The Little Things

Sometimes I’m itching for a little update in my house but when I look around I see lots of tiny 5-45 minute project that I could do.  And then I put them off because they don’t seem fun.  But ever since I first made the No Sew Fur Covered Chair, I wished I hadn’t distressed the wood.  I wanted glossy arms and legs (I’m not talking about baby oil and my suntan habits from the 80’s) but for the chair.  I knew it would be a fun balance with the shaggy Flintstone style wolf fur.

The best part?  The finished chair was incredibly rewarding.  More so than I thought it would be.  I thought I would never really notice the small change and so I didn’t have much motivation to get it done.  Now that it’s painted, I’m still surprised at what a difference it made (even if I’m the only one who can tell).

What I learned?  Something in my house that is 90% done gives me 90% satisfaction (which is really great! and a great place to stop at times).  Something in my house that is 100% done give me 150% satisfaction.  That’s decorating math.

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  1. Gorgeous! It looks like it could be in the pages of House Beautiful…I can hardly wait to try fur some where. Thanks for the easy tutorial-yea!!

  2. GORGEOUS!! I have faux fur through-out my home, but never on a chair….hmmm…thanks for the inspiration! (Great, add THAT to my list :) ~Kim

  3. That is a wonderful gray paint on the wall! Can you share the color?

  4. I like that decorating math! And I need to take it to heart. I’ve started re-doing my front porch, and I’m 90% done, so I’ve been pretty satisfied. . . now that I know that finishing that last 10% will multiply my satisfaction rather than just adding to it, I’m motivated to git ‘er done! Thank you, Nester!

  5. Looks great, and I know what you mean about that 150%. I experience the 90 too often……

  6. Good Lord, now I’m desperate for a fur chair.

  7. i like it. but I gotta be honest I would totally give that a double take every time I walked into the room. Out the corner of my eye I’d think Captain Caveman was resting for a spell on my white chair.

    BUT off the topic, that stump you got there did you lacquer it with anything or treat it with anything before plopping it down in your house…I picked something up just like that (off the side of the road) and didn’t know if I could just bring it in or will it be constantly leavings crumbs, bark bits,and dirt if bumped…?

  8. Sometimes if we rest our laurels on “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful’ we lose out on the best. There’s such a tension there.

  9. I love that there are things we can create/do/change/adjust/move/reconfigure … all in 5-10 minutes!

  10. I have so many “little” projects that I have been wanting to get done. I would be happy with 50% satisfaction at this point.

  11. Love your decorating math!

  12. I love your decorating math! That’s so true!

  13. so true! sometimes little changes like that make me WAY happier than complete overhauls. this is true with purchases, too.

    ps – I LOVE the way that chair turned out.

  14. Good call on the glossy paint. I loved it before, but the new finish put that chair right over the top.

  15. This is a GREAT reminder!!! OK, that’s it: I’m going to do a 5-minute project RIGHT NOW! Gotta go. ;-)

  16. So true…I drive myself crazy with things I need to finish the last 10 % on. The satisfaction of starting with a vision of something you want to create and making it come to life is so fulfilling!

  17. this is my fav room in your house, i think. It’s hard to choose. The chair looks great in there and I still can’t get over the fact that it’s a no-sew cover! You are so talented!!

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