It’s getting TanZany in this place

getting ready for this trip has already tested so many of my weakness:

mailing things.

following rules.


filling out lots of forms.

doing things in a timely manner.

paying attention.

answering email.

agreeing to get on a huge airplane.

asked if I want to buy Go Girl. tag line: stop taking life sitting down.

getting shots.

paying for said shots (I’d rather buy a patio set, and I needed 7 shots so I totally could have bought a patio set).


Two weeks.  Two weeks from today we travel and we’ll be writing for five days while we are there.  Find out more about our trip here and meet all the other bloggers here.


find out how

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  1. Oh my goodness! You are brave! Good for you for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself. When you get back…all of your preparation will have been completely worth the experience.

    Patio furniture will only last you a couple of years but this experience will last you a lifetime. Plus you can always buy patio furniture, you can’t always go to Tanzania. (They’re always selling decent patio furniture on Craigslist.)

    Have a safe trip and find the joy in the little things.

  2. So exciting! You’re going to have an amazing time.
    p.s. Are you getting the Go-Girl?

  3. I’ll be praying for you on this journey!

  4. I will be saying a prayer for you. Just believe in yourself and trust God and all will be ok. I have been to Brasil 3 times and although I was so nervous the first time that I wanted to runaway, I’m glad I didn’t. It was the most amazing feeling. My husband is originially from Brasil and knowing he was with me with every step helped, but trust me, it gets better. For the last couple of years we actually have been considering moving to Brasil. Who knows, you may enjoy the traveling and find a new passion in life. I have. Best wishes and I will be looking forward to reading all about it.

    God Bless

  5. I cannot fathom why those shots are so expensive. My husband got them for a trip to Peru and I was FLOORED. Did you try your health department? We found out they might have helped us after we got the shots from the infectious disease specialist.

  6. You will absolutely love Tanzania. I have such fond mamories of those villages. God called be to be a doctor while I was helping with clinics in the bush down there! As far as the GoGirl thing goes–buy it! I went to the site and checked it out, and I SO wish they’d had those ten years ago before my countless trip sto the third world. Seriously, I’ve seen it all–a BP station bathroom on the road into Tanzania, and a Choo (Swahili for out

    • (Oops…continued from above) …outhouse, where a bat flew out of the hole in the ground that my friend was squatting over, right through her stream of pee!!! Not making this up. So get that GoGirl thing!!! I’ve never used it but it’s got ti be better than the other options! Also don’t forget the spraying of your clothes with permethrin and then sealing them in ziplocs for the trip over! I am praying for your team! And for you!! Thanks for taking us along : )

  7. Go, girl, go! You are going to learn so much and teach us so much while you are there. I hope and pray God blesses the team!!

  8. So excited for you ~

  9. Good luck and GodSpeed! ~Baileywife

  10. You are a much stronger woman than I! I will be praying for your safe trip. I look forward to reading all about your adventure!

  11. You might need a new patio set, but these kids NEED you!

  12. So excited for you and to hear all about it! Sending prayers of safe travels and big blessings!

  13. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip! The Phillipines trip was amazing to follow so I know yours will be as well.

  14. Two weeks. 14 days.


  15. Oh my heavens. I just clicked on the Go Girl link and almost wet my pants laughing. The irony of that is not lost on me…

  16. You are so brave and passionate and you can handle anything, it’s all a mindset! Tell yourself that! We have the same weaknesses. :) I cannot wait to read about this amazing experience!

  17. This title made me giggle! (can’t wait to read your posts and perspective – I bet lots of sweet children are going to benefit from your visit)

  18. I support two children with Compassion International. I will look forward to your posts!

  19. I’m so excited to follow along. We actually sponsor a girl in Tanzania (her name is Luluena George and she’s four if in some small miracle you get to meet her). I would love to go on a trip to meet her and see her country, but since I can’t – I’ll just read about your adventures. Thank you for taking this trip. And passing up the patio set.

  20. Your list made me laugh because I am bad at pretty much all of those things too. (And paying to get shot in the arm is a rip off!) I’m looking forward to reading about the trip!

  21. BUY THE GO GIRL! Seriously! I use it on mission trips EVERYWHERE… Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic – I’ve never been to Africa, but from what I’ve heard, I would be grateful to have the Go Girl… a word of warning though – practice using it BEFORE you are in a place where you have to squat over a hole in the ground. I did not and found myself in Peru, holding a sheet in place to keep all the high schoolers I was leading from seeing me USE the Go Girl, trying to read instructions and ended up with a, um… large wet spot? that I later blamed on a leaky CamelBak bladder. But trust me – the Go Girl is WORTH IT! (Bring extra baggies and your own TP too!)

  22. Virginia Mom says

    There is no need to buy the Go Girl device. You’ll find that the people of Tanzania take hygiene quite seriously (a necessity in an environment where parasitic infections are always a threat.) The modern flushing toilet found in most airports in the US and Europe are far less hygienic than the primitive hole-in-the-floor commodes in many rural areas of Tanzania. Of course, in Dar-es-Salaam, you’ll find all the “modern conveniences” of any large, metropolitan city. Which makes Dar far less interesting than the countryside. I hope you’ll embrace the differences and not further the image of the spoiled, elitist American who looks down with disdain on anything unfamiliar or exotic. And I hope you’ll return with a greater appreciation for the gifts we take for granted here.

  23. Praying for your trip to bless many of God’s people!

  24. Can’t wait to live vicariously through your travels! Don’t envy those shots though (and I want new patio furniture too so I feel ya)!

    Relax, deep breaths, and get on that plane with an ipod- kindle- cocktail (whatever it takes)!

  25. Please tell me you bought go girl and that you will be reviewing the product for us here!! Oh, maybe a whole series;)

  26. Praying your trip goes well! Eager to hear more about it… : ) ~Blessings, Julie

  27. Maybe you should change the “Speak Your Mind” to “Only What I Want To Hear”. Sorry if I offended you by suggesting you look at facts and statistics before you fully commit to your trip. After all, if something were to happen, don’t count on our current President to work hard to get you back.

    Again, I apologize to you for not telling you what you wanted to hear. A lot of the stuff you have posted since I have followed your blog have seemed kind of “fake-ish”. I think your not posting my comment or the other commentor (who basically told you the same thing) indicates this is one of those “only feel good” sites where a lot of the stuff is just made up. Won’t be following anymore. Cheers!

  28. Hello,
    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, but never commented. I just returned from a month in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. I left my husband at home and went solo, joining a group while I was there (I’m 27 by the way). My trip was mostly adventure, sight seeing, safaris, but we did spend time in orphanages, group homes and schools, meeting and visiting with children and their families.

    You really don’t need the Go Girl if you ask me. But the washroom/toilet conditions are going to be VERY different then what they are here in North America, prepare yourself for that. And carry your own toilet paper (and hand sanitizer), many public washrooms do not provide it.

    Have a great time, don’t worry. I never felt unsafe or in danger, even walking through cities with just another white girl to keep me company :) Tanzania is a beautiful country (my favourite of the 3 I saw) and the people are wonderful.

    If you have any practical questions about the country or area, customs, etc please do not hesitate to email me. It’s all still so fresh in my mind and I’d love to help a fellow traveller.

  29. Our family sponsors a girl through Compassion and she is from Tanzania. Her name is Selina and she is 13 years old. Say “hi” for us if you see her and enjoy your trip. We will be praying for your safety as you travel.

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