Day 25 :: Self Imposed Limitations


Sometimes we put limits on ourselves.

I would love to have a new patio set {ours was rescued from the trash from a family member} but, I’d rather be debt free.  It’s worth backing up and taking a look at the big picture to make sure your limits are suited to your over all goals.  It’s easier to put up with a limit when you know the outcome is worth it.

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  1. I love this. It is so true. I have put limitations on what I purchase for our house. It’s new and I am still getting fully set up. But I decided to make myself to use what I have first. It has made me scrap a LOT of ideas for ones that ended up better and MORE me. Now I am enjoying the challenge of it all and have realized that I lot of things I didn’t really need, I didn’t really want!

  2. Wow! Simple yet profound. You hit the nail on the head. Thanks for encouraging.

  3. We (hubby and I) were just talking about this last night.
    We almost have our last debt paid off!
    When we decide that debt free is more important the trick now is to not feel embarrassed when someone comes over and sees the crappy patio set, couches, dining room table, etc.
    My close friends know that we are on a debt free mission and what the rest think doesn’t matter!

    • You’re so right! We recently painted our main living/dining area and hung up a different light fixture. When friends compliment the new look, I find myself saying, “Thanks… It’s a work in progress,” because I’m embarrassed about our hand-me-down furniture and such. I’m struggling to remember that 1) friends surely know, without being told, that I wish I could replace my beat-up, hand-me-down furniture and 2) [ahem] it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

      Debt-free is beautiful.

  4. I agree.

  5. You are so right! My husband and I have been debt free (including mortgage and cars) for nearly 6 years! It is truly the most liberating thing in the world. Of course there have been sacrifices and choices but when I look back at things I thought I wanted 6 months ago, I am glad I didn’t buy it and don’t miss it. This limitation has really set the stage for only buying (and keeping) things I truly love.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement. This is right on the money, so to speak. ;)

  7. I love this post in your 31 days series – Great reminder, thanks!

  8. True! Limitations won’t ever be gone but you can move them.

  9. This is a perfect comment. I need to post this somewhere in the house. My husband and I have lived this way in the past and over the past couple years have found ourselves trying to dig out of debt (which seems nearly impossible…all the while with him being self-employed…challenging) and praying that we haven’t screwed ourselves up for having what we want most. It’s a time of just breathing in grace each day and praying for the strength to see it through. Thanks for this today Nester!

  10. Absolutely what I needed to read right now. Thank you :)

  11. I agree but I am very disappointed you would use this quote and possibly point somone to a false religion. :(

    • Wow, you must know nothing about the religion and she is in no way pointing someone there. It’s just like quoting anyone… Gordon B. Hinckley just happens to have been a prominent figure in the LDS church. And has some amazing quotes.

    • Judge not that ye be not judged For with what judgment ye judge ye shall be
      judged and with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again.

      Matt 7:1

    • Completely agree with Ginger.

    • As someone who admires Gordon B Hinkley, strives to serve the Lord Jesus Christ the best I know how, and who feels refreshed and encouraged by the Nester, I think it’s great when we find common ground and celebrate it!

    • ginger, thanks for your comment and concern

      I don’t think anyone assumes I completely agree with all the beliefs of anyone that I quote here at Nesting Place, I mean, I quoted Dog the Bounty Hunter but dude could use some hot oil treatment for the hair.

    • What a rather unfortunate, close minded statment. I have been in many an LDS services (Mormon) where well respected members of other faiths were quoted. While a college student 18 years ago at BYU, once per month at large devotionals (in the basketball arena – that big) they have prominent religious theologians speak, and one of my favorites was by presented by the Rabbi Harold Kushner. It was a life changing moment for me – to realize that most of us have more in common than we do not.

      Can you not find the simplicity and beauty in the statement and leave it at that?

    • Wow, this comment just made my heart sink. This is so disappointing to see that someone would criticize the Nester for posting such a great quote from a past President of the LDS Church. With all the talk of politics and Mormons in the news today, I really had told myself that most people aren’t as close-minded and negative about The Latter-day Saint Church as some have said they are. This proves my optimism wrong. As a Mormon, we hear quoted from the pulpit people like Ghandi, Mother Theresa, C.S. Lewis, Anne Frank, past US Presidents, etc., often. There is much to gain from the beauty and truth in all religions. Why be so negative and scared of other faiths? The LDS Church has SO SO much in common with mainstream Christians (especially in our core values and family- and Christ-centered lives) that I often buy and read Christian-themed books (Grace for the Good Girl, Dave Ramsey, Dan Brown, etc) because the reference to God in the management of every day life is so familiar and welcomed). Why must our doctrinal differences create fear and hate? Tsk tsk on Ginger and Jen for their scrutiny of my friend Nester. As my son, would say, “Who pooed in your Cheerios this morning?” :-)

      • It’s not a doctrine issue. The fact that the whole Mormon religion is based on lies and contorting God’s Word is where I have issues. Jesus said He is the truth. No one gets to the Father except through Him. The Bible also says that anyone who comes after Christ and tries to teach a different ‘doctrine’ is wrong.

