Pinterest and Blogging :: The Good, The Bad and The Huh?

As I mentioned yesterday, Pinterest was the second largest referral for Nesting Place this year {only Stumble Upon surpassed it}. I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned so far about using Pinterest.  If you aren’t familiar with the site here’s what Pinterest has to say about itself.

I’m not sure what happened in September but, since around September, Nesting Place has received over 100,000 hits from Pinterest.  According to that graph unless Pinterest blows up next year they will most likely be the highest referral for Nesting Place for 2012.

Low tech spying

You can learn so much by what people are pinning from your site.  To find that information all you have to do is go to one of your photos that has been pinnned {I have a “my own house” board so I click on one of those photos at Pinterest} or pin one of your own photos from your site and then click on it to make it big…

Then over there on the bottom left you see “Also from” or whatever your site is. Click on that and for me it takes me to where I can see all the most recent pins that originated at Nesting Place…

OR {edited with smarts from your brilliant comments} if you aren’t on Pinterest a much simpler way is to type in and replace “” with your own site URL.  Then bookmark that so you can easily click it whenever you need a pin-pick-me-up.

And it takes you to page with all the most recent pins from your site.  For a house blogger like me this page is pure gold.  From this screen shot alone here’s what I observe::

1. Wow, someone pinned an AD from Nesting Place {do less be more} THAT is huge, DaySpring and I work together to have fantastic ads and the fact that this ad has been pinned over and over tells me we are onto something.

2. I see three pins from my 31 day series from back in October, Wow!

3. People are still all about wreaths and I am so glad because I love wreaths

4. That sunburst mirror has yet to run its course  {it’s the most popular/viewed post here at the Nest}

5. I can see people’s comments! Oh my word this is AMAZING.

6. The “20 ways to decorate with book pages” graphic has paid off which leads to my next point…

Pinterest Changed the Way I Use Photos at Nesting Place

I noticed traffic coming in from Pinterest and many of the pins linked to odd photos where people had to remind themselves in their comments of why they pinned the photo.  I thought I’d experiment and make it easier on pinners who might want to pin a great photo with words so they wouldn’t have to remind themselves what it was.  This photo gets pinned/repinned a few times every day.  When it came time for me to write the post about how I decorated for my sister’s book signing party, I knew I wanted to make a graphic that would be pin-friendly. For that post it meant one with words and a close up of an interesting, eye-catching book page flower.

DIY embellished throw

Here’s another example of putting the words on the photo to help explain what the post is about.  I usually don’t take the time for a watermark unless it’s for the vanity shot that I want people to pin.  Then I’ll sometimes add in a little just in case the photo is incorrectly sourced.

Make sure your graphics are pinable

I still need a lot of practice on this one.  I’ve only been doing my own graphics for a few months and I have a lot to learn but, don’t forget that people will pin your graphics too.  Most of us see photos on Pinterest in this tiny version so, it helps if your graphic is somewhat legible when it’s pinned and viewed at this size.

I wanted to make sure the graphic at the top of this post was Pinterest friendly just in case anyone pins it so, I put the post in preview and quickly pinned the graphic just to test it to see if it was legible in the small photo that you see at the Pinterest site.

You can see it there on the top left.  You could read the words ok so it was good enough for me.  So I quickly deleted the pin because this post was not published yet, I just wanted to make sure my graphic was pinable/readable.  Clearly I’ve become a Pinterest pimp.  And I love it.

Make it easy for pinners to pin from your site

I use a  wordpress plug in called Pin it on Pinterest that lets me attach a pin button to the bottom of a post and then write in my own description and choose a photo that will automatically appear when people click the “pin it” button.  People can delete the description and write their own, but, I’m guessing most won’t. Check out the Pin it on Pinterest Plugin site for a video tutorial it’s really easy and I would think a great addition to any blog with photos.

 Create Boards that Work For You

Besides the obvious Pinspiration boards for every room of the house, season, dream, style and such I’ve also used Pinterest for a few other things.

