Stick a Fork In It

Forever I’ve seen these tall glass containers and wondered what I could do with one. Finally, it hit me–A FLOOR LAMP!  So I bought a tall glass container for $29 at Home Goods, a $10 light kit and found a $3 lampshade at a thrift store. Not bad for a floor lamp.  And I even did a mock-up for the photo above to see if I’d like the lamp, yep, I do.

Then two weeks passed and the more I thought about it the more I realized….

I don’t need a floor lamp.

Not even one I made myself.

Not even one I really like.

Not even one that if I make it and post it on my blog would cover its own costs with the advertising I’ll make from the post where I talk about it therefore kind of making it a free light and then I could give it away to someone.

I’ve done this blog thing for four and a half years and I’ve always only talked about things that I’m actually doing and using in my house, I cannot bring myself to do something simply for the sake of writing up a fun tutorial.   Besides, I don’t really like writing up tutorials, if I did then maybe I wouldn’t mind as much.  I’m not saying this to be all honorable and selfless and look at me, I’m so like, authentic and junk… it’s kind of the opposite, when it comes to taking time to clean and organize my house I’m selfish and lazy and I’ve learned that it’s not worth keeping something if I don’t both love and need it.  I’m trying to make my life easier, you know, do less be more?  So bringing something into our home that looks great but takes up precious space and isn’t something we need is crazy.

What I like writing about is being intentional about our home and sharing my wonky thought process with you for as long as you are willing to listen.  And y’all, I think our rental has finally turned a corner, we’ve lived here three years and even though we still have blank walls and unfinished projects it’s feeling a lot more done.  It’s not complete (it never is) and I’m still going to be doing things in it and going on and on about the latest nothing because that’s just who I am, but gone are the days where I could find a place for just about any project.  I’m at a place where I need to be super lightening-laser-focused-and-other-strong-words-that-tell-you-I’m-serious and intentional. I’ve waited a long time (since the last house we owned 6? years ago) for this feeling, a feeling of having my house kind of on the verge of doneness or fittedness and working really well for us-ness.  Instead of feeling like home is always a transition, I feel settled in. Even in a rental.  It feels good.

It feels like enough.

And I returned all the lamp parts.  Except the shade because it’s from the thrift store and that’s just odd to me to return something to the Goodwill so I traded it out for one of my shades I was using but didn’t love.

 Have you ever experienced a shift like that in how you think about your home? 


  1. I get it!! I really do get it! I am at that same place too, and that is why I get it!! It’s like “I am done!!” Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh sister, I hear you! My husband and I are on a only-buy-what-we-NEED thing for the month of April. One month! I never realized how difficult it truly is for me to actually walk away from or (what a concept) not even go near a section/thing in a store that I think is cute, fun, etc. Intentional is EXACTLY the word I’ve been using for the way I view buying things, which is all it ever is, just stuff. There’s such reward in having pure motives and a fresh realization for not NEEDING these things we feel would make a great blog post! Thank you for your authenticity and honesty :)

  3. If I can be honest here….. Part of what sucked me into this blog was watching you try things in your own house. I think that’s what separated you apart from other decorating blogs, and it was by far my favorite part of your blog. I’m sorry to see you straying away from that.
    Of course this is your blog and you are the boss ;c)

    • straying away from trying new things in my house? never. straying away from doing something I don’t need, yes, actually not straying just committing to not doing it, just like I had not done it before.

      like I said, my home is never done and I’m not going to stop doing things BUT, I do feel a difference in the things I can actually use in my home. Gone are the days where I could literally find a spot for just about any project I wanted to do. Hopefully Nesting Place will always be full of inspiration, but not just packed with projects just because projects are fun. Trying new things can be all sorts of things like moving furniture, changing the way you think about things, eating ice cream for breakfast….oh wait, that has nothing do with with houses…

      I wonder if anyone’s ever noticed but um, Nesting Place really isn’t a DIY blog, I have like 1-2 DIY posts a month if I’m lucky—it’s really always me just rambling on about my thought process in my home. how do you all put up with me?

