Natural, Easy, Stockingless Mantel

Our mantel this year is simply fresh garland {not so fresh after two weeks above the fire but you can’t tell unless you touch it} pinecones rolled in white paint, a few glass balls and some lights.  And a strand of yard sale wooden beads.

We have stockings but I never hang them because I like to turn my fireplace on–do you hang your stockings early?

Need some inspiration for your mantel?  Rhoda has over 400 ideas from people who have linked up their Christmas mantel mantle.  Oh and Beth is hosting a mantel party too, you can link up both places!


  1. Lovely mantel decor!

  2. our stockings are hung and toasty….good thing we have a glass panel in front of our fireplace! your mantel looks great. i am always a huge fan of fresh, or even not-so-fresh, greenery.

  3. Looks lovely! I love how the green looks with all the white :-)

  4. No matter what you do it’s always great! I just hang everyones stockings on Christmas eve. Next year my mantel will be white!

  5. ahhh! So lush and beautiful! I love it!

  6. We hang our stockings as part of our Christmas Eve tradition … like you, we enjoy using the fireplace until then!

  7. We don’t hang our stockings. I don’t put them out until Christmas Eve when we stuff them full.

  8. so elegant…i like how you off set your garland. i would never think to do something like that, but now i would. thanks!

  9. It looks beautiful, Nester! I’m so loving fresh these days too and could totally go that direction from now on. Simplicity is good and you always do it so well. Thanks for the shout-out. Merry Christmas to you. xoxo

  10. Oh my word! Your mantle is gorgeous! I have a big mirror above my mantle, and I haven’t been able to figure out what to do with it. I am so putting a wreath on it. I love it!

  11. So pretty! Makes me wish I had a mantle.

  12. so lovely and natural!

  13. How did you attach the wreath to the mirror? Love this! Thanks.

  14. Nester your mantle looks amazing. It’s simple and beautiful…luv!

  15. We kept our mantle stockingless this year too. We went with all nativities, and moved the stockings to the built-in shelves on either side of the fireplace (thank you Command Hooks). Yours is just beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing

  16. We have a garland with clothespins that hangs below our mantle to hold holiday cards, so I hang our stockings on the bookcase instead. It also helps keep our mantle less crowded with stocking holders! :)

  17. Okay, this picture just reminded me of something. I have been looking to get a worn in leather chair and have been thinking about which of my friends has one… I couldn’t figure out who had the vintage green chair and have been racking my brain on which of my friends has this chair…. and then I finally see this photo and realize it;s “YOU”… LOL

  18. In almost 30 years of marriage, we’ve never hung stockings. Hubby and I do have (and fill) stockings, but we sit them out under the tree on Christmas Eve. I do have a burlap stocking that I “stuffed” and have on a chair – it’s for decoration – not presents. LOL

  19. I shouldn’t say this but the only word I can think of is…….*perfect*.
    Love it.

  20. Looks peaceful and beautiful. No, we don’t hang our stockings either. My mother wouldn’t allow it till Christmas Eve because it was written in “T’was the Night Before” so I too carry on the tradition. With that being said, I am the middle child therefore my stocking was in the middle. By the time we got to our stockings, the chocolate would have been melted from the fire! (you would think we would have figured that out after a couple of times…lol!!!)

  21. Your mantel looks beautiful! The mantel is one place I use only fresh greenery–no faux at all up there. It’ll be nice and crispy come Christmas morning, I’m sure! And yes, we do hang our stockings. I love the way they look hanging there. Now that my guys are getting older and they’re away from home so much, it’s somehow comforting to see all five stockings hung in a row. And we do use our fireplace, but it’s gas logs covered with glass so there’s no problem. Or, if there is a problem, I choose to ignore it. One of those.

  22. Great mantle, Nester!
    really love the poinsettias in the blue container and love the mention of yard sale beads. :}

  23. pretty!

  24. Love your fireplace mantel. I like fresh evergreens, but just can’t put them on our mantel by the stove…we use it all the time and there’s too much heat. No stockings are hung until Christmas Eve when Santa comes!

  25. So so so so so so so so so beautiful! Like you!

  26. I did an asymmetrical mantel for my mother a couple of years back. While I was pretty pleased with my result, but this one blows it away. The fullness/looseness of the garland is just perfect. Did you make it yourself? If you did what kind of evergreens did you use?

  27. Your mantel is gorgeous! The colors are so simple and elegant. Well done :)

  28. Love your mantel! We wait and hang our stockings on Christmas eve, “twas the night before christmas and all trough the house….the stockings were hung…” plus we have a real fire in the fireplace all season long!!!

  29. I love that yur rockin’ the asymmetrical garland…it’s awesome…

  30. I really like the way your greens swag off to one side. My decorating is too linear and balanced. I need a little more free spirit. :)

  31. We hung our stockings on the staircase railing. Just tied them with red and white ribbon: simple, quick, easy, colorful, and they won’t catch on fire.

  32. looks gorgeous!! We totally went natural on our mantel, too. Beautiful!

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