1. To gather information for a series–most of the posts for my 31 Days of Lovely Limitations came from photos I collected in my Unusual Uses pinboard

2. To source ideas for craft day–this was Reeve’s idea, she started a Crafty Day board and then invited me to join, such an easy way for us to collect great craft day ideas

3. To document my own house photos.  Ok, so I feel like an idiot every time I pin a photo of my own house but, there’s something to be said about having a board with all photos of your own stuff.  When I find a less embarrassing, actual use for it, I’ll let you know but, for now, I just like having it.

Now for the Huh part

Back in September sales for the two ebooks I promote {Lazy Girl’s Guide to Slipcovers and How to Paint Furniture Like a Real Pro} started doubling. It didn’t take long for me to realize that people were coming from Pinterest directly to my Paint Furniture Like a Real Pro post.  Seeing all those pins of a poorly lit hutch taken at a weird angle really made me wish I would have taken the time to take a better photo.

Here’s a screen shot of the hits over the past year on the post I did about painting furniture and how I used Mandie’s ebook to guide me.  This post got about 85,000 page views this year and 51,000 of them came from Pinterest just since September.  And that post is old– from July of 2010.

(UPDATE:: 48 hours after I recorded December’s sales and then made the changes I’ll tell you about if you keep reading–we are up to 81 sales! WOW!)

And here’s a little monthly list of the ebooks sold via Nesting Place for Mandie’s Painting Furniture book.  You can see a definite jump in September. In November Nesting Place got over 40,000 hits from Pinterest–22,000 went to the  how to paint furniture post that talks about the ebook.  I think I might have pinned this photo/post one time–all the other pins were from readers/repinners and such. Yippie, right?!



{this is the part where this post gets long and wordy and dramatic. hold me?}

Wow.  So, just today I actually clicked on that post and checked it out.  The two photos were horrible (remember it’s an 18 month old post~maybe my photography skills have improved!?).  There was no before photo. I went back in and updated photos for the post but, the old photos that were already pinned will continue to be passed around.

I titled the post How to Paint Furniture Like a Real Pro…if you are a regular here and know my personality, I don’t think it was a put off that I didn’t actually explain step by step how to paint–I told how I did most of the painting in my unconventional imperfect way  and then I got stuck at the table top so I contacted a professional, a friend and sponsor of Nesting Place who I encouraged to write an ebook.  She walked me through the steps and I used the post as a jumping off point to introduce her ebook to you, much like I did with the slipcover ebook.

I got about 50 comments at the time and there were no reactions that I tricked anyone into reading a post about how to paint furniture and then baited and switched.  I think mostly because I pretty much tell you every single thing I know how to do {Ok, so I’ve never told you how I organize my refrigerator–oh wait, I did tell you that} so the regular Nesting Place community seemed to totally get that the post was a cleverly titled intro to my friend’s ebook.  You all are pretty honest in the comments and I try to be sensitive to stuff like that so I felt like the post went over fine.  I think you know me well enough to know if I promote something it’s because I think it’s worth it.  And I’m not ashamed to promote something that I think is valuable.

Today, I also read the last two comments left recently and the commenters were really mad and feeling like it was a bait and switch.  The comments accused me of advertising a DIY  on Pinterest and then trying to sell something.  It’s not like I never get negative comments, trust me I do but, these comments made me think.  Then it hit me, they see all these people pinning it saying “How to Paint Furniture” which is what I called the post~and they expect a step by step DIY in the post and they think that I am trying to trick people.  It really made me think about the title because my intention wasn’t to mislead it was to truly share how I paint furniture–which was by getting Mandie’s advice–which anyone can do if they read her little book. And which in the context of Nesting Place isn’t trickery at all. So, I think the titled translated fine for this nice, forgiving, you-know-me-and-trust-me-{hopefully?}-community but, when some people click over from Pinterest, they feel mislead.  Which is something I never expected.


Part of me totally gets that but, there have been a zillion times I’ve clicked on a pinterest photo and it turned out to be a photography or cooking ebook or a product in a magazine and I haven’t felt tricked,  I felt like the pinner was trying to share something they thought was worthwhile.  But, really it doesn’t matter what I think, it matters what the people clicking here from Pinterest think–because for some reason there’s a lot of them and I don’t want them to think Nesting Place is a Tricking site. A let down.  A site of lies.   Am I being too dramatic?

According to my Pin it on Pinterest button, that post had been pinned/repinned over 29,000 times (updated to 174,00 times) I’m not really sure what to do about that.  I don’t want 20,000 people coming here only to feel like I tricked them–even though it’s most likely not my pin they are even clicking on and I have no control if the pinner describes it as “The best DIY ever on painting for free with a million dollar giveaway you must click”,  for example.  I’d rather not sell any ebooks and have those people want to hang out at Nesting Place than sell a few more and have most people feel tricked.  Although I have no idea if most people felt tricked or just a very few.  It’s definitely something to think about with how photos get labeled at Pinterest~so I’m keeping that in mind for future post titles.  I think I’ll call this post Everything You want to Know About Pinterest Plus a Free Million Dollars just to test it out.

I did make a new graphic and pinned it one time.  And for the record within hours it was repinned numerous times and I sold eight books in a matter of hours which really just confirms that people do trust their fellow pinners and also that people want to know how to paint furniture and are willing to pay for an ebook about it.

I made sure to mention in the description of my pin that this is an ebook. I didn’t put it in the pink title though.  That’s a choice I made, I actually am trying to sell something, but there’s a balance between yelling “hey here’s a book for sale” and tricking someone and maybe this pin does a little better job of being attractive and  creatively up-front. But, I cannot control how other people pin it.

UPDATE:: September 16, 2012, I did put “ebook” in the graphic, after a few more comments about my trickery, I couldn’t take it any more.  However, I have a feeling putting the word “ebook” in the graphic will not stop the fact that people will feel tricked depending on what the pinner who they clicked from wrote in the comments.  Really, you cannot control that part.

There was one other thing I could do. Since I recently installed that plugin I could preload my choice of photo and description into the pin it button…

Now when someone pins from Nesting Place Pin it button, MY description will automatically go in the box so they will have to manually delete it to write something else.

So I’m hoping that can control a little what people expect when they click on the pin to find out how to paint furniture.  But, for the most part that’s out of my hands.  We all know there are a bagillion blog posts, books, ebooks, and videos we can watch about how to paint furniture.  We can all find out that information for free–just google it, you can have days and days worth of free, furniture painting information. The problem is, we prefer to get our information from someone who’s actually used a method and was happy with the results.  And I’m guessing that’s the majority of who’s pinning.

So what are your thoughts, have you found a great plugin?  Have you learned a Pinterest secret?


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  1. Pinterest makes my head spin. However, so does sewing, crafting, baking and vacuuming. ;) I love your site because of the painted furniture. Also, you have great hair!

  2. Thanks for writing all this! I love how much pinterest is changing things. I would never feel tricked by your pin or anyone else’s who sent me to an ebook. Some people are just looking for something to complain about.

  3. I think my biggest thing with Pinterest is that I always give proper credit where the picture came from. If I can’t tie it back to a source I won’t pin it. Now that’s my own personal beliefs and that stemmed from posting my own DIY project. I’m not a blogger and technology repels me, so I haven’t figured out the watermark function on pictures. But a firefighter quilt I spent a lot of time designing and making for my husband is now floating around and I posted it for my friends and family to see. So not being able to control who follows me, or keeping comments original about the pin is just a bit annoying. But then again I posted it without realizing how big the Pinterest community is. :)

    • such a good point, the cold hard truth is, once you publish something online, you can’t control how it’s used which can be good and bad.

    • You can watermark your photos VERY easily in Picasa (a free downloadable simple photo editor) as you save it via the Export function; or on Picnik which is a free online photo editor ( just by adding text to the bottom, or even in Microsoft Paint by adding text to the photo and re-saving it as JPG.

      That way no matter how the photo travels, its source or author/creator is attached.

      Hope that helps!

      • Thank for the information ladies! I am a bit bummed I didn’t watermark it or anything with my name. Hindsight is 20/20 and like my husband pointed out could have generated some side work for me. There are several firefighters that have tons of shirts and want the same type of quilt made. Live and learn! :)

        • just read a blog that mentioned how to do an image search on Google. pick your picture and drag/drop in search bar after having clicked the image search first. it will give you all the places where your images is on the web. goodluck :)

    • One way to try to track your work == such as your firefighter quilt == is to use, which can tell you (for free) where your photo is appearing. It doesn’t work for all photos, but it works for some, and once you know where it is, you can contact the site owners and tell them it is yours.

      If I don’t have the creator info on a pin, I post it with the caption “Who? Whose? Please tell me.” or words to that effect.

  4. I wasn’t able to read through all your comments, but I love the article you wrote here! I actually found it through Pinterest and then re-pinned it onto my Ideas board for further reference as I build my blog and business in the future.

    I do have a small suggestion about what you can do about the ‘bait and switch’ comment, and trying to operate under full disclosure to your future pinners/readers. You have the option of adding a price tag banner in the corner of the tag, so that immediately people will realize it’s an e-book that you sell.

  5. Great tips! And, you’re right. It is awkward to pin your own stuff! How did you add the “follow me on pinterest” and “pin it” links to your posts. That is so cool! Thanks for all the info!

  6. Nester,
    It’s so frustrating to find a pin you want to use that doesn’t do back to the source. (I once searched Google Images, to no avail, hoping to site the pic.)

    No, you can’t control how someone pins your stuff. (Though pre-loading the pic and description in the button is cool!) And, as a regular reader, I do not feel the bait-and-switched. (I’m just making up words now. LOL)

    Thanks for showing the… I never noticed the “Also from” row there and it *is* really interesting to see what folks have pinned. And, their comments make me smile.

    Wish folks would comment *on* the blog as much as they pin.
    Hmm, wouldn’t that be nice.
    “If you Pin something, take a moment to tell us why!”

    All the best,
    Dana at Cooking at Cafe D

  7. I joined in with 31 Days this year (and so very thankful you opened it up to other bloggers) and now I am wondering…Will you take the 31 Dayers to Pinterest?

  8. I asked someone 2 days ago what pinterest was. And here’s my answer.
    Thanks so much for the help.

  9. Thanks so much for all this info. I’ve “pinned” it for further reference for my 2 companies and my personal blog.

  10. Wow – so much great information. Thanks for posting this!
    Now…any tips on how to break Pinterest addiction? (and I thought reading decorating blogs was addictive – LOL!)
    G-d bless you & yours with a happy new year!


  11. I downloaded the pin it plug in and it’s not working in my wp blog…anyone have any ideas. I emailed them about it, no answer…I was hoping someone here had the anwer. Thanks!

  12. I get referrals from Pintrest weekly too (though not like you) but the funny thing is that I’ve never even been to the site. I know I will love it and will suck my time up fast. But somehow my photos are there? Not sure I get it to be honest. Ha.

    Happy new year!

    • Just wanted to let u know that when on the “FULL” Pinterist website, not mobile, you can install a bar at the top of your home page so that you can actually pin from any website you visit! I’m sure this is how your items are getting pinned on Pinterist! They need to link them back to your website though if they want to pin your products/ideas!!! Hope this helps? Lol, go as long as you can without searching on Pinterist bc you will “damaged goods” afterwards! OMG it is FUNtastic! AND addicting, but soo worth it! ;) Good luck to you and have a wonderful 2012!!!

  13. Great article! I get a ton of hits for a spicy corn dip recipe of mine I blogged once upon of time ago. and I’m a pregnancy/baby blog!

    our growing garden

  14. I love your Pinterest! You look so cute on Rashon’s blog today!

  15. Great article – thanks for summing up your experience and advice. Keep up the good (and beautiful!) work :)

  16. Good post! I love Pinterest for the traffic it brings that I wouldn’t otherwise get – great for a small blogger like myself who doesn’t have a huge audience. However, it is driving me nuts because I keep seeing my pictures (one project in particular) and they aren’t linked back to me. I guess the pins are originally pinned from a a link party so the links go back to the host’s page. I guess if they followed it long enough it could come back but it kind of stinks. I know though that I can’t control it so I should just get over it. Definitely more good than bad but there are two sides for sure.

    • Erin– do you watermark your pictures with your blog name? Like I mentioned up above I only pin pictures that I can link back to the source. So when I see a blogger who has their pictures watermarked, I will go in and search their blog until I find their post about that specific pin. I have actually sent feedback to Pinterest to say that it would be nice if you could only pin pictures with a link/source of the picture. So many times I see pictures uploaded by user that I can only imagine how frustrating it is for a blogger to see their work and not proper credit given. I think some people just “pin” for the sake of pinning, but each pin I do is thought out and they are projects I can see myself doing in the near future. Ps you have a really great blog!!

  17. I love Pinterest too and have found that it is driving folks to my blog. Never anticipated it! Thanks for the tips.


  18. Awesome post. The Pinterest potential is huge. I’m an admitted addict. Now I need to figure out how to make it work for my business, not just my pastime.

  19. I haven’t made a Pinterest account myself, so thank you so much for the tip about finding posts of mine that people have pinned…that was so interesting to do! My rehabbed black dresser is by far my most popular post to pin, apparently.

  20. Love this article. I’m an avid pinner… thank you! :)

  21. Wow, I just followed one of your tips an hour ago (making a “pinnable” picture of a popular DIY craft on my blog with a picture and text) and it’s already working well (on a me-size scale far smaller than your success!)

    GREAT article. Thanks!

  22. Pinterest is consistently the #1 or #2 referral source for my blog too. Thanks for the analysis and tips!!!

  23. Great post! Thanks for sharing. It’s also fun to recognize things of your up on Pinterest and have seen them here first. I feel like an insider. Then again…with as many followers as you have, ARE there really any insiders? :)


  24. Great article and great tips. I’m on Pinterest but didn’t know about “also from” – I had no idea so many photos had been pinned from my blog! Thanks for the info.

  25. Wow, what a great article about Pinterest. I thought I was using it fairly thoroughly, but I never thought about creating pin specific photo graphics. Great idea! Thanks for sharing and for the WP plugin reference.

  26. LOVE LOVE LOVE this most!!! Pinterest is also my #2 referral second to Stumbleupon. I also created a “My Projects” board recently and I pinned most of my projects featured on my blog. It is a great way to revive old blog posts today. I think you are right on with photos with graphics and phrases about the projects. Also, collage photos somewhere in the post are great too!!! Now I’m off to share this post with everyone!

  27. I remember that post. I don’t have a blog so much of this doesn’t apply to me…not yet anyway! :) Just wanted you to know that I did not feel like it was a “bait & switch”. I was disappointed, yes, but that was due to my financial situation & not being able to get the book. When I find something I want to pin on Pinterest, I try to find the original and post from there. Don’t always succeed, but figure if someone took the time to post they deserve th credit. I think you have a great blog and I love stopping in though I rarely leave a comment.

  28. Holla girl, you summed up so much in one amazing post! You’re right, Pinterest has changed the way we home bloggers write and post, I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks now. No longer do we just post, we post with Pinterest in mind, tis true. And we can gauge what our readesr like and dont’ like, which is a bonus. I do notice a significant decline in comments compared to pins, the ratio is growing increasingly wider. I do love the microblogging aspect of it, we can connect about things we love without posting about them all the time on the main site.
    P.S. I tried your plug-in suggestion, can’t get it to work for me, could be user error??? Likely! I’m quite prone to ignorance when it comes to techie sorts of things. :)
    Great post my friend!

    • hmmm, for me it was hard to find once I installed it–within the draft scroll down and you’ll see it in a box. however, I admit, it’s a pain b/c if you go back in and update your post, I’ve found I have to reload the photo for the pin button to show. it still has many bugs. any other suggestions? I couldn’t get the one on the Pinterest site to work for me either.

  29. I would love to start using Pinterest but I need a referral, could you refer me? Thanks.

  30. boo to the bad comments! I am with ya, I never go to a pin and think I’ve been tricked when it’s an ebook. Look at all of the great inspiration you have offered to the world and forget those negative commenters! love your blog, one of my faves!

  31. “Pinning”
    I trust ya Nester…every single pic is salavating bait..I love your pics & posts & pins and on & on. And I’ve never felt “switched”! Keep it up your blog is a great source of inspiration in many ways!

  32. Great post! I’m not going to read through all 91 comments before me but just wanted to add my 2 cents on the whole “false advertisement” issue. The thing is, things get pinned and could be pinned with the correct info, but then someone goes and changes the description without ever clicking through to your site and then their followers repin it and so on. As an example, I have a blog post that’s a tutorial for a fabric covered box used to gift a potted pant (or whatever) and someone repinned it and changed the description to, “painted planters–also could use with mason jars or tin cans.” There is absolutely no paint involved in the making of the box. BUT that pinner saw the picture and saw something else inspirational that she wanted to make. Someone could very well click through and be disappointed I guess but I think most people using Pinterest know it’s all about inspiration and as always, you’ll get the few who don’t quite get it. I say keep on doing what you’re doing despite those few people.

  33. Wonderful post! I’m honestly still deciding if it’s worth all the extra work to make a special photo to be pinned and add all that extra pinning coding for inside the post. My posts are generally so photo heavy, it seems to benefit moreso to pin several different pictures from the same post.

    You pointed out some things I didn’t think of… thank-you!


  34. Thanks for the great post! I was so excited to learn from you that there is an “Also On…” link on Pinterest that will show you other pins from your blog – I had never even noticed it. I was giddy to see that other people (strangers, even!) had pinned items from my blog and even posted nice comments! I’ll tell you one thing – I’ve also learned from this to make sure to prepare better when taking pictures. Someone pinned a picture that I took of my kitchen and wow, I should have cleaned up my counter more. lol Thank you again for this. I learned a lot tonight!

  35. Great post! I found it through pinterest, and I have to say the site is brilliant. I have a new little blog and most of my hits are from pinterest. I’ll def. be checking out the plug in and your site. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Hi! Thanks so much for the tutorial on Pinterest! Although I’ve been a pinterest user for a bit of time now, I didn’t know about how to check with http://www.pinterest/source/herballisticgarden….that was great! I came over from Centsational Girl this a.m. after seeing her announcement of this whole week of blogger learning. I’ll be back Monday when you’re on! Have a Happy New Year! :)

  37. Oh how I love Pinterest. I’m rediculously addiceted to it and my blog gets so much more traffic from it! I recently started a link party to add your post and others pin it to help get some blogs out there on the greatest referring site I’ve experienced!

    I love checking all that has been pinned on my blog {} and seeing what everyone has to say about it. :)

    I will be pinning this for others {I found it on Pinterest to begin with}. Thanks!

  38. This post is full of so much awesomeness that I created a new board on Pinterest called ‘blogging’ and pinned it there. Thanks so much!

  39. Hi Nester. A couple of thoughts.
    Regarding your old post that is getting a lot of traffic:

    First, a while back I saw a fun gift tag idea on Pinterest that someone wrote “made with salt dough” on the bottom. I was curious because I had never seen salt dough work that way before so I clicked on the link. The blogger updated her post to say something like, “Welcome Pinterest friends! This craft was not made from salt dough, but clay…” She encouraged us to look around her site, etc. I greatly appreciated her being upfront about her craft and because of her honesty I did spend time looking around her site.

    I would gently suggest that you add an **upate** to the top of the post to welcome Pinterest peeps and let them know upfront that this will be an ebook promotion.

    Secondly, I would prefer that any blogger receiving money or a free sample or being gifted in any way let me know at the top that the post is sponsored. I think perhaps you prefer to mention sponsorship at the bottom of your post. So sometimes, I do feel a little bait and switch by the time I get to the end of a post. I realize that this is your preference on your blog so I try to respect your business decision. (I am just desiring to gently share my opinion. I in no way want to offend you.)

    I enjoy you blog and thank you for your consistent encouragement in this journey of homemaking.

    • Sweet Sandra,

      Girl, the government should hire you to do their public relations~THIS is how you approach people, thank you so much for your kind suggestions.

      So, believe it or not, I’m very intentional with why I don’t put “This is a paid sponsored post” at the very top line of a post like that. When I see a post that says that, I usually don’t read it and I think others do the same.

      My goal with EVERY single post, sponsored {which I only do about 10 a year–8 for DaySpring} is to have it be an informative and or entertaining post for each and every reader no matter if they live in another country and couldn’t get the product if they wanted, hate the product, have no money–whatever. Every post here should be worthwhile so if you get to the bottom of a sponsored post and feel like you didn’t learn something or it wasn’t worth the read–that’s my fault.

      I’ll give you an example from another blogger. I was so glad that she didn’t put “sponsored post” at the top because I wouldn’t have read it. THIS is an amazing post and what she says about the sponsor at the bottom is actually my favorite part, it’s just beautiful. THIS is how a sponsored post should be and I hope that in the same way, all of my posts are worth the read no matter what they are::

      Read it, it’s stunning. And nothing in me wishes she would have told me at the top.

      • Good gravy. Never in my life have I ever offered my opinion on how someone should manage their own blog. What was I thinking?

        I did read the link you shared. What resonates with me is how intertwined product placement and product advertisement can be. From her writing, I could tell that she loved her Elf and would recommend one whether or not Hallmark paid for the post.

        I’m definitely still processing my views on sponsored posts. Thank you for your reply. It was most unexpected.

        • I’m glad you mentioned it, it made me think again about how and why I do things certain ways…and who knows, I may totally change my mind come tomorrow. xo

  40. I was not upset after following the pin for how to paint like a pro that it was an ebook. people on pinerest don’t always mention whether the info they link is paid, diy, free, just a pic (tumblr, grr) so I am used to following a pin to a dead end. But the only reason it is a dead end to me is that sometimes i’m not pinterested (har har) enough in the pin I followed to pay money for it. For example, some crochet patterns I would check out if they were free b/c I was curious but wouldn’t pay for it unless it was a to-die-for pattern. I’m pretty cheap when it comes to info on the internet mostly because I just finished college and have a mountain of debt to conquer.

    Anyway, great post.. I love how social networking helps with marketing online I love the concept of this post, I love pinterest as an addiction and as a tool. I know that If I ever wanted to grow a business online that pinterest is a tool for that.

  41. Paola Norman says:

    I love Pinterest, I pin what inspires me or captures my interest at that particular moment. I really don’t dwell on it. I pin it with the hope/ knoweldge that the orginal source is given credit. Perhaps, that is an assumption on my part, when one repins something that has been pinned many times over. Quite frankly I’m not sure. If I like the persons style or pins I follow them. I remember reading your post on how to paint like a pro, personally I wasn’t upset about it at all. You always share so much of your self and your home and the ebook was just an extension of where you received great techniques, you were just sharing it with your audience. I hope you have a Very Happy New Year with your family and I look forward to what the Nester has to offer in 2012.

