A Few Announcements

Winner of the Haven Conference ticket giveaway:: Chelsea from Two Twenty One–total accident that the color in her header and the color I had for the 31 Days of Change graphic are the same…

It’s only January but, it’s not too early to start thinking about what your topic will be for this years fourth annual 31 Days of Change…here’s what I’m talking about if you missed out last year–and here’s a link to the topics of the  700 people who joined in.

and…tomorrow?  is giveaway day!


I know of two people who wrote ebooks after joining in the 31 Day Challenge–my dad and  Hayley Morgan @ The Tiny Twig, and Jules has a new weekly series after her 31 Day Challenge, what about you, did something happen after writing for 31 days that you’d like to share?

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  1. Will the 31 Days… occur in October again this year? This is the first I’ve heard of it, but it sounds terrific!

  2. First, I couldn’t believe the amount of traffic I got after linking up my
    “31 Days – 31 Minutes to a More Organized Life!” series to your party.

    Second, committing to 31 days of writing helped me to become more dedicated to my blog. I sorta of fell lin love again – if that makes any sense.

    Third, the series was a chance to really connect and become virtual friends with a couple of bloggers. They followed me or I followed them – and conversations ensued. Very cool!

    Nester, thanks for hosting the 31 Days series – and I can’t wait to join up this October.
    ~ Dana
    Cooking at Cafe D

  3. Hey Nester! I love the 31 days series. Although, I didn’t join in last year, I was really inspired by so many others. {I’m working on my no brainer outfit right now!} Is is possible to have them grouped in categories this year? I was particularly looking for nutrition help and it was difficult to sift through all of them to find what I was looking for. Just a suggestion. Many blessings to you.

  4. AHHHH! I definitely let out a “oh, holy cow!” when I opened your email. This is the best week-after-my-birthday present EVER!

  5. Congratulations, Chelsea!

    Nester, I loved every minute of the 31 days project. I’m doing the series now once a week, yes, but honestly…I could do it every day. I love it.

  6. um, nester … you asked what happened during writing the 31 days, and i have to tell you that i found out that i was pregnant!! lol. but i don’t think that was necessarily because of the participation in the 31 days. ;-)

    truth be told, i loved participating, but gave up halfway through (see above re: preg + 1st trimester exhaustion, etc). just thinking about it now makes me relive the exhaustion, but i’m going to blame that on the kiddo and start brain storming for next year … when i’ll *hopefully* make it the 31 days!! ;-)

  7. Hi,
    I must be crazy, didn’t I read that you were doing a 31 day thing in July? Or are my eyes really that bad? January looks like July…perhaps I dreamed it all. Anyway I am all pumped up to get started this weekend with my 31 day topic, I will perservere! I have been blogging for a year but have yet to do it 31 days in a row. Great challenge! I accept, even if I am the only one doing it this month!

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