Introducing a New Color To Your Home

I’ve been a blue/turquoise person for the past few years, before that I had a lot of red and gold.  I’ve written about how I slowly introduced some robin’s egg blue into my red and then slowly transitioned away from mainly reds.  Lately I’ve noticed a little shift in my house.  The white walls in the family room helped me see it better.

I think I can trace it back to the copper twins.

Then last year I ordered that pink pouf.  On a whim. Because the sight of it made me happy.  I stopped matching things years ago so now if I like it, I worry about working it in later.  The pouf really lives in my office but my boys are always wanting to sit on it in the family room so she usually hangs out with the fam, she’s in a different place in every photo I take.

Amber also hooked me up with Hershey is My Baby {her wreaths are featured in the new Design*Sponge at Home book} and somehow I ended up with this beautiful wreath and the color entranced me.

After Christmas I bought some watercolors and painted a few times to learn some techniques.  See one up there behind the head?

When I went to Campcreativpreneur Holley and Stephanie pointed out that I had a lot of pink on my Inspiration Pin board {a board made up purely of pins that I was drawn to on the picture alone for whatever reason–you should make one too}. They also said I like to mock the establishment which made me immeasurably, inexplicably happy.  Anyway,  I hadn’t even really noticed the pink trend until they pointed it out.

And then I realized I had been stock piling little things of pink.  I keep going for pinks and corals and coppers and blushes and salmons and terracottas–none of them perfectly match each other but they seem to like each other and get along really well together. The tiny chandelier shades I found thrifting, a pink ceramic vase, a pink owl.  I’d even been using more pink in my graphics here at Nesting Place  The writing was on the wall, this mom of boys is craving some pink/blush/copper/warm/coral/peach/whateveryouwantocallit.  I didn’t even plan it, it just happened.

Does this mean I’m going to buy a pink sofa and pink sheets, get a pink tattoo and paint my walls pink?  No way. At least not that I can imagine.  It’s just fun to add in a dash of a new color every now and then.  And most of these items were thrifted or free so spicing it up is super easy.  Plus, if you allow yourself to pick up a few items along the way just because you love them, then the process just might happen naturally.

What am I trying to say?

Many times a new color finds you.  You just have to pay attention.

Your turn, are you being stalked by a color in your life?

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  1. This is happening to me right now. I’ve always been a red person…love that color. But lately, I’ve been liking some green…much to my hubby’s chagrin (who still loves red). I’m also appreciating some neutral colors so that I can add whatever color I want. I can see how painting your walls white would make you notice the colors that pop out. I recently painted a room a neutral earth tone and now I’m adding little pops of color and I love it. It’s going to save me from having to paint again any time soon…I can change the “theme” color whenever I want or just put a few coordinating colors in there.

  2. I love pink. In the past I have used pink in a guest bedroom and also in our sunroom. However, I want our home to reflect both myself and my husband, so not much pink around our place. I use alot of mementos, etc. as accessories – and things I collect (such as transferware), which plays in to determining our color scheme. Our home is very much collected over time and I have finally gotten it to where I feel like the rooms flow (colors). I am not one to change colors as each new trendy color comes in LOL. Who is it that determines “the” color of the year? Our home will always have shades of red and blue. Recently we bought new living room furniture and I lightened up considerably (creme/taupe sofa) – which I love. Am still using my blues and reds as accents.

    I satsify my pink cravings in the yard/gardens – pink/white/blue color scheme there!!


  3. Like you I’m super attracted to that robins egg blue, but im really starting to love grey and yellow so much too. I have a lot of walls that are tan in my house and I feel like tan and grey are opposites, like brown and black. I’m trying to learn to incorporate them together. I noticed your pink graphics lately, they are so different than what you would normally do. I think it’s a good thing, it adds a little bit of fun and girlyness to a house filled with boys! They have the greatest pillows at homegoods right now in the kids section. They are the prettiest pink and that faux fur really soft material. The 18 inch was only 10, and I bought the larger longer one for $13, it’s incredibly soft and so darling for any space!

  4. I have definitely noticed this in myself lately . . . and for me it is yellow. Nice bright, sunny, lemon yellow typically, but sometimes a golden orangey-yellow too :)

  5. I like the turquoise but notice that the pink gives it something to “talk to”. :-) A warm counter-balance. Hmmmmm. I think peacock blue has been stocking me.

