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A few weeks ago I showed you a similar bed that was supposed to be in the Nesting Place Joss & Main sale.  Unfortunately, there was low stock so it couldn’t be included.  But many of you asked about it and I wanted to let you know about today’s sale:: The Tufted Collection.  This lovely bed is available for the next two days for only $525–a really great price for an entire bed {not just the headboard} and if you just want the headboard, it’s available in black for $329. I’ve been shopping for upholstered beds for over a year so trust me, this is a great deal.  So good that I just purchased it. Don’t believe me?  Click here to see the prices to the Z Gallerie beds.

So instead of this bed for $1100  at Z Gallerie, you can get….

This bed for $575 through Joss & Main.  And I don’t know why, but they only charged me $10 for shipping when I ordered the bed at the top of this post.  When I put this bed above in my cart to see how much shipping was, it said FREE Shipping?  I have no idea if that was a mistake but even with full price shipping it’s a great deal.  I did some reasearch on this particular bed because it was supposed to be in the Nesting Place sale and people who purchased it said it was really sturdy and they loved it.

And just for fun, here are a few adorable things also available right now…

Some of these sales end in less than 24 hours, so act fast if you see something you love!

Don’t forget, if you refer someone, and they make a purchase, you get a $15 credit.  I had a few credits in my account so it helped offset the price of the bed which made it an even better deal–you can find your referral link under the “invite friends” tab at the top of the site and if you don’t have a blog {I used a referral link in this post}, you could put it on your facebook page if you ever see a deal so great that you want to tell your friends about it.



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  1. I love this bed! The Joss and Main site offers a great deal but I thought I would mention that you can currently purchase it on Amazon for much less and they have more color options (and the option to return). I was just about to hit purchase on the Joss and Main site for the King size wingback buckwheat bed and thought I would do some pricing research quickly before doing so – Joss & Main was going to be $700 with tax and Amazon was $520 (with free super saver shipping). Both are great deals but I thought I would pass along the Amazon deal in case anyone else was interested.

  2. new to your blog and wanted you to know I have really enjoyed looking around. I love the darker bed

  3. Ahh I totally want that tufted ottoman. So cute!

  4. Great deals for sure!

  5. I love tufted headboards and have been debating trying to make my own for a while. But that is a pretty great price!

  6. Rebekah Bloyd says:

    Thanks for posting these great deals! I purchased the queen size wingback bed, but I actually purchased it from Wayfair for the same price ($584) because of the 30 day return policy. The link is posted below for anyone who is interested in the bed after the Joss & Main sale is up!

    • Lauren L says:

      Darn! Just missed the J&M sale! Did the bed come in full size? Rebekah, thanks for posting the Wayfair link, but I would like to purchase the darker charcoal color with nailheads. Anyone know where I can still purchase this bed and headboard?

  7. I have a bed similar to the first image in snow white, are there any suggestions to decorating around the bed to be feminine and modern for a twenty year old?

  8. I just purchased this bed from Wayfair. I ordered the Full-Size. This particular bed, as you can see at the Amazon link above, has a lot of great reviews. I bought the whole bed, not just the headboard, so my bed came up to $700 something, which was still good.

    The theme I want for my bedroom is hollywood glam. The color of the bed set I ordered is buckwheat. I plant to hang dupioni curtains across the whole wall behind the bed. There is no window, but I’ve always wanted a curtained wall behind my headboard. Regarding the dressers, I’m still debating whether dark brown or a lighter color would look good with this particular bed.

  9. My sister bought the oatmeal colored wingback tufted from Joss and Main and it is really pretty. My husband was not so happy assembling it (LOL!) but it was a pretty bed. The color goes with anything and it looks very glamorous She went with a slightly darker nightstand and has painted cream cottagey dresser and it just sparkles with it. You won’t go wrong with that bed, it’st just so pretty. Joss and Main offers this bed frequently, you just have to look around. She was considering the headboard only, but got the full bed and I’m so glad she did. Now I want one as well. :)

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