I’ve been a blue/turquoise person for the past few years, before that I had a lot of red and gold.  I’ve written about how I slowly introduced some robin’s egg blue into my red and then slowly transitioned away from mainly reds.  Lately I’ve noticed a little shift in my house.  The white walls in the family room helped me see it better.

I think I can trace it back to the copper twins.

Then last year I ordered that pink pouf.  On a whim. Because the sight of it made me happy.  I stopped matching things years ago so now if I like it, I worry about working it in later.  The pouf really lives in my office but my boys are always wanting to sit on it in the family room so she usually hangs out with the fam, she’s in a different place in every photo I take.

Amber also hooked me up with Hershey is My Baby {her wreaths are featured in the new Design*Sponge at Home book} and somehow I ended up with this beautiful wreath and the color entranced me.

After Christmas I bought some watercolors and painted a few times to learn some techniques.  See one up there behind the head?

When I went to Campcreativpreneur Holley and Stephanie pointed out that I had a lot of pink on my Inspiration Pin board {a board made up purely of pins that I was drawn to on the picture alone for whatever reason–you should make one too}. They also said I like to mock the establishment which made me immeasurably, inexplicably happy.  Anyway,  I hadn’t even really noticed the pink trend until they pointed it out.

And then I realized I had been stock piling little things of pink.  I keep going for pinks and corals and coppers and blushes and salmons and terracottas–none of them perfectly match each other but they seem to like each other and get along really well together. The tiny chandelier shades I found thrifting, a pink ceramic vase, a pink owl.  I’d even been using more pink in my graphics here at Nesting Place  The writing was on the wall, this mom of boys is craving some pink/blush/copper/warm/coral/peach/whateveryouwantocallit.  I didn’t even plan it, it just happened.

Does this mean I’m going to buy a pink sofa and pink sheets, get a pink tattoo and paint my walls pink?  No way. At least not that I can imagine.  It’s just fun to add in a dash of a new color every now and then.  And most of these items were thrifted or free so spicing it up is super easy.  Plus, if you allow yourself to pick up a few items along the way just because you love them, then the process just might happen naturally.

What am I trying to say?

Many times a new color finds you.  You just have to pay attention.

Your turn, are you being stalked by a color in your life?

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