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If you’ve been around for a while you know about IDHTBPTBB:: the tag line here

It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful

You can read more about my motto here and here.  I sometimes forget to talk about just the real everyday life and I love it when other people let their everyday, imperfectness show so I thought I’d share a little bit…

My boots broke.  The boys were playing hockey. Inside.  The boots were a birthday gift to me from them~we found them on sale at Z Gallerie for $60 because they had a scratch that I removed with a magic eraser. They are supposed to be an umbrella stand but I like plants in them and I’m looking for another way to use them. Preferably where they can be turned in the other direction.  Add a can of white spray paint to my shopping list.


I’m still enjoying the challenge of having white walls.  I’ll be playing around with the fireplace for a while.  I’ve got the glue gun heating up to finally reattached that cable wire thing.  I trust I can show you this photo without you assuming this is a finished product, or a product at all. None of that stuff is even up there right now while I’m writing this {ok the mirror is but whatevs}.  I like to take photos during the process so I can see what colors look right or shapes or heights.  It’s a great way to help move the process along, from this photo I learn that I really like those blue lantern things and I kind of like them high, of course not on those candlesticks but they help me know that I might like to hang the lanterns on a bracket or something.  This is how I try things without committing.

Please know it’s never finished.  We’ve talked about this before, right?  If I waited till my house was finished and perfect to show you, have people over, enjoy  it….I’d never get to do any of that stuff because it’s simply never done and I enjoy changing it up.  I love this community of women {and men hey Rick~thanks for reminding me there are fellas here too, and hi Dad you are a guy!}  that get that~it’s the best thing about this blog.

One of my favorite parts about the white walls is the seamless, natural transition into the kitchen and breakfast area.  I admit, decorating is tricky and I am challenged to think differently, which is something I really enjoy.  And who knows, by the time this post goes live I might decide to paint it back. Or not.  It’s just paint. Can I get an “amen”?

We’ve had towels on our floor for the past two weeks.  It’s been rainy here, we have a dog, and not enough clearance under the door for a rug.  Need I say more?

I bought these two shelves from Ikea back in October.  I have big plans to freshen up the laundry area where the door is always open.  The shelves have officially been in our way for 3 months.  My dear husband hasn’t said one word about them.   I’ve trained him to the point where he assumes shelves on the floor are a normal thing.  Or he’s just really ok with it.

And when I bought those shelves?  I also bought the worlds largest light fixture.  It’s been taking up precious space in my office.  Does anyone else do things like this?

And…the sign of getting things done?  A desk covered with work.  It’s not pretty but, it means progress.

I also had a sick ten-year old all week {bonus:: lots of snuggling, I love being a mom of boys}  we are doing our annual goals weekend with my sister and her husband and my parents, and Sunday, I get to hear my friend Reeve sing and also Donald Miller will be speaking at the Lake Forest Church in Davidson.

I hope you have a beautifully imperfect weekend, what plans do you have?

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  1. This is SO me. I suddenly feel so much better about my unhung curtain rods and the piles of picture frames, etc. leaning against walls. Good to know I’m not the only one!

  2. Donald Miller AND the hugest light fixture in the world. THIS is why I come here. And, well, for you.

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