        • ok, y’all, I’m calling it.

          Angie, thank you for your kind words and perspective, and Jen, I know your tenacity comes from a place of love.

          I know this is a touchy subject and rightly so and so to stop the comments from moving in a direction of debating theology and truth, I’m closing the comments here at Nesting Place on this post.

          I love you all and SO appreciate the dialog and encourage you to continue it in your real life in love where it can actually make a difference.

  12. I love the quote (and love the man that said it)and it reminds me time and time again that their are more important things in my life than the the temporal wants that I have now. Thanks for showing that there are good things to be learned from others, even if they are not of your religion.

  13. We choose to have the hand me down furniture, work the coupons and stockpile when the sales are at their best, and I’ve been known to walk around with holes in my socks…just a bit.

    It’s all worth it to put gas in the car when we want to drive to South Dakota :)

    (And, truth is truth. Full stop.)

  14. That’s so very true!

  15. i totally love that quote! it’s actually quite a Biblical quote, because we can so easily get caught up in the here & now, forgetting about the eternal. all that aside, my husband & i bought the family farm w/in the past yr.; because of this, we have major debt that most likely will take many yrs. to pay off. do you have any advice how to stay motivated to keep penny-pinching, but still be able to enjoy decorating our home? thanks for your feedback in advice!

  16. Oh my gosh, I totally agree. It can be hard sometimes – but like Dave Ramsey says, “Live like no one else so that later you can live like no one else.”
    We’re still not completely debt-free yet but our journey has taught us so much and it’s amazing what we can do without, without being upset or “missing out” or anything. The rewards will come later! Even if our current couch is uncomfortable :P

  17. Great quote. It rings totally true, but how easy is it to lose perspective? It’s always nice to have reminders. :)

  18. this will preach over and over and over again.

  19. Brandy E. says:

    I saw this post at a most opportune time….and it had nothing to do with my home. I was just thinking I could really use a snack even though it’s not on my diet plan. Thanks for the reminder to focus on the long term, I shall avoid the fridge. :)

  20. Thanks for posting this quote! What a great reminder of a better way to live our life. It also shows a wonderful side of you that recognizes that goodness does not belong to one belief system or religion alone, but that wisdom and kindness and love are found in many places.

  21. If you will live like nobody else, then you can live like nobody else. Dave Ramsey.

  22. AH…Nester…you hit the nail on the head. I also got a chance to skim Melissa’s ebook that came out today…a similar theme here… I love blogging. It has made me more creative and my home more beautiful. But it has also made me more discontent with what I have. I am so thankful for bloggers like you who keep it real, who aren’t doing a thousand new projects each week…I cannot handle the pressure! This series has been very inspiring but this one has by far gotten to me the most. I have a craft room to be cleaned, laundry to get done, a husband to take care of…my home can take a break. It is beautiful as it is and I need to embrace and live in it. Well said.

  23. I typed up that little quote in photoshop to share on one of my courage for the week posts and I am so honored to see it on your blog. It’s so true and can be applied to anything, can’t it? eating, money, relationships, blogging….loving this 31 day series! xo

    • did you actually do THAT quote/typography that I have on my blog? If so let me know & I’ll credit you, it was one of those pinterest/unlinked things!

  24. I can understand the concern about someone being directed the wrong way by quoting someone who you may not want to direct others to, but I would hope that grown women would understand that agreeing with one thing someone said does not now mean you endorse anything else about them. And yes, truth is truth. It’s all God’s truth. This quote is a good one! Thanks Nester for a great blog – your my favorite and best!!

  25. Ruth Baumgartner says:

    LOVE the quote! I was trying to express this to a friend this morning- so timely of you… I’ll have to pass this post to my gal pal. I have actually sent her quite a few of yours-hmmm… You are truly inspired for our “gotta-have-it-and-I-am-entitled-to-it-RIGHT-now-generation”. I feel there are few voices of wisdom among us. Thank you for yours