  4. I really hated the cord. Glad it is gone!

    • I think the cord is kind of neat like that! BUT, that’s a mock up using a pendant light cord, not the light kit cord that I bought which isn’t as thick and was brown like my other cords in my glass lamps (I didn’t want to open the package until I knew for sure I was gonna use it) AND, the best part, when you are making your own light, you can just use a little glass drill bit and drill a hold near the bottom of the bottle and run it through, no biggie at all.

  5. I totally understand!! It did turn out nice though!

  6. Nester, I think I love you!

    I am so there with you! I wonder if I really even have much to blog about over the long haul, because I truly want to just do more with less. And then even less. But I guess that’s blogworthy in its own right.

  7. I don’t have a decor blog but this is so interesting that you discussed this subject because I’ve been wondering how do you and others fire up each day or nearly each day with original posts on decorating, projects, etc. I support celebrating beauty in our homes and creating beauty or being part of that process at least. And I appreciate all your energy you put into your posts and you do inspire many of us. Your term, “intentional,” and your philosophy, “do less be more,” I hope catches on in blogland, in consumerism, in daily living. Afterall, can beauty survive if it’s surrounded with too much ‘stuff’? Can we survive with too much desire and too much sweating over the small stuff?

  8. I’ve been there and I’m glad I am not alone in this. :)

  9. Feeling “done” or (close to it) or settled or whatever you want to call it is a good feeling. It is satisfaction. Being intentional is what we have had to be since all of our kids started college, but I think even if financial considerations were not an issue, I would prefer to be intentional. It just seems the smart thing to do…less clutter in our home, less things to maintain and clean, less going into the trash. BUT I don’t ever want to be to such a “less” point that it stiffles creativity…and I don’t think you will do that. You have that creative gene (or genius) -whether you know it or not- to always desire to create. It brings joy – a perfectly good thing!

  10. For the first few years we were married I thought we “needed” a single family home. I was discontent with our beautiful townhouse. I rounded a corner when I realized we have more space than we need and less yard work than we would with a single family home.

    The funny thing is we have added 3 children and we still have more space than we need and the yard is sufficient for all the playing and herb gardening we want.

    I look forward to a single family home one day where we won’t share a wall with our neighbors, but I am thankful for the home we have and love calling it home.

  11. Yes! I have had a crazy shift in how I think about my house! Maybe even two shifts. First, I can no longer stand nick-nacks (and I have no idea you you spell that). It all began when we visited a home in Chicago that was minimalist. It was so minimalist, at first I almost felt like it wasn’t finished yet and not lived in yet. But, after awhile, you knew it was finished and definitely lived in. It wasn’t modern minimalist, so to speak, they just didn’t like stuff sitting around. And I kind of loved it. Now, I would never want to be THAT bare – I am Southern and I like some layers going on, but my husband and I both loved how peaceful we felt in there. How our minds could rest because our eyes weren’t overwhelmed with chotchkies everywhere. So, we were inspired to pare down our stuff. I took everything off the mantle except two symmetrically placed topiary to get us started. My sweet prince charming said when he looked at it, he felt happy. ME TOO! We’re still in the process but I’ve noticed when I go shopping, I don’t have much of a desire to buy anything new. I just want to find new homes for our excess in someone else’s home. I can still appreciate well placed decorative items and don’t feel evangelical about saving the world from it’s home accessorizing excess, but for us, we’ve seen the light.

    The second has been thanks to you and YHL, I don’t feel like I have to get things right the first time. The look of my house can evolve, be experimented with, and evaluated in progress. You say it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, and a guy in grad school told me imperfection is what makes things beautiful and listed an impressive list to prove his point. Lesson learned.

    Now let me say, I LOVED that lamp, but I can totally get not keeping it. I really do understand!

    • I loved your comment, Nancy and how you described the house in Chicago, it happened for me when I visited the cottage and felt like I could BREATHE!!!

  12. I just read the book Radical by David Platt. It changed my perspective back to where it should have been in the beginning. I have been waiting to buy things I love for a few weeks and I always forget about them. Now, after saying that, I’m on my way to check out our new Athropologie store with friends. LOL

  13. That floor lamp would be PERFECT in the corner behind a wingback chair. I have an iron piece with a table lamp on it now, but would much rather have something like this that’s more “airy”. I’m going to Home Goods…

  14. I understand your feeling… I’m about to move out of state and while my instinct is to shop around and occasionally go into a thrift store to see if I can find anything, ultimately there isn’t much I need. And I really don’t want to move a bunch of extra stuff with me. Just because I found it cheap and it’s really awesome or unique, doesn’t mean I need to have it in my house.

