Nail Polish and Pet Peeves

Until I met Caroline I never polished my nails.  Now I can’t stand it if they aren’t polished.  Thanks a lot Caroline.  And my friend Karrie?  Her pet peeve is unpainted toes.  Thanks a lot Karrie.  Seriously, I LOVE learning what people’s pet peeves are.  Anyhow, I’m a little partial to one color in particular.  And, I’ve found that the best place for me to do my nails is while I wait in the carpool line.  So I keep this little thrifted bag on the stump by our back door and throw it in my purse if I need it.

And have you SEEN these Nail Polish Remover Pads?  These polish remover pads soaked in polish remover (duh) are the only reason I can deal with removing my nail polish.  Pure genius.  I get mine from Target and one is more than enough for both hands.

Ok, lay it on me, what’s your pet peeve?

Mine?  When people don’t peel the stickers off of their new laptop, camera, washer and dryer (I may or may not have peeled 3 stickers off my mother in law’s camera last summer vacation).

PS–wouldn’t it be funny to name your dog “Peeve”  you could be all “this is my pet, Peeve”.

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  1. the sticker thing is such a big deal for me! i remove all of them (often to my disadvantage). i don’t call myself obsessive, but my family may have said it at one point or another… just sayin’
    i truly love your blog & how you put you true self out there. it’s rare for me to connect with the numerous bloggers i follow, but i have so much in common with your awesomely quirky personality!!! i look forward to your blog daily!!!

  2. My pet peeve is going to use a sink and not noticing water on the counter in front of the sink until I get that cold, wet line on my shirt right across my stomach. I’m short, so maybe counter tops just hit my body in a really sensitive area, but that wet, cold belly drives me crazy!!!

  3. I hate using a damp…as in previously used…hand towel. I hate when people don’t remove the “Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law” tags from their pillows, camp chairs, whatever. Looks messy. Also, there is a man at my church who clips his nails during the service. Yeah…

  4. People who sing the wrong lyrics to a song loudly, realize they don’t know the song, & just mumble their way through it. DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!
    Also-“friends” on Facebook that post things like “So annoyed right now!” or “Why does stuff like this happen to me?” I will purposely not ask because now you have annoyed me & you probably deserved what happened to you! :)

  5. Andrea W. says:

    It makes me crazy when people refer to a stomach illness as the “flu.” Influenza is a respiratory illness… getting a flu shot is not going to ensure that you don’t end up with a vomiting virus!

  6. It drives me nuts when I see women with chipped up nail polish! I’m thinkin’, fix it before you leave the house or take it off, but don’t run around your painted nails looking liked you just sanded a piece of furniture. Running concurrently with that pet peeve is nail polish on bitten nails….I mean, come on people , you know what looks wrong and what doesn’t, don’t you?

  7. Funny stuff!
    One that I hate is when people put a ‘t’ on the end of the word across, as in “I went acrost the road.” Acrost is not a word people!

  8. These are cracking me up. Some of my favs are.
    1. Whistling, especially if there is no tune involved.
    2. A bouncing ball sound, I want to scream.
    3. Left hand side, right hand side. It’s just the left or right, there is no hand or side. I even heard the traffic reporter on the radio say slow hand lane, what is with the hands!!!
    4. Brand new, is that newer than just new???
    5. In a restaurant the person who seats you standing there with the menu so they can hand it to you. Just put it on the table while I take off my coat and put down my purse. It’s too much pressure for me to hurry with you standing there holding it.
    Okay, enough for now I’m getting worked up.
    Kim, I agree with the news reporter standing in front of where something happened 6 hours ago. I don’t need you in front of the courthouse at 11 p.m. telling me about what happened there that day. Also the reporter standing in the dark by a freeway where an accident happened hours before, or worse yet, by a freeway talking about an accident happened 20 miles away. Maybe they think we don’t know what a courthouse or freeway looks like.

    • This is such a crack up. Reporters swaddled in hats down to their eyes, scarves up to their nose, snow falling and there they are; standing in the dark in the middle of some neighborhood talking about something that happened yesterday………………..

