Automatic Benches

Paul Goyette

Remember that book Automatic Millionaire?

The book was about setting up automatic contributions to savings accounts and such so that without much thought, your wealth would build, automatically. You know, because left to our own devices of actually manually moving money every month into a savings account, most of us might forget or find something more fun to do with our money.

One of my secrets to friend making is to automate it.

Stick with me, it makes sense and isn’t near as rude as it sounds.

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  1. “But, I am good at showing up to a regularly scheduled event.”

    This speaks to me. For years and years I was part of regularly scheduled events at my old church. We ended up needing to find a different church option for a number of reasons and I don’t have those regularly scheduled people times any more. Or I don’t have the history, and I’ve been hesitant (scared?) about trying new things. Anyway, thanks for writing about this, because it’s a very good nudge for me to find some regularly scheduled things to be part of. When I first moved here I took a sewing class and met a lot of people and got some new skills to boot.

  2. I’m so glad you writing this series!!

  3. So good! Thank you for posting this. Please post part 3. Definitely following Reeve!

  4. Thank you! Brilliant idea! So easy, intentional, supporting balance. THANK YOU!

  5. I loved this and totally relate. Wednesday is my big connection day. I have a group of about 11 that come to my house every Wednesday for study and connection. It takes a little bit of set up initially every semester, but then can run on auto-pilot. A men’s group meets at our house on Wednesday evenings. Even though I’m not invited :), I love that my house is open and is being a safe place for others to come and get their cups filled. Thank you for making me feel “normal” in loving community and yet needing it to be somewhat automated too. Blessings to you and your family and your work.

  6. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this, I did go read the rest of the article and it is RICH! Also, stop trying to make time for folks who do not matter as much as the other folks you cannot see….It sucks to ‘dismiss’ people, but as my hubby said You do not have to be best friends with everyone.

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