Lovely Limitations Can Be A Pain :: A Link Up For 31 Dayers At Relevant

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Today I’m not in the mood to write about Ding Dong Lovely Limitations. I’ve been writing about the same topic for 21 days in a row.  I don’t want to be limited today.  Today maybe I want to do a post about a cute kelly green settee.

Sometimes, limitations just plain old get us down. They can be a pain and I’m not gonna pretend that when faced with a limitation in my home, I’m all smiles and sing songy and happy little trees.

One fun thing to do when you are faced with a limitation….is to talk it out.

Next week I’m attending the Relevant conferenceMy sister is speaking and I cannot wait to go to her sessions.  I know some of you who are doing 31 days will be there as well.

If you are participating in 31 Days and also attending the Relevant Conference, want to link up so we can complain about what a pain it’s been chat about how much fun it’s been?  I’m not planning a meet up or anything, I’m way too disorganized for that but, it would be a fun conversation starter if you recognize someone else who is participating in 31 Days.  Maybe we should all paint a kelly green 31 on our faces so we can find each other?  Ideas? Anyone…anyone? And promise me you’ll come introduce yourself to me?  I’ll be the one with the purple hand after Caroline and I have the death grip on each other for the duration of our plane ride.


And if you are doing 31 Days and not going to Relevant, I encourage you to still find someone to commiserate with.  You don’t need to be in person to have a chat, shoot them an email.  My sister and my dad and I have talked about 31 Days almost daily.  It’s more fun to do this when you have someone to bounce things off of.  And if you aren’t doing 31 Days you still have to deal with limitations.  The moral of this story?  Sometimes it helps to talk things out.


This link up is for people who are both participating in 31 Days by writing every day AND attending Relevant next week.


If you haven’t yet, make sure you link up at Denise’s blog she has a link up for everyone attending Relevant.

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  1. wish i was going to be there. 31 days is hard. have loved all of yours, including this one.


  2. I’m a day behind…I’m gonna blame it on the oral surgery a had a couple days ago. I’m still not caught up with life – lol. The irony? That’s what the 31 Day series is about.

    Well, sometimes what we blog about it what we struggle with the most.
    That’s my story – and I’m sticking to it.

    Now, I’ll go write that post.
    And, dream of someday going to Relevant!

  3. I am a newborn at blogging. I decided to take the challenge and blog for 31 days…it is hard!! But it has also been a great practice. Before October 1 I had 2 posts, now I have more. I haven’t missed a day. I made the mistake of choosing a topic that I am not passionate about, but I will know better next time! I wish I were going to Relevant but I think I will have to work up to that!! Thanks for hosting all of us 31 dayers, it has been good for me!

  4. I keep cheating every week or so. “Letting Go of Beige” might be a great example. In my husband’s words, “Is beige something you find yourself really holding on to?” (at which point I threw something at him)

    Have fun at Relevant. Go on ahead and have your fun. Don’t even worry about us. We’ll be fine. I hope…..

  5. I’ve hit a spot where I’m scratching my head and wondering what I’ll write tomorrow. But hey, there’s only 9 more days. Do you want to know what I do when I’m confornted with a limitation? I pout(well, not all the time). Then I get over myself and solve the problem. Your series has helped also. You have great ideas.

  6. Oh man, I just went over to view the Relevant page and I wish I were going. All of the speakers will be so awesome. I hope all who go will be so blessed.

  7. I took the challenge to blog for 31 days… but didn’t follow the rules to blog about one topic. For me, it was a way to just get blogging again. I am proud to say that I have kept it up for 22 days!!! I still have stuff to say, and I love that this has kick-started my creativity again. Thank you!!!!!!!!! Blessings!

  8. I love that kelly green settee. A purple pillow would take it over the top. I’ve been writing 31 Days of Orange. As a florist, finding a lot of images of orange flower-related stuff to share was not as difficult as I thought it would be. It’s been a great discipline for me. I generally blog 3x per week so this was quite a change. Would love to say that I will sstart blogging daily as a result of this challenge, but that wouldn’t be true. I miss the longer, well-researched posts that I do to help people feel able to incorporate flowers into their daily lives. But, I love a challenge. I haven’t missed a day and I am proud. I’ve also met tons of new bloggers which might never have happened if I hadn’t taken the plunge. Thanks for inviting me Melissa!

  9. the idea of it looks like so much fun. Please share all.