  6. Yup! I grew up in a home where everything was green: Carpet, furniture, linens, even cars. So I’ve avoided green for most of my life. But when my daughter gave me a simple green sign with a message from the Psalms, I was hooked. Now I’m looking for ways to work greens into my decor!

  7. Your pinks pop against your aquas. Adds a lovely spring time touch! I <3 it!

  8. Most definitely being color stalked by red. More of a red-orange. Started by painting a frame, then tiny pompon trim on my bedroom curtains, etc. I just realized it was happening too. it looks so good with so many of my colors….gray, navy, white. Now, I won’t be painting any walls red but I love that really sharp, bold, high pigmented red-orange.

  9. I’ve always been drawn to all versions of faded red, everything from palest blush to what I think of as “old book cover red”, kind of bohemian and husband-friendly – they’re romantic and soothing and seem to work with just about any style, and easily with each other. My biggest concentration is in the dining room, but it appears around the house with some regularity. Occasionally I will pull all the color out of my house and go totally white/cream/neutral for a few weeks, and invariably the first color that creeps out of the accessory stash is something pink-y red. It’s a comfort color, I think.

  10. I am so being stalked by pink! I went to summer camp a loonnngg time ago and came home to a pink room. My mom was shocked to learn I hated pink. Then we had four boys and I couldn’t have pink and wanted some! Isn’t that how it goes? So now, our new rental we moved into of course has a lovely shade of dusty rose in the master bedroom and bath! It has caught up with me again! I do have some cool pink milk glass given to me that I haven’t figure out what to do with so you have inspired me to bring it out into the light in an unexpected place. Thanks Nester.

  11. “They also said I like to mock the establishment which made me immeasurably, inexplicably happy.”
    Hahahaha. Love it.

    I’ve never been drawn to blue, but now that you mention it, I see it is stalking me!

  12. TOTALLY~!! I’ve been collecting pinks for too long now and they don’t work in my home….I took them all out to the shed and they now work PERFECTLY! Weird how our tastes change, isn’t it?? I went through phases with eggs too…I loved deviled eggs, then hated them, then loved them, now I love hard boiled….so strange…

    Anyway….the girly pink shed is here if you’re interested:

  13. Hi! I’d be honored to vote for you! Hugs!

  14. Grays and blues are popping up all over my house, and I really couldn’t be more surprised! When we moved in several years ago, there was blue in EVERYTHING in/on this house…roof shingles, shutters, floor tiles, kitchen counter tiles, fireplace tile, fireplace mantel (you really just had to see it to believe it)….except the master bathroom, which had red and gold and green, which was my preference. I spent years trying to get away from the blue- new roof (necessary), painted shutters, new kitchen counters, new fireplace surround, etc, only to be drawn to it now. Albeit in muuuuch smaller doses and softer shades. What is going on?!

  15. You are so right. Just a dash of new colour here and there is all you need to make a change. And pink in small doses like you’ve done is so fresh and soft and soothing.

  16. Greetings!
    No pink walls for me, either, but I love little pops of color in a room. I’m slow to react though and am thinking about painting a piece of furniture in an aqua or turquoise. Seems to go with everything!

  17. Our last house was all red and black with tan, but I have been (not so subconsciously) drawn to blues and grays while we’re between houses. I have plans to make lots of changes when we find our new place.

    The color that’s been stalking me hasn’t been creeping into my house, it’s been sneaking into my closet! I’m drawn to yellow/mustard/goldenrod clothes lately.

  18. I used to be a pink girl but I have fallen in love with turquoise as is evidenced by my I love turquoise pinboard Turquoise rejuvenates me and calms me at the same time.

  19. I’m defintely leaning towards turquoise lately. I’ve added more of it to my house, my personal jewelry collection and the jewelry I sell. It’s such a bright and happy color! I absolutely agree with going with items that you love whether they technically match or not. I would rather be surrounded by things that make me smile than a room pulled from a catalog.

  20. I loved this post, because I have been in a red/gold phase for several years, but am just in love with turquoise and sea-glass colors right now. My mantle, in my red/gold living room, actually has books in shades of turquoise blue, and a globe, and a sign with green letters… doesn’t match the room at ALL! But I just love the colors… I’ve been thinking of painting the red wall a sandy beige color to give me some more freedom for the new colors… I think you just talked me into it! :)

  21. Oh my word – I could have totally written this! I’ve been noticing lately how much I love pink and how I’ve been sneaking it into my home. I’m even considering painting my dining room chairs a really, really pale almost white pink! The other “color” I find I’m constantly drawn to is gold. Not over the top, but I love a pretty gold frame or a gold box or a gold something. It’s been that way for a looooong time, but I’ve just now started to realize it.

