bueller??

  27. Happy accidents are how most good things in life occur! I am glad your monogram turned out.

  28. Lindsey Lawrence says:

    What size canvas is that?

  29. Just found your site & I couldn’t agree more; we have great taste! To that end, do you mind sharing two things:
    1-The lovely blue paint color in your living room
    2-There brown striped curtains-where did you find them?
    Thanks & what a great site!

  30. Victoria Saur says:

    How did you mount the monogram on the canvas?

    • Heather says:

      Yes, I’m curious about this as well! I’m going to use this idea instead of a guest book at my wedding! I plan to mount the monogram on a canvas and then have everyone sign the canvas in metallic pens. Did you use wood glue or some sort of adhesive? I love your blog and have enjoyed reading it for a while now. Thanks!!

  31. your very lucky! my accidents half the time are not so fortunate. ones loss is another ones gain =) this turned out really nice i like how it looks, for some reason the spray paint looks very close to your wall paint, i dont know if that was on purpose. is the colour just grey u=you used to spray paint?

  32. i love the animal rug.. where did you get it from?

  33. Hi
    I love the shag rug! I’m trying to find one for my bedroom and overwhelmed by the options (ie wool, poly, Flokati, etc). Could you please share the details of your rug?

  34. Beautiful! How did you attached the monogram to the canvas?

  35. How did you mount the monogram?


  36. interested in how you chose to mount the monogram as well. thank you.

  37. Love this!! How do you have the monogram attached to the mirror?
    Thanks :)

    • you know those sticky things that come with the removable plastic wall hooks? I just used the sticky parts, it’s double sided and comes right off when you are done

  38. LOVE the monogram, and love how yours turned out, especially mounted on the canvas!

  39. Hi! My daughter is at camp this week and I’m going to try to do this in her room. May I ask what size the canvas is and what color you painted it?

    Thank you!

  40. What color you painted the canvas. :) I saw you answer the color of the monogram. Of course….I’d need it to rain too. HA!

    • It’s just an old can of paint I had laying around the house–nothing I had planned, just used what I had, I think it might have been Rice Grain by Sherwin Williams?

  41. I was wondering what color did you paint the canvas or is it just a plain canvas with nothing done to it? thanks so much and just so you know this is amazing and has inspired me to do the same for my apartment! your wonderful!

  42. What size is the canvas you used! I want mine to look identical!!

  43. I love the Monogram and you have given me a great idea for my office. Can you also tell me where you got that white desk at?

  44. Where did you buy the cowhide rug from? It is gorgeous!

  45. What type of paint/color did you paint the canvas?

  46. Perry Cass says:

    How did you attach the monogram to the canvas?

  47. Love the monogram idea! You mentioned that the monogram was 24″ but did not say what size canvas you used. What size was it because the proportions seem good. Thanks!

  48. Krystine says:

    We are doing something similar for our wedding guestbook. What glue did you use to attach the wood to the canvas?

  49. Staci Callaway says:

    I loooove the idea of the monogram mounted on canvas. How big is the canvas that you used and where did you get it? Also, how did you mount it to the canvas? Thank you!!!!

  50. Hi! Love this idea! How did you attach the monogram to the canvas and what size canvas is that? Also did you paint the canvas before attaching the monogram? Thanks!

    • I cannot find the reply to this. I have a very large monogram that I would like to hang on a canvas but cannot determine the best way to attach the monogram to the canvas.

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