Would You Buy This?

Jonathan Adler Toilet Paper roll cover from Cottonelle

Let’s discuss in the comments…

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  1. Joy Manoleros says:


  2. I love these!
    But not for TP, that is just silly and weird.
    I would pick these up at Target to stash bobby pins, hair ties, misc…but ordering them online is too much effort, so I’m sure we’ll never actually have one in my house (unless I find one at Goodwill).

    • I think my husband would kill me if I bought one home :) But that’s a great idea to use it for storage of other things besides TP. Oh, and I saw them @ Target yesterday for $1.99!

  3. Ah, No…. :-)

  4. Nope. One more thing to pay for, dust, rearrange, color-coordinate, whatever. Under the sink cabinet works just fine for TP.

  5. Does it come in other designs? I’m not into these ones. But maybe like a white with grey stripe, or chevron, or herringbone. Something fun, but not lets go to the circus. Aren’t they the same company who made that silly paper towel dispenser for your bathroom…as if public bathroom chic was going to catch on?

  6. Well, no. Not because I think that toilet paper roll holders are ridiculous (it kinda makes sense; you have it out, so it might as well be pretty, right?). And not because I don’t like nifty containers (I like Alanna’s idea above to use them for bobby pins, hair ties, etc.). Rather, they don’t fit in my personal decorating style, and if I don’t love it, I don’t need to clutter my life with it.

  7. Nope. My mom had a basket for TP that used to sit on the back of our toilet. I didn’t like that either. It was just one more thing to move when I cleaned the bathroom. I’m more a fan of just keeping it under the counter until a new roll is needed. But they are super cute containers.

  8. No way!

  9. I would have to say no. Mainly because we use a lot of tp around here and as lazy as this sounds… sometimes changing the roll is the most annoying thing to me. Why am I the only one capable of this job?! No way do I want to add more steps (taking out, refilling) to this already annoying task.

  10. No! For all of the same reasons already already mentioned by Maureen. Talk about “over the top”!

  11. No. Why do you need to cover something that is already white, and pretty, and clean?

  12. Never… I hate clutter … and why would I buy clutter when that is all old people get for gifts! LOL

  13. Weird, why, way to much work for toilet paper!

  14. I have seen these somewhere else and thought, no way. I still say no way.

  15. I’m happy to read the comments. I think they are silly and can’t imagine anyone would buy them, but they are constantly advertising them so I thought maybe it was just me. Glad to know I’m not alone.

  16. No, I would not buy this…
    The problem would be always having to refill the refill container…
    Really, what’s the point…. It’s one more thing to have to refill…

  17. Yes, And I did buy one from Target (actually it was “free” with the tp purchase.)I hate looking at the ugly roll on the back of the toilet. I always leave the extra roll there. This makes it pretty and I am happy looking at the cute container. You have to refill toilet paper anyway in our house, there is NO room to keep it anywhere else (no cupboards, etc.). I think $2 is a pretty cheap price for cute and happy.;) Clearly, I am in the “crazy” minority- but I don’t decorate it for anyone but me! And I would love to have a Jonathan Adler one, but I don’t like ordering online.

  18. …i would have 42 years ago when i first married…i would have just loved them…they are soooooooo 70s…now i will just admire from afar…and let all you sweet young things have them…

  19. Nope, completely unneccessary. We keep our extra rolls under the sink in the bathroom

  20. That would be a negative ;)

  21. i’d hate to be fumbling around in the middle of the night trying to get the tp out of one of those things!

    i really think the answer is to make printed toilet paper~ i mean with all the advances in science, couldn’t we come up w/ something cuter than PLAIN WHITE?? pretty please.

    • Actually, “way back in the day” they did make colored toilet paper. I remember the pastel pink and blue tones. If memory serves me correctly, They may have even had patterns. Does anyone else remember these? I assume they stopped because of the dye. LOL

    • Yeah, they used to make it. I remember when I was a kid my great-grandmother brought a roll of Santa Clause toilet paper to the Christmas festivities. No idea why, but I certainly never forgot it. LOL!

  22. Nope… don’t need that on my grocery bill or in my bathroom!

  23. I keep my spare rolls in the cupboard like a normal person…why would I want to make them a decorative display? So…that’s a big fat NO!

