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Cooking with Cast Iron @ A Country Farmhouse. I’ve been collecting different sizes of cast iron and I think I’m ready to throw away my last nonstick pan.

DIY Bookends ....

from these…and…

DIY Brass Figurines both from Hi Sugarplum

Angela was done with this table so it ended up at Ally’s place. Such a fun idea to pass on something to a friend–and a great way to change up the look of your space, maybe you have something in your home you could trade for something else from a friend for a while.

And for V-day, make these sweet little origami hearts with a video via Origami Spirit

Lastly, the Nesting Place sale at Joss & Main ends at 11am EST today–they have already emailed to let me know it was a huge success and I’m thrilled and the best part is, I think many of you were able to score some beautiful, useful items for your home without going into debt.  I purchased this and this…did you buy something and want to share? 
Too late for my sale–there’s a BEAUTIFUL sale going on that if I had all the money in the world I’d buy one of each.


  1. Those little oragami hearts are to die for : )
    Hope your week is filled with lots of love.

  2. Hi Nester- I have a rather large collection of cast iron, as I have been gathering some for my kids, as well. I haven’t used non-stick in years. My well-seasoned cast is just SO much better, plus, no nasty, chemically laden stuff flaking off. I have a couple of “All-Clads” also, but again, the cast performs better, and is actually easier to get clean. Remember, no soap for the cast, just water, and a quick dry on the stove or in a low or cooling oven. It’s funny, I suppose, but I’m encouraged every time someone goes back to an “old way” of doing things.

  3. the bookends NEED to be a craft day project!!

  4. LOVED your sale at Joss & Main!!
    I’ve spent months and many hours browsing Pinterest and am ready to start pinning my own ideas. I requested an invite a few months ago and never received anything.
    Any idea how I can get an invite?

  5. Hi there!, did you change your blog layout…or is it just me? ’twas a bit confusing! Lots of pretties!

  6. I love my cast iron pans – they’re pretty much all I use. Love the origami heart trays! Can’t wait to make a few. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Cast iron is the best … I really think using it transformed my attitude about cooking as a chore into a hobby! :D

  8. Hi! I think the DIY Bookends and DIY Brass figurines were done my Cassie at HiSugarplum. Little Green Notebook featured them.

    • OH MY WORD–you are right! THANK YOU, that’s what I get for skimming! Just changed it, hoping everyone figured it out when they clicked over, luckily, LGN was very clear about where to find out how to DIY them!

  9. How fun to see my cheapie little (imperfect!) project over here!! thanks Nester, for the love!! :)

  10. Hi, there! Thanks so much for the link love. Swapping things is definitely one of the perks of blogger friendships! Thanks again!

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