Day 24 :: Repetition


Someone want to do the math and tell me how much it costs per square foot to have a penny floor?

Standing Elements

I think I’m more of a post it note wall kind of girl.

hey gorgeous

Or maybe a paint sample art kind of girl.  Speaking of paint sample art–here’s a post with 50 fun things to do with paint chips.  Last time I went into my local Sherwin Williams, they even had paint sample art displayed around the store. I wonder if the paint companies are secretly loving the paint sample art craze.

The secret is in the numbers.  One penny on the floor isn’t even worth picking up any more.  One post it note on the wall is a reminder to get milk, one paint sample is nothing on its own.  Repetition is the key to these projects.

Much of the beauty that arises in art comes from the struggle the artist wages with his limited medium.


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  1. There’s power in numbers! :D Love the penny floor although I’m probably too much of a tightwad to actually carry it out…plus my mommy-brain thinks of the choking hazard if one came loose. LOL!

    Can’t wait to see you THIS week!!!

  2. Love these, who would of thought?? Are you going to Haven? I hope so!! I won’t ask for your autograph again, maybe!!

  3. I think it would be about $2.56 a square foot for the pennies. It’s pretty, but how would you clean it?

  4. I think it’s something like $1.74/sq ft. I really want to know how it would feel to walk on a penny floor barefoot!

  5. Too funny!! I just saw the penny floor on pinterest yesterday and was thinking the same thing!! LOL! Wondering would it be cheaper to do this, I would think it would take forever to lay down!!

  6. My guess is that the cost of that floor is one’s sanity. :)

    I took a nod from Nester and layered every doily and runner I owned to create a spooktacular tablescape. Come take a peek and shriek.

  7. How funny, I’m doing a paint chip sample project for this week’s What I Made Wednesday. It’s similar to my first one I did in July. I always feel so guilty taking so many samples. I’m not sure the paint companies are thrilled I’m taking the sample chips and NOT buying the paint.

  8. Nester, you cannot link me to a penny floor site that doesn’t tell me HOW THE HECK THEY DID IT or IF THEY SEALED IT or whatever!!! its blowing my mind and i love it! but… HOW?

    thank you, from me.


  9. According to what I found after a brief google search, it would be $2.56/ sq. ft. to lay a penny floor. That’s roughly 50,000 pennies per 200 sq feet.

    By the way, I just recently started following your blog and I LOVE it! So encouraging and inspirational! Keep up the good work!

  10. The penny floor is interesting. I think it would be fun to do an art piece with pennies. I think you would have to pour some of that acrylic self-leveling sealer on it (remember restaurant tables from the 80’s?)

    It would be really funny to have a floor of pennies and every once in a while throw in a Sacajawea or Susan Anthony coin.



  11. Here’s how to install a penny countertop….

    Penny Countertop tutorial

  12. according to the pin I put on my pinterest account it costs $1.44.

  13. Love the pennies. I’m guessing their natural patina would work well with the rest of the patina that grows in my kitchen. :)

  14. I personally love the floor!!! I want one. Or maybe just a table or something.

  15. Just when I think I’ve seen it all. So cool and original!

  16. what a gorgeous floor… the pennies but practical?? um no… original? oh ya!

  17. I pinned that picture of the penny floor. It makes me want to start picking up every penny I ever come across. I’d run out in front of traffic for a penny if it’d get me that floor.

  18. Wow, who thinks this stuff up?
    Someone WAY more creative than me.

  19. I kind of like the penny floor. I would never have to worry about my kids spilling ketchup on it.

  20. my brother’s friend did a post-it prank to his dorm room while his roommate was gone… it’s hilarious! you can see it

  21. Wow, you’d have to pay me way more than the floor was worth in pennies to do the labor of laying it down.

  22. I have a whole bunch of pennies I could certainly use for a project like this. LOL.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  23. Took a pic of a penny floor at a restaurant in Manhattan. Amazing!!

  24. the misfit says:

    I’ve seen pictures of the penny floor on design sites – I know there is lacquer involved, but I don’t know what kind. And I know post-it art has been big in the design world too. But I’m really torn about the paint sample art. Over the process of choosing my (many) gallons of paint, I have established quite a collection – even though I am a stickler about bringing the one I’ve chosen back to the store so I don’t have to take another in the same color. But my mess of colors wouldn’t make much in the way of nice art. I think to do that you’d have to take samples JUST to make the art – i.e., not for the sake of buying paint – and the samples are not, actually, free. The companies pay for them. That overhead probably comes out of the price of paint, too – I’d much rather pay for my own art supplies if I could spend a little less for a gallon of paint!

  25. I’m actually working on a penny countertop as we speak, and it’s about 250 pennies per square foot, plus the cost of your epoxy to seal the pennies in. And you def. DO want to seal them in. Just in the brief amount on time our countertop has had pennies but hasn’t been sealed( waiting for a weekend) it’s been a real pain the keep crumbs and bits out from between the pennies… and trying really hard not too spill anything else on it since that makes the pennies oxidize really fast and makes big blotchy spots.

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