Day 28 Too Much

Art Pieces by Nava Lubelski paper

 Over the past few months I’ve been collecting ideas at pinterest for inspiration for 31 Days of Lovely Limitations.  Naturally, there was more inspiration than days in October.  If you’d like to see a few more ideas of limits turned into creative endeavors, hop on over and take a look.  Try to ignore the fact that I have a recipe for homemade Cadbury eggs mixed in with the rest of the Lovely Limitations.

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  1. I resisted PInterest for a long time but it’s one of my favorite things now! Thanks for hosting this 31 Days campaign for all of us, Nester. Smiles!

  2. I try to stay away from Pinterest, but every now and then I take a peek. It will be worth it today to get your Cadbury Egg recipe!

    You’re almost to 31!

  3. HECK YEAH! Cadbury EGGS! Let’s make some. ;) sorry. that is all.

  4. Why on earth would anyone want to ignore a homemade recipe for Cadbury Eggs? My husband loves those.

  5. lol..I’m on the Pinterest waiting list, without even knowing what it’s all about. If it’s anything like an Etsy favorite collection…uh oh!

  6. It still amazes me how clever people are. I love the bookcase atop the coffee table look. The metal trays as magnetic boards is something I’ve seen, but always gets me as a wonderful idea.

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