  9. Speaking of nail polish…my pet peeve is when someone is wearing polish that is horribled peeled (have way up the nails). The worst is when I see someone who has a “dot” or speck of polish left on each nail (because they have been wearing it for so long). I turned to my husband in line at the grocery store and hiss in a whisper, “Really?! What’s the point of leaving that little speck of polish which she has obviously been wearing forever?!” Now, I realize I sound judgmental…but how much effort would it take to swipe a cottonball with polish remove each nail? Not even five seconds per hand/foot at this point.

  10. Speaking of nail polish…my pet peeve is when someone is wearing polish that is horribly peeled (half way up the nails). The worst is when I see someone who has a “dot” or speck of polish left on each nail (because they have been wearing it for so long). I turned to my husband in line at the grocery store and hiss in a whisper, “Really?! What’s the point of leaving that little speck of polish which she has obviously been wearing forever?!” Now, I realize I sound judgmental…but how much effort would it take to swipe a cottonball with polish remove each nail? Not even five seconds per hand/foot at this point.

  11. Libby Throckmorton says:

    My pet peeve is law labels……..those long, crinkly labels that are on pillows, stuffed animals, mattresses, etc. I CANNOT STAND it when people leave those on and I see them!! PEOPLE, SCISSORS!!!

    • My husband thought that it was against the law to remove them. I had to explai. To him that it was okay, he is the consumer!! Haha

  12. Cart Returns!! They are there for a reason, please use them! :) I go out of my way to park on an aisle near a cart return. If not, the chances of your car being hit as a result of someone being lazy goes UP. I don’t understand how people can go up and down every aisle in a store, yet fail to walk 40 feet to return their cart in the parking lot to the proper location.

  13. ONE of my pet peeves is people who say, “I don’t feel good” when really they mean, “I don’t feel well”; [ 2,] people who don’t know the difference between ‘there’, ‘their’, ‘they’re’; as you can tell, most of peeves are either grammatical or spelling

  14. Martha Ann says:

    Using your when you’re is meant.
    Ladies spelled “ladie’s” What are they teaching in school these days?
    Dogs in retail establishments – no thanks! My knit shop owner brings her obnoxious dog – barking, jumping – I leave if the dog is there!
    Waitresses and waiters (and retail sales persons) calling me and the person I’m with “guys”. Took my granddaughter out to lunch one day and got that treatment – I informed that young lady that the last time I looked, we were ladies.
    I could probably come up with many many more – I’m getting old and crochety! :-)

    • I agree on the “ladie’s.” For some reason there is immense confusion on plurals v. possessives. When in doubt, leave it out (the apostrophe that is). It’s always better to leave it out than put it in if it’s not needed.

  15. My major # 1 is the drop off line @ school. It is for dropping off. Not parking and walking your kids in. There are plenty of parking spaces for that. And if the first person in line leaves but the line doesn’t advance cause the 2nd person is still poppin’ kid out the door, it is NOT OK to swing your minivan in front of car # 2 @ such an angle that she can’t get out. Because if she can’t then I can’t and the person behind me can’t. Then the line is slowed so much more than if you had just waited your turn like everyone else did.
    Both these happened the morning and I feel so much better having gotten this off my chest.

  16. My pet peeve is when people pronounce the “t” in the word “often”. The “t” is silent. My teachers in the first and second grade drummed that into my head.

  17. Yikes! Looks like we can’t step outside without offending someone. Usually I feel encourage by your posts, but I’m kind of sorry I read the comments today. Lots of negativity here. :(

    • I agree. A bouncing ball? Really? That sound is music to my ears knowing that children still play outside.

    • Another Jami says:

      I agree. I was sad to read all of the negative comments here. I love to have painted finger nails but I also have a special needs child so sometimes my polish gets chipped and looks really bad before I have the time to properly deal with it. That doesn’t mean I’m lazy or stupid or ridiculous or anything else all of these other people have said…. I’m just a busy mom of a special needs child and he comes first and foremost. I think people need to lighten up a little and quit worrying about everyone else. So what if their toes aren’t painted or there’s a bouncing ball or there’s a sticker attached to someone elses computer or camera or who knows what. Chill out a little guys!!!! Realize that maybe there is more pressing issues in that persons life than worrying about the chipped polish or the sticker on their computer.