  22. loved this post but i thought this was going to lead up to a “big” announcement at the end that you would be adding a “pink” edition to your family of boys!! HAHA! off to cast my vote for your blog.

  23. I lurve pink! It has always been one of my favorite colors, but I avoid wearing it or decorating with it because it seems too girly or childish. Dumb, right?! Lately I have been drawn to variations on pink, such as plum or coral. I recently painted an old dining room table a plum color and I feel happy every time I see it. Next I think I will paint my bathroom vanity coral like the one Edie has in her new home. Pink lovers unite!

  24. please. i need you to single handedly bring pink back!!!

  25. Most rooms could do with some pinking up, I think! Very pretty!

  26. Pink in all shades has been my signature decor color since my very first post-college apartment a couple decades ago. It’s *the* color that makes me happy, trends be danged. Interestingly, it melds beautifully with the turquoise of my kitchen(s), past and present, ala the inspiration of my favorite vintage glassware that once belonged to my grandmother. I’m always “in the pink.”

  27. I love red but lately I’ve been drawn to anything white or a light shade. My walls are red and I would love to paint it a light color but my husband loves the red. Our compromise is a 5 ft. chair rail painted Swiss Coffee ( the color of my kitchen cabs). It is the color of vanilla ice cream but looks white against the red. I’ve also been wanting to bring in sea glass colors since I painted my front door Sea Glass. Great post.

  28. Those shades of pink add a lovely subtle softness to your rooms. It’s very peaceful.
    White has definitely been stocking me. We are in a rental while we build. It’s dark and depressing. On a whim the other day a painted about five knick-knacks white and scattered white dishes all over the downstairs in places white dishes really don’t belong. It doesn’t even look good, but it gives me hope of less depressing digs to come.
    I just saw some billowy white silk curtains. I always think a canvasy type material for white windows, but the silk had me at hello. I’ll have to sell one of my kids to get them though.

  29. As I was reading this, my first thought was about the stuff that is no longer in the color you had previously. What do you do with all that stuff? For instance, do you have a huge stash of red and gold things somewhere?

    • Should have read before I posted. What I meant was what about the stuff that is in your old color, do you get rid of it?

      • good question, I had a HUGE yard sale 18 months ago and sold lots of my red and gold accessories, I sold window treatments on ebay and such. But, lots of things can be repainted or still work. That big “M” on the wall was repainted along with getting new photo matts. It was a very slow process not a one day thing. All of the large pieces stayed the same or were repainted or slipcovered.

        Kind of like how your wardrobe evolves over time. My guess is you aren’t wearing the same clothes that you wore 10 or 5 years ago but you didn’t get rid of everything at once, just slowly over time.

        You can read about the process here

        • ohh, plus I paint over the old artwork, paint over the furniture–basically this entire blog documents the step by step process of how our home is constantly evolving. It’s really fun for me and I love it!

  30. Oh nester I feel like this post was written for me! Red has been finding me lately in little things like flower pots, pillows , art and my new front door! I’m adding bits of red everywhere to my neutral decor!

  31. I haven’t read the other comments, so this may be a repeat, but… did you see what the Pantone color of the year was for 2011? :) Here’s a URL:
    When I first saw it (at the beginning of last year), I said, “ICK. That reminds me of my late 80’s mauve bedspread.” But, it is growing on me, and I like it in your house! :)

  32. Love the wreath (smile). A sweet talented person I know told me that the color families of green and pink often ‘get along really well together’ because they’re seen in nature a lot … green in the trees and the grass and the plants …. and pinks in sunsets and sunrises and our skin. God’s handwork.

  33. TURQUOISE is my favorite colour, but a peppy, olive-y springy nameless green pops up on my Pinned pictures a lot. Maybe I need to reevaluate? I think the green is best left in little doses, though, so I”ll stick with my tried and true.