  24. No. I like soft, pure, simple, white rolls to look at.

  25. I would not. I would crochet my own. ;)

  26. I had never thought of using any sort of TP holder until I saw a great idea on PINTEREST similar to these. I have a half bath that has a pedestal sink and no storage cabinet to hide TP, so I am actually considering making the Pinterest inspired holder. It’s as easy as covering an oatmeal canister in your favorite scrapbook paper which would make it customizable for your bathroom and tastes. Plus, the oatmeal container would hold TWO rolls instead of one! I could totally see a coordinated holder on the floor beside the toilet.

    • FYI. I hate these. But I found large glass vases at HomeGoods that my tp fits in…3-4 rolls. Sits next to it on the floor. Elegant. Easy! I would never store in one of these idiot things. How much attention do ya want on your tp?

  27. Kristi Krauss says:

    Uh…. no.

  28. Nope.

  29. In fact, just looking at it makes me want to go look for a lot of things to throw away.

  30. Hmmmm… Very wasteful if you ask me. Waste of time, space, money, energy to manufacture and ship… Why on earth did someone think this was good idea? We don’t have the space for it in our bathroom, I keep all extra rolls in the garage. But when I am running low, I put the replacement roll in plain sight for whomever needs it to easily find. It seems like tucking a roll away in a canister might make it more tricky to find that extra roll when it counts…

  31. I agree, Stephanie. My poor guests would be stuck sitting there wondering where the TP is stashed.

  32. Nope.

    (Are the manufacturers listening?)

  33. When I saw these, my first thoughts were that someone had to be a pretty slick operator to convince their superiors at Cottonelle that every home in America would be clamoring for one in each of those ticky-tacky designs. After that bold statement, you now know I would never have one.

  34. My husband said I should get a coffee can and Bedazzle it. I could. But I won’t. And I probably won’t purchase one of these either. Just not my thing.

  35. No way! I agree with others, it seems like a waste of money—and you’re right, guests would have no idea to open the container to find more TP—not to mention, they don’t match my bathroom and I’m not about to redecorate to match a tp holder!

  36. Nope. Just don’t see the need.

  37. No

  38. No. I do not have room in my BR except under the sink.

  39. Kenna Rogers says:

    Uh….. not me!

  40. why?? does anyone really think it necessary to HIDE the choke, sputter, GASP…t.p?? c’monnnnnnn,

  41. Ha ha ha ha! I just saw that somewhere and I thought, extra toilet paper rolls….isn’t that what a drawer is for? LOL.

  42. No…they are incredibly tacky to me.

  43. I haven’t read the rest of the comments, but I say, um…no thanks. I don’t want anything that draws attention to my toilet paper. I think it looks best natural and white.

  44. You know, I have a small bathroom with a pedestal sink and a toilet and no really great place to store an extra roll. I solved that with something along this line . . . it’s hidden on the side of the toilet no one sees unless they are actually using the toilet and holds 2 rolls instead of one. Works for me. I hate having stuff sitting on the back of the toilet!


  45. I wouldn’t buy one, but if it came with the tp I was buying anyway, I would use it for something else, like cotton balls or hair pins. I don’t understand why the tp needs to be hidden, isn’t that why you are in that little room? There are no cabinets in our master bath “water closet”, so I store the TP in the closet and keep 2-3 rolls on back of tank for extras. Why is not ok? I’m glad to see so many people agree. I thought maybe I was the crazy one! :-)

  46. Being “chic” is not something I’m concerned with when locked in my bathroom tending my nether-regions. :o) Good heavens, what next!??

  47. I would so but this!!! too cute.. I hate the day the stacks of toilet paper look in my powder room bathroom.. and BTW I love your site!!! the articles, the look, the feel! Nice Job!

  48. Nope. I keep extra rolls in a basket between the toilet and the wall. The cabinet under the sink is full of seasonal decorating stuff.

  49. no way — just one more thing to dust AND my kids have trouble putting a roll on when it’s sitting right there…they would never take something out of a container!!!

  50. No I wouldn’t buy one. I keep mine in the cupboard even though my bathrooms are severely short on storage space. Besides, having only one roll out in a fancy container would just make 2 rolls that need to be replaced every time you replace the roll that was used up. Doesn’t make sense. If you’re going to have toilet paper out where it’s handy at least have a bunch of rolls in a basket or something. This way it’s just an extra step between opening the cupboard and replacing the roll. Silly really.

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