After moving 5 times in as many years, it’s been so luxurious to get to stay in one house for two and a half years.  We are hoping to be debt free this year and who knows in 18 or 24 or 30 months, we may be moving. But for now, I’m completely content to be renting.

This year instead of having a list of specific goals, I’m making more overall goals of how I want to think about our home.

My main goal is to continue to be content, embrace risk and create a home that is a place of connection.

I also want to make home purchases wisely in light of the fact that way, way out in the horizon I can see our dream to have land/build/buy a shack and remodel it {and something even more exciting that could involve you, maybe?} coming closer into view.  I love how when you get closer to a goal it makes you even more careful with what you do now when you can easily see how it could impact the future.

I do have one thing I want to continue to think about:: I’d love to have the boys rooms feel more finished–curtains? paint?  They pretty much look just like they did last year.

One of the main things I accomplished last year that I’d like to continue is adding in natural elements in our home {more plants, hello stump tables, sailfish, antlers, natural light} and I love the focus on hand made, artsy stuff.

And, there’s one purchase I’m considering that I go back and forth about.  I’d love LOVE to have an uphoslstered headboard in our room.  I’ve put it off for years.  We even had the cash specifically for a new bed a few years ago but we decided to see if we could use our bed for a while longer.  But, the bed in the guest room is literally falling apart so I could justify trading out that bed for our bed.  This is most likely not going to be a DIY project.  I don’t ask my husband to do a lot for me when it comes to housey stuff because he’s not the kind of man who really enjoys doing a good DIY project.  I figure if I want change, I’m not gonna nag him to do stuff for me or else he’ll come to hate my ways. And I can’t be having him hating my ways.  And really, he’d rather work and make the money to pay for a bed than stay home on the weekend and take an entire day to DIY one.  Plus my husband already works two jobs so he works on Sundays which is like half the weekend. Plus a bed is one of the few things {rugs and sofas too} that we’ve found are worth it to get the best you can afford.  But maybe I won’t buy one.  Or maybe I will.  Or not.  No matter it won’t be until our debt is paid off and I think that would be a nice little gift to us.

Enough about me, what are your home goals for this year?