change it up for freeI’m a craver of change in my home and I’ve come to accept the fact that it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m discontent but that I simply enjoy a little shift of scenery.  I mean, it’s not like I go out and buy a new sofa and throw the old one away every time I get bored.  Over the years I’ve settled on a few methods that I fall back on when I crave change in the atmospheric pressure in our home.

dotted sofa table


1. Move The Furniture Around

My very favorite way to have instant mix-it-up-ed-ness is to MOVE THE FURNITURE it’s free, you’ll burn calories and who knows, maybe you’ll find a better place for the dresser that’s sitting in your garage.

2. Organize Something

Personally, I don’t like to organize.  I pretty much avoid it at all costs but, I admit, once I force myself to go through a drawer or a coat closet, I usually have a sense of accomplishment and a little more peace in my home.

3. Finish A Project

I’m hoping I’m not the only one who has a few loose ends to tie up from re-potting a plant to putting that extra coat of poly on our table.  I usually have some things around the house that I’ve started, have the supplies for, but having tied it up with a bow.

4. Clean

Yes, it’s organizing’s pesky little sister.   Another one I hate to commit to but, 30 minutes of shining the sink, and picking every item up off the floor can make me feel like I have a fresh house.

5. Touch Ups

Whether you own or rent, the reality is, baseboards and doors get filthy fast.  Especially when you have three boys and a mangy animal running wild.  This photo was my gross, embarrassing reality.  We rent but, I don’t let that stop me from purchasing some trim paint in a normal shade of white.  When something looks dingy, I wipe it down and bring out the paint.  Even I was surprised at how power a clean, painted door has in a foyer.

6. Alter the Experience

It’s been said a thousand times.  Because it’s true.  Bake something, cook a delicious meal, turn on some music {Wallin’ Jennys & George Winston are two of my favorite Pandora channels} and  set the tone in our home.  We listen to Blue Grass while I cook dinner and moody solo piano when it’s dreary out and the boys are doing school work.  And by all means, I beg of you, OPEN your drapes, pull up the shades and turn on the lamps.

7. Go Outside and Get You Some Pretty

This is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve been known to stop on the side of the road to grab some random weeds, cut branches from the back sides of shrubs at our church, even when we lived in an apartment I would cut some big leafy branches from trees at the park and bring them home.  Break off a branch of newly turned fall leaves, clip a twig of non poisonous berries, vase up an empty branch for sculpture or cut a few pieces of evergreen in the winter even after Christmas. Don’t underestimate the power of a branch of something fresh and real in your home.  For free.  Can I get an amen?


See?  We don’t have to resort to disposable sofas, tables and toilets to have change in our home.

darnette disposable toilet

I promise it’s worth clicking here to watch this SNL clip... “It’s that easy!”


What tricks do you have when you crave change?