My copper twins are in major need of a fresh coat of paint. I’d like to do glossy white but I keep forgetting to buy the paint so they sit. And the reality is I’d rather make a batch of bread today than paint chairs.   They do their job and they still look 90% as good as they will once I repaint them.  One of these days.    But the fact that they are getting worn makes me secretly happy.  Because if they looked like they did the day I took a risk and bought them that would probably mean that we aren’t really using them.  And the only thing worse than a used up piece of furniture is an unused piece of furniture.  So I am glad they work well for our family.  And the chipped paint kind of gives them character.

I have to remind myself to do that.  To welcome the imperfect at times.  To not apologize for the undone and the mistakes and for those forgotten threads at the bottom of the slipcover.

There is a time and place for perfect.  Heart surgery, taxes, flying a plane, wiring a chandelier, brushing your teeth all should be done with perfection in mind.  The hard part is knowing when to draw the line on perfection and roll your eyes at her persnickety self and tell her enough already.

It’s time we had a It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful Celebration.  It’s so easy to make assumptions when we see a pretty room. We assume everything came together as planned. We assume the creator of the room had no problems, no setbacks, no gnashing of teeth trying to figure out Plan C.  And like we talked about for an entire month back in October, sometimes it’s those setbacks and imperfections and limitations that make something all the more spectacular.

Join me Monday, February 20th and link up to something, anything imperfect that you are ready to embrace.  It can be a link to a blog post, a photo, a tweet, an instagram picture–feel free to use the hashtag #idhtbptbb

It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful