What’s on Your Walls?

One of the hardest parts of decorating for me is deciding what to put on my walls.  Pictures behind glass are a pet peeve of mine.  I like things that have meaning, things I find beautiful, things no one else has, things that speak to me, things that are lighthearted and quirky.

I like mirrors, not because I like to look at myself but because they reflect life.

Our walls are covered with really inexpensive second-hand finds, photos, plates and or original art like the silhouettes and our street sign. Sometimes I get something simply because I just like to look at it.  My mom says to never buy a painting that makes you feel sad or a landscape you wouldn’t want to visit.

What about you? How do you choose what goes on your walls?  What’s your favorite thing on your walls?  Am I the only person with anti-glass sickness?  Is there a cure?

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  1. I’m with you. I like things to feel collected, preferably with a little patina and dirt rubbed on them.

    I’m really into words right now–specifically encouraging scripture… I want it to speak over my home & family. So I’ll paint an image that I love onto canvas… then I’ll age it, maybe rub a bit of dirt on it, and write a scripture on it… If I can find an old frame to paint out & frame it, all the better.

    So that’s what’s starting to fill these walls at the moment.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh I think I have that anti glass sickness too!!!! I don’t think I have anything with glass! Hahaha just realized that! You could hang a dirty sock on your wall and it would look good!

  3. I’m always making changes to our wall gallery in the living room space. I don’t think there’s anything on the wall of $40!

  4. I agree completely! I never just go in a store a buy a framed picture with glass and put it on the wall. That’s exactly why it is so hard for me to do my walls! I search and search before I find something that I really like. My breakfast room has been empty for over a year because I couldn’t decide what to put on there! I ‘shopped my attic’, as you say, and found a large, old, solid wood plate rack with double shelves that my Dad made me a long time ago that I’ve never even used! Shame! I’m going to paint it with blue chalk paint and place my great grandmother’s silver on it. Hopefully, it will work. BTW, I love the big black and white pic of your kids and the silhouettes. Sweet!

  5. Right now, I am not kidding, I have only ONE room in my house that has anything on the walls! I have NOTHING in the dining room, living room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms or study. I just got tired of everything and ran out of inspiration. In my den, I have some well worn wrought iron items, a metal calendar, and a large print. I have a mirror that was in my grandparent’s parlor I’m readying to put up in the same room.
    I don’t like my current wall situation, but I have never been so dry on ideas, ever. Anybody want to blow a hard wind of inspiration my way?

  6. meaningful and quirky…I agree! I don’t have much wall space, so I have to be quite selective. My favourite things are vintage/thrifted mirrors and empty frames. We found a sailboat picture at a garage sale this summer that I just love to look at. And I have my white tray with my grandma’s spoons hot glued on…that’s still one of my most popular posts in search engines!

  7. Nope. You’re not the only one. Not only do I not like glass, I also don’t like mats, no matter how pretty they are. That’s why I prefer paintings. The classic look of art and a gorgeous frame, and nothing else.

  8. I just found your site, and boy is it fantastic!!!!! I love the GroceryShrink post and being debt free!
    Im about to tackle a sofa slipcover, so love you archived posts…
    Your striped curtains and be be achy vibe caught my eye and made me delve deeper!

  9. I have a lot of paintings under glass (watercolor), and a number of oils. All done by my father-in-law. I love them all glass or not… But if I had to purchase these we would have nothing…I like plates, an I love the chalkboard in a frame!

  10. Now that you mention it, I do not enjoy artwork that is under glass, I don’t have a piece in my house. I think uncovered artwork is so much more interesting and tangible in a way. It seems to reallly come to life. You picked the perfect images!

  11. I don’t get the “no glass” thing, but I like where your head is at. I prefer to put things on my walls that have meaning, also (this was a really good post, btw). My brother-in-law and his wife give us a collage of candid family photos every year for Christmas. I always cry when they give them to us because he has a gift of capturing us all in our true state, and not posed or contrived. It’s meaningful because it seems like each photo is taken with love for the subject. Each of the collage frames are different, so there’s some variety and it doesn’t look too perfect. Ha. So far, I have 8 “collections”, and I look forward to receiving one this Christmas :-)

  12. Everything on my walls has a story behind it. m For instance, we have a print that we bought in St. Thomas while on a cruise 17 years ago. We had it shipped and then framed it. But each time I see it on the wall I remember that trip with the hubby. Petty much all our wall “suff” is like that, whether it be family photos, art, old purses, etc. I especially like to hang shadow boxes!

    • That is exactly me too. Only meaningful things with stories, collected over time. We have some watercolor paintings that my gr-grandmother did, some family photos, and also art from various trips we’ve been on (my fave to collect is architectural paintings). I love shadow boxes too.

  13. I’ don’t mind glass, but I do want the picture under glass to have meaning. We are blessed to have several pieces painted by a dear friend & extremely talented artist. The landscapes are, not only beautiful, but each has a story behind it…a place we visited, a reminiscence of childhood home, a quaint street we love to walk, etc. We also have some quirkly stuff on the walls…iron, old windows, word art, unframed canvas art, photos, pen/ink. We mix it up.

  14. I’ve started painting my own art, and I love it not just because it’s inexpensive (though it is!) but also because it brings more meaning to our home then something I just bought. At least I think so. Great post!

  15. Art is a very subjective thing.
    I have no prejudices when it comes to what’s on the walls, but it has to have a connection to our lives, and if someone we know painted/made/photographed it, all the better.

    Right now I have a hand painted Aboriginal piece from Australia, a painting of a landscape done by moi, hubby’s and my dream/vision boards( all pix), an antique bird watercolor I found in an antique store years ago…and etc. I am getting ready to frome a painting my son just did of Venice- and I like quilts on the wall as well.

    My pet peeve? Art painted to match the decor in a room ICK. ICK. ICK.

  16. hi {shy wave}, is it too, too silly to share here what’s on my walls? http://campclem.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/chalk-dust-blessings/

  17. I cannot stand glass! Especially living in L.A., earthquake country…last quake really made a mess of things. I’m an artist and am trying like crazy to get my work on other people’s walls..I sell them via this site..what do you think? The work I’ve had done is reasonable with many options including acylic..no glass…What do I have to do to sell my lovely work??

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