    HOWEVER, I do need your DIY floor lamp. I just went to home goods 2 days ago, but I think I will be making another trip soon.

    How do you think that lamp would look with a shade like this.. I will probably go with white, but just brainstorming!!!

  15. I haven’t taken the time to read all 88 comments, so here goes my input. I would love to see a house tour now that you have the feeling of “enough” (though I know you’ll still be here tinkering and amazing and inspiring us all).

    • I think that’s a great idea!!!

      When I get back from Tanzania (oh my gosh I LEAVE NEXT WEEK) I will, however, I must warn you, I have a HUGE HUGE itch to get rid of clutter and more things. So I may do that first. Some rooms are surprisingly undone, but that’s not the point, right–its the contented feeling.

      • I would actually love to see your before clutter removal and after. And reasons. I just did this in my kitchen. Found the balance between too much on the counters, too little and just enough. I like the idea of just enough. :)

  16. I’m finally there too with my home! Seven years and umpteen incarnations later, it’s finally DONE. I think I would break out in a rash if I added one more thing to it right now. I just bought bamboo kitchen utensils to replace our old cruddy ones and about hyperventilated at changing out what’s been in my kitchen crock for years. It’s so freeing to finally be happy with every room in my home! Funny how you and I have had the same realizations at approximately the same time. You have been such a great teacher along the way, and I am so thankful for you!

  17. Love the lamp! I have to say, I’ve been in rentals for so long and though I make them homey, I always feel a bit unattached. But my husband and I just closed on a condo and we move in this fall so I can’t wait to truly– and permanently– nest!

  18. Yes, I think I know exactly how you feel. It is an amazingly freeing place to be. I like it. I walk past stuff I like all the time, because I don’t love it or its not something that just works for us. This content thing is quite a journey. God is good! :)

  19. I’m waiting for the day when I get there- if ever. Congrats!

  20. This is my favorite post of yours EVER! Thank you for being so real and honest. You are now officially my favorite blogger!

  21. Julie Anne says

    Here I was hoping you were gonna do the fun tutorial and then give it away on your blog… Although now that I think about it, shipping might pose a problem! And I am in the market for a floor lamp!

  22. That’s a great shade & great price. So… update with the “new” lamp you are using :)

  23. There’s nothing to be sorry about. You’re always tellings readers to follow their decorating hearts. If you felt that strongly about it, you did the right thing. It was very cool!

  24. I love this! I am in the same boat. I am just starting a blog and it is truly for me and about me. I am random in my postings and busy most days with my day job (graphic designer) that I don’t have time for projects that I would love to do around the house. But then I started to think about things in terms of what makes a good post, etc. And then I realize that it is about what makes a good house, not post. And one thing we are focused on in making our house ours, is to not spend money we don’t need to spend, where we don’t need to spend it. That money can go direct on to paying for the house instead. I love that you changes your mind and returned everything you could. I have before picked up random items in a department store only to walk back around the store and place those items back and leave with nothing.

    We need to give all aspects of our lives this second look. :)

  25. Where do you get the lamp kit? I have a lamp in need of repair. Thanks!

  26. After owning 2 homes and now having been renters for the last 9 years (wow, that’s a long time) I know the feeling of not settling in to a rental. We were forced to move from two homes in row over a 4 year span after the homeowners allowed the homes to go into forclosure, leaving us in the lurch. Now here in this house (which I love) it’s been a little over a year and it’s been a struggle to overcome the sense of this home falling out from under us like the last two. I’m overcoming though and have even managed to hang up a few things and plan to do more. Thanks for the reminder that we can (and should) take time to feather our nests, even if we don’t own it :)

  27. Hope. You give me hope. We’ve moved three times in the past two years and the house before that was one renovation after another. After 8 years of marriage I think we’ve finally found a place where we’re going to stay for a while. It’s nice to have hope that someday down the line it will finally feel like we’ve settled, it will feel like home.

  28. I could actually {for real} use a floor lamp. And I’ve never even seen those big huge glass thingies. But I’d never make it.

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