  42. I had one of my items repinned and they wrote “Ghetto Jedi Robes” – uhhhhh….okay? I can’t let my feelings be hurt, but I’m guessing they never had to make 14 Jedi robes on a budget for 6 year olds birthday party before. And obviously had never heard your famous phrase of “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” phrase! Ghetto or not, those kids LOVED them!

    I never knew how to see who had repinned me like that before – thanks for the tips!

  43. Lovely post . . . I never realized Pinterest was such an amazing tool for bloggers. Great post.

    And as for the comments: people who are ticked off are REALLY likely to leave a comment. So. 2 out of 20,000? Hello? That’s 1/10,000th of your hits. Those are amazing odds, and it’s most likely those negative commenters didn’t read your post. My guess: they skimmed, didn’t see what they expected, took offense, spouted off, and left. If there truly was a problem, the ratio would be much, much higher. Congrats on being such a great bloggista!

  44. Great commentary! So many things I identified with. It’s always interesting to see what people are pinning from my blog. One thing that got pinned was a random middle step from a tutorial, not pinterest-ready or anything! Also liked your tips on putting info graphics in the actual image, must try this. I often find myself making notes or comments on my pins to add additional info. Also looked at my old posts & wondered what I was thinking re pics, lighting, etc. AND I use powerpoint + really basic photoshop (but really mostly powerpoint) for graphics… it’s what I’m most familiar with, why mess with a good thing? =) Wishing you a happy and pin-teresting 2012!!

  45. Everything you said here is exactly what I’ve been noticing and/or doing. I’ve added graphics to all my photos that I’ve found have been pinned, using the source that you also mentioned. I’ve also had a HUGE jump from Pinterest from a post I did 18 months ago – it was pinned over and over. I got 400,000 hits {yes that was what I wrote, 400,000 hits} from that ONE post I did back in 2010! It’s been unbelievable! I also got two really nasty comments, just like you mentioned. Mine is on 15 minutes a day of cleaning and I was accused of tricking people into thinking it’s possible to actually do that…but that post was part of a NINE part series that I did on having a fake immaculate house so you had to read the whole series….so I totally get it and I absolutely agree! I’m glad that I have figured out how to do everything, just like you described above, on my own. Pinterest has generated a lot of revenue for me and has brought me a ton of readers/followers! I am ever so thankful for Pinterest! Great post!!!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  46. Nester, you’ve done it again! You are amazing sharing so much information with all of us subscribers. I feel like your my next door neighbor that I visit all the time. I am so very new to this blog world, not to mention Pinterest. You’ve given me so much information to chew through, and it’s all good. I can’t wait to purchase your ebook. Keep up the great work and thank you so much for inspiring me! Happy New Year!

  47. This is a really helpful, eye-opening article. I have gleaned a lot from it- especially the idea of making one picture a “lead” picture with a title in it- brilliant! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this!

  48. Hey Nester! I read this yesterday and didn’t have time to comment so I’m back tonight and I have to tell you , you are just FANTASTIC and a wealth of knowledge :) It’s like going to bloggy school for free! Pinterest, feedburner, stats, stumble,traffic, ect ect ect ….I am starting to ‘get” it…It only took me 4 months! :) I didn’t know about what you discussed in this post so for me, it was all new. I went to my pinterest and followed your directions and oh my, people pinned my stuff! ha and yes, I saw comments! ha . I couldn’t believe it . Thanks Nester :)

  49. Great article! Thanks! Though the text on the graphic is nice to have it is also important to have a meaningful description. The description is what is used when someone searches. If you pin an ornament and put “cute!” in the description, no one will ever find your ornament pin if they search for “ornament”. Just a thought! Thanks!

  50. I’ve been to your blog before, but hopped over after seeing this pinned on pinterest;)

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