  10. Jen Spadaro says:

    Hi Nester,
    I know you are hating on the 31 days, I guess you are allowed to since it’s your 3rd year and you invented this now HUGE writing event. But…I have been reading your blog for years and I am completely impressed how you always have more and new stuff to say. I have read all of your 21 days and I think you are really finding the magic that happens when you really limit yourself. Your blog isn’t life changing but it is home changing and mind changing. Does that make sense? Thanks for your lovely work, I look forward to it daily.

  11. Ah, I was so happy to read this. Yesterday for the 31 Days of Art I took a picture of the dishes in my dishwasher. What?!? The whole point of 31 Days of Art is to get myself kick-started in the art department, but I forgot to add in soccer tournaments when I committed. So it’s 7:39 at night and I’m tired and what the heck am I gonna write about. No art got done, I stood in the rain at a soccer tournament.

    HowEVER, I have appreciated this exercise because I’m learning something about the rhythms of my household and how much art I can realistically do with two kids a dog and a hubby and also get the laundry done and the dishes, etc.


  12. Back in August, when you first announced that EVERYONE was invited to the 31-day blog party this year, I had an inspiration and I knew what I wanted to write. I talked about it so much, that my almost-18-year-old daughter, Kati, decided to do her own series.
    Then, lo and behold, just before the series began, I discovered that my married daughter, Kristin, was also joining in!
    Kristin did not know that Kati and I were going to be 31-dayers, and we did not know that she would be. That’s just how much we think alike, I suppose. (Or maybe we’re just all three a little OCD?)
    Anyway, we are obsessed. Like you and your sister and your dad, we have talked about it practically every day. And it is so much fun. And it is so challenging.
    And although it would never be at home in my house, I do love the kelly green settee! Glad you made a little diversion and shared it. :-)

  13. Glad to see you really are a human!
    I have loved your posts, including this one.

  14. you are lovely, miss nester. i hope you have a fabulous time at relevant. thank-you for inviting us to be committed and challenged w the 31 days series. learning a lot about myself and my topic.

  15. This has been a challenge for me, I’m relieved to read I’m not the only one who has struggled. I have managed to miss one day – but made up for it with 2 posts the next day. However, I did write my 100th post yesterday, so I feel pretty proud of myself!

  16. Hahaha, I’m with all of you. It has really been a challenge. My mother and aunt have loved the posts so much that I don’t have the heart to skip a day. We leave on vacation on Sunday so I will need to do a few extra and set them to post while ‘m gone. Yikes. But thanks for letting me join in :o)

  17. whew. all of you girls are WAY too brave for me! I can’t hardly do 31 days of anything, other than eat sweets…..
    Can’t wait to see all of you at Relevant!!!!!!!!!!!!! yipppeeee.

  18. What was I thinking? 31 days and Relevant in October? Whose idea was that anyway?

    That is some kind of crazy.

    I’ll be the one with the Big Gulp of coffee just trying to keep my eyes open.

  19. The 31 Days Challenge has definitely been that … a challenge! Throw in Relevant and a need for a complete blog redesign, no one available to do said design, and a notice that I really need to change the name of my blog, and I’m thinking I should’ve been hosting “31 Days of pain in your patooie!” rather than “31 Days of Encouragement!” And now I’ve realized I probably really should be posting ahead for while I’m away at Relevant. Plus I have a deadline of Wednesday for Homemaker’s Challenge. And also I’m supposed to interview Roma Downey before I leave. Argh!

    I need chocolate. Serious chocolate.

  20. Nester, I do love your honesty! 31 days is no breeze (Have you thought about 28 days? Scratch that… getting through February in Minnesota is tough enough!!) but a gift for building discipline. Thanks so much for this opportunity to link, share, and discover so many inspiring blogs.

  21. Sometimes our Lovely Limitations are our Lovely Brains… Mine puts up road blocks all of the time… Can’t slap some paint on that and call it repurosed…

  22. One of my current limitations is the fact that I’m not going to Relevant, when I so wish I were, and it seems that everybody who’s anybody IS going. So now I can either whine about the fact that I can’t be there, or I can enjoy it all second-hand through y’all. It’s hard for me to accept, but lately I’ve been dealing with the truth that second-hand is better than no hand at all (if that makes sense).

    Bless you, sweet friend.

  23. 31 days is hard to write about one topic on — though next year, I think I’ll try and join you. Loving your posts!

    Also, not sure if you read all these comments, but if you do and had a moment I posted today about my favourite “too tarnished”, totally imperfect silver bowl that I gave a little refresh too but left very tarnished as well. As you say, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful! Thought of you as I was writing it.


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