  18. Clementine says:

    Ooh, I thought of another one. My husband will drive around a parking lot for five minutes trying to get the “best” spot. Seriously? You could’ve parked in the spot furthest from the store entrance, walked into the store, and started shopping already in the time it took you to find the “best” spot. Ugh! Drives me insane!
    The comments are all hilarious. I may refer to them on bad days in the future when I need a lift.

  19. I have a friend on facebook who ends every sentence with an exclamation point. Every. Mundane. Unimportant. Sentence.
    To top it off, she doesn’t spell check.

  20. That’s crazy! I HATE it when people leave those stickers on too. I used to peel the one inch binder stickers of my friends binders in high school and the peeve has never gone away. Im a nail polisher too. That felt pad looks amazing! I paint when I watch TV or movies.

  21. Your “p.s.” ……….LOL! :)

  22. oh goodness….here goes!
    1. crunching ice.
    2. burping at the table…could you PLEASE send the memo to my oldest son?
    3. going potty in the middle of the night and falling into the toilet bc SOMEONE didn’t put the lid down.

    okay…just talking it has irritated me. :o

  23. People who start their food order with “Gimme a…” or “I want a…”, and people who continue a phone call through a checkout line and never even acknowledge the cashier. In both situations, you are dealing with PEOPLE. Be kind to them. They probably aren’t working their dream job and you’re out shopping and eating. A smile and a sincere inquiry into their wellbeing might just rock their world. Oh, and one more– complaining on facebook.

  24. Hilarious! Is 7 months too old to rename our puppy??? So funny that you mentioned the stickers…one of mine is when people move into a nice, new home, and don’t remove the window stickers!

  25. I posted my pet peeves yesterday and that night my sister and I were stranded in bad traffic and rainy weather on our way to an appointment. We came up with so many more! We made a game of it trying to top one another’s! Great fun! We were screaming, ” Oh, no! Wait! This one’s better!
    Don’t you hate when…!” Thanks, Nester!

  26. Ha! I love these!
    Btw, my husband’s cousin named his dog Peeve!

  27. I think I’ll adopt another cat or dog just so I can name it “Peeve.” The things that drive me crazy are: misused apostrophes and “these ones.”. My kids even warn their friends not to say “these ones” within my hearing range! Thanks for the chance to share.

  28. Well my biggest peeve that drives me crazy is people who wear brown shoes and black pants or vice versa. The other pet peeve of mine is people who blow their nose while people are eatting, GROSS! Makes me gag!! Go to the bathroom or outside to do that please!

  29. Mine is unpainted toenails. I don’t know for some reason I just think they look funny when not painted lol. And I also really don’t like when people will come up to me while I’m eating and shake hands. It just kind of grosses me out cause I’m touching my food and I don’t know where their hands have been. Maybe I’m weird lol. Oh and seeing people not washing their hands after using the restroom really really irritates me. But that’s just gross right?

  30. this was soooo funny!!! i thought my peeve was just the chippy nail polish thing…. but after reading this you realize you can think of so many. i have to say that this started my weekend out laughing!!! thanks guys enjoy your weekend too!

  31. My all-time biggest pet peeve is when people end a sentence with “at” as in “where is it at?”
    Makes me want to scream!

    • The fifth grader in me wants to sing-song, “Between the “a” and “t” on Preposition Street” when I hear that!

  32. I don’t have things I CALL “pet peeves,” per se…but it doesn’t mean it’s not what they are anyway.

    I think the biggest “drive-me-crazies” for me are things getting stuck (like an item getting wedged as you pull it out of your purse), falling down (like when you open the freezer or a cabinet, and that unruly pile of _______ cascades down on you), or getting caught (like a belt loop on a drawer handle as you walk by).

    I will start acting like a raving lunatic faster than anything in all three of those cases (and they’re all vaguely similar, so I think I have some sort of condition).

    By the by, I have not read through all 4,567 comments to see if you already answered this, so I apologize profusely if this is a repeat question, but…

    Would you mind listing the names of the polishes in your pic at the beginning of the post?