    Congrats!!! I’ll definitely be voting for you. You can find me waaaaay down on the AT list but it’s just so fun to be part of it. I’m excited so many of my fav blogs are getting votes and I’m discovering so many new ones, too. GOOD LUCK :)

  34. We are on the same wavelength. I too have a lot of robin’s egg blue (and birds!) in my home. But lately, I’ve been pondering an update of the guest bedroom and I’ve been pinning all sorts of pink and teal schemes. I’m waiting now for some fabric samples –they’re coming today– for some bold pink curtains. Ikat or damask or lattice, I’m thinking.

    Once I made the decision to incorporate deliberately and dramatically into the guest room, I noticed it was already there in a Michelle Armas painting I bought and also several of my grandmother’s paintings too. And in my tole side table. And in a picture frame. And in the books on the bedside table. Clearly, pink is stalking me, too.

  35. I love when a new color sneaks in and starts getting repeated, then becomes OFFICIAL in your scheme.. The pink is perfect!
    Im thinking of somehow sneaking in Magenta…maybe in my navy and turquoise room?

  36. I like the touches of pink. One of my favorite colors . I have gone out on a limb and added some yellow to our family room. I’m liking it :)

  37. I’d actually noticed a few pops of pink showing up in your room with glee. I have turquoise and sour apple green walls with lots of brown furniture. I love pinks and purples and have been trying to figure out how to add them into my rooms and phase out the oranges. Now that I’m an empty nester I feel I can finally do what I want. I think I figured out how to do it. Ruthlessly remove all the orange I don’t want anymore. And just start adding pinks and purples. There is no magic to this is there? I just have to start instead of trying to find the perfect one for the perfect spot.

  38. I have to pay more careful attention to this one. I, like you, used to be a red girl, but I’ve been on a blue-green kick for the last 5 years or so. I would have to say I’m drawn to white and blue lately.

  39. I’ve been into the same colors for years within the house. Dealing with color doing flowers for brides over the last 8 years I always told them to look at the trends in the pictures they brought me. Whether it was color, shape, flower type, etc. This is a great reminder for me to do the same with my house. I’ve always like color on walls, but recently I’m really drawn to white walls and using color in accessories. Not sure I’ll venture out and paint every room white, but thinking my bedroom might be a place to start. Thanks!

  40. Green has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. I especially love clover green. I once painted an entire bedroom lime green, but that’s the most green my home as ever seen. I find that using my favorite color sparingly is more enjoyable to my senses than completely surrounding myself with it.

  41. tangerine is calling to me. just as i have caught up with turquoise, i’ve got tangerine on the brain. Good thing is goes with turquoise. But what color in my turquoise/yellow/red trifecta will tangerine replace? Probably red. Except that I JUST finished painting my kitchen barstools a bright red.


  42. hey, I liked that the picture of your TV had a tree on it. A really cool tree. Was that on accident or is that a professional secret? Either way, I say GOOD FORM, Nester. Good Form.

  43. Love the pink pouf! I’m all for adding colors that don’t “match”. I bought 2 vintage 60’s club chairs in blue velvet with plans to recover them since I don’t have any blue in my house. I put them in the room to see how I liked them and decided the blue worked! Now, I’ve been working bits of blue into other parts of the house. If you love it – it will work somehow.
    You’re my homie-girl so of course I’ll be casting my vote at AT of for you!

  44. I NEVER thought I’d say it, but I’m crushing on turquoise.
    I’m adding touches of it everywhere. It’s in my kitchen now and my daughter’s room and the dining room and my room and the master bathroom and the kids bathroom.

    I think you and Edie and Meg from Whatever are to blame. :)

  45. pastel colors=)

  46. I have been following your wonderful and lovely blog for a very long time and have watching the changes from red & golds to blues. Oh my gosh, I am now realizing that I’ve done the opposite and gone from blues to red & gold.

  47. Pink is a color that makes me happy, too! Pale pink, that is. I don’t really care so much for bright pinks.
    I use pink accents a lot in my decor, but haven’t on the walls yet. I will in a nursery if the Lord blesses us with a baby girl (in His time) to go with our 2 boys. ;-)
    Some poeple are surprised that I feel free to use pink in our house, when I am the only “girl”. However, I feel that since I am the only female, I need the pink. Ha And my husband and little boys do not mind it at all. ;-)

  48. This is so weird, I have been transitioning to corals lately, and am usually a turquoise and mustard girl myself. high-five!

  49. The color I used to be crazy for was jadite green(which I still love), but lately I’m in love with aqua/turquoise and lots of white with a bit of pink.

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