    I pretty much die for anything blue-green–especially in the mid-range shades of soft teal, aqua, and turquoise, so I’m loving every single one of those colors (plus, I’m a polish freak).

    Too much info for one comment?


    Am I going to edit?


    Have a great weekend!

  33. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments. I can relate to most of them. Here are a few of my pet peeves:
    1. Undisciplined children.
    2 Hearing the word “amazing” being overused.
    3. People who do not say “Thank you” for big/little acts of kindness.
    4. Being told we’re out of something AFTER I’ve been to the grocery. I feel that the person who used the last of something and threw the container in the trash should make me aware of it. Especially, if it’s something I don’t use.

  34. yikes, i must be incredibly obnoxious to half of the readers! i always have chipped fingernail polish (if there is any polish at all!) i almost like it better chipped, because for me it means i’ve been working on a project!

    my pet peeve is laundry on the floor next to the hamper. it’s *so* close, yet not close enough!

  35. My (brief) list:

    1. Mispronouncing words. I understand if it is an uncommon word; otherwise, it’s a no-no.
    2. Up-talkers. Those people who end sentences on a higher note, as if they are asking a question.
    3. People who say, “Ooooh, they’re fine” when I say something to my children in public. If they are hanging over a booth looking at other customers, I will say, “Sit down, please. And stop staring at people. It’s rude.” The other people will say, “Ooooh, they’re fine!”. No, actually, they aren’t “fine” or else I wouldn’t have gotten on them.
    4. People who do not know the traffic laws.
    5. People who continue to talk at the same level while a loud truck passes by and they expect you to be able to understand what they’re saying. Rule of thumb: If you can’t hear your own voice, neither can I. :)

    Everyone’s posts are hysterical, by the way. Thanks for the chance to vent! :)

  36. My pet peeve is drivers who don’t use their turn signals! I guess they assume the rest of us are mind readers. Ughhh!

  37. speaking of nails – i can’t stand real nails that are long. espeically if they aren’t painted. they have to be short and with some thickness. if they’re not i just think about them being the dead cells that they are and the sound they make when the scratch skin. SO GROSS.
    i also can’t stand looking at someone’s under arms. its really awkward when i see them. i don’t know why.
    and one last thing… the back part of your knee.. where those bones or veins come out. don’t ever touch mine. i may have a heart attack. and i don’t want to touch yours or anyone elses or i may just ooze with the willies!

    no one really know about those unless i encounter a situation of such and they catch the “i’m weirded out” vibe.

  38. Yikes, I, too, have chippy nail polish quite often. Nail polish just doesn’t last very long on my nails and I don’t have time to spend painting my nails every day. My pet peeves usually involve lack of manners when eating, or grammatical errors:
    1.smacking, chomping, slurping, gulping, chewing with your mouth open
    2. The person behind me kicking my chair, talking nonstop, or rustling food wrappers during church/movie/etc.
    3. when people pop their gum and chew like a camel- not attractive!!
    4. cars that don’t obey yield signs on access roads
    5. When people say, “I’m gonna get me a…” or “I’m gonna eat me a …”- makes me want to scream!

  39. Stephanie says:

    I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t read these. I’ve learned to never purposely TRY to offend someone, but don’t go out of your way to make everyone happy. No matter what, someone, somewhere is obviously criticizing!

  40. With the disclaimer that I’m aware there are real life difficulties that make these things ridiculous, I submit my “things I find odd, gross, strange, and/or funny” list.

    1. When men wear spandex leggings (esp. with umbros)-wittnessed that one the other day.
    2. When men don’t help with their children .
    3. Public bathrooms (especially when potty training a little girl).
    4. The smell that lingers in my car (esp. when my kids leave old milk from a kids meal).
    5. Long, thick, yellow toenails.
    6. Profuse sweating.
    7. When I caught my dog eating poop from the yard.

    I guess that is it for the day.

  41. Oh my goodness, those are so funny. I have to admit that I agree with almost all the other pet peeves except the nail polish. I don’t really care either way. But one of my worst is bad grammar and people who constantly feel the need to tell you how great they are at something or how good they looked in an outfit etc. Ever heard of modesty? Sheesh!

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