Day 20 :: Pallets

I finally broke down and started a pallet and crate board on pinterest.




Pallets are everywhere right now, inside, outside, cut up, made into walls, furniture, storage, and art. Using pallets to create something new is the ultimate, current lovely limitation.

I’ve yet to palletate or pallet it up or get pallety with it but for more pallet ideas visit the queen of pallets, Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.

What do you think about all the palleting going on?  Have you been inspired to create your own pallety project?


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  1. I’m on the fence about pallets. I love the look, but they are a pain to take apart & work with – plus all the warnings about chemicals, blah blah blah. They look AMAZING in a lot of projects, but I haven’t dove into that trend yet. Barnwood is another subject (although closely related) – and I ADORE barnwood.

  2. I have been thinking on this for awhile and really didn’t know what to do with one until I read Funky Junk. I think it’s a great idea.

  3. Donna from Funky Junk has a lot of great info on pallets! I would love to create something with them, it’s on my list, list of a million things to do inspired by all of you wonderful blog goddesses! I think I could make something everyday for the rest of my life, but I just keep reading your blog and others and haven’t even tried to take a pallet apart!

  4. LOVE the pallet walk way through the woods! how whimsical!

  5. I love pallets. I have this Pinterest love affair with them. I just need to make this love a reality and just make something. I am thinking of a pallet container garden. Love those.

  6. Donna has so inspired me to think outside the box with pallets. One of my most recent FREE pallet projects is probably a favorite of mine in our kitchen. They are really fun, and a great way to upcycle and create some cool conversation pieces.

  7. Not that I believe everything I read on the internet, but this article and the one it references make a lot of good points about why it is unsafe to use pallets for interior projects.

    I’m a big fan of the rustic, cabin in the mountains type look that distressed or aged or weathered wood has in a project, but there have got to be safer ways to achieve that look.

    I realize that the pallets are often free and for a lot of projects you don’t even have to take them apart, but if someone was giving out free candy bars that may or may not be poisoned, would you take one?

  8. And then I went and left out the link to the article:

  9. I love a lot of the pallet projects but my neighbor friend put one on her wall in their formal dining room and I hate it. She was so excited I didn’t tell her how I felt when asked, not nice I know, but our houses are to reflect us not our neighbors and she seriously loved it. To each their own. I love the pallet tables I’ve seen for outdoors.

  10. I really want to try a pallet project, but I’m not sure where to get one to try. Also, it seems like some of the ones I HAVE seen have been less than usable for anything. It’s still something I’m interested in though…

  11. The health concern about the pallets will definitley keep them OUT of my home, no matter how great they look.

  12. I think they are great. Great, inexpensive ideas too! :)

  13. I love pallets! I made my bed out of pallets and i have a pallet pinboard too:)

  14. This is recycling at it’s best! Love all the crafty ideas.

  15. I strongly advise against bringing real pallets into your home. The wood is impregnated with chemicals to prevent them from breaking down durng use, and you don’t want these chemicals in your house as they are volatile and if you breathe them in, very unsafe, especially for small children and pets. If you like the look of pallets, re-create it from lumber, not pallets themselves.

  16. Virginia Mom says:

    All of the projects I’ve seen made from wood pallets are interesting and creative. My concern with using them, aside from the health issues discussed in these comments, is that pallets stacked up behind a business may not be “abandoned property” (a legal term) and taking them may actually be a form of larceny (another legal term, which –as you know– means STEALING.)

    I suppose that if a business owner were to give you permission to take them and they could be disinfected, deloused, dried and sealed, they might be okay to use. The jury is still out on that.

    Okay, enough of my Perry Mason rant. Now to that cool link to Pinterest . . .

  17. I rarely comment, but I wanted to say that I think the pallet projects pictured are just lovely and inspiring. I’m glad I did comment this time, because your readers have provided me with information I was not aware of at all. In the winter, we burn pallets in our backyard firepit. We are careful to sit downwind from the smoke, as I don’t like my family to fill our lungs with campfire smoke. I had no idea I could be exposing them to harmful toxins in that smoke as well. Safety comes first. No more pallets for our fires!

    Thank you, Nester for the lovely inspiring photos, and thank you to your commenters for their information as well. What a great idea to recreate pallet looks with wood that is known to be safe. I know exactly where to find that wood too – I have some in my garage! Use what you have, right?! Now there’s the proof that I’ve been reading all of your lovely limitation posts. :)

    • oh I never even thought about that, I’ve been to some big bonfires where they burn stacks of pallets–here in the south I think it’s kind of common. No wonder we all talk funny!

      kidding, I love a good southern accent, I married one!

  18. i am trying to convince my husband about a pallet coffee table…it’s not exactly been fruitful. Mainly, i want him to ask the carpet company down the road if we can have a pallet that looks like it’s scheduled for the dump! i’m hoping he’ll agree. :)

  19. I’ve had ups and downs with pallets… I thank the Lord for FJDonna and her advice.. I bleach them and leave them in the sun to dry… So far, I’ve only done (almost done) one project using strong, sturdy pallet wood that is untreated (to the best of my knowledge). I also haunt new construction sites for leftover wood. I know this wood will most likely be safe cuz they use in IN the houses… It’s amazing how generous Contractors can be with leftover materials…

    This is definitely a GREAT conversations to have! Thanks for firing it up, Nesta!

  20. We used pallets as a platform for our bed when we were camping out in the basement. It wasn’t out of design. It was out of necessity. (Just like the concrete block end tables…Remodel Chic!) I saw a project for a porch swing out of pallets that I think is fabulous, but none inside for me, thanks. ;)

  21. I am giggling at our brainwaves. Just posted on reclaimed wood today, and featured that FABULOUS kitchen table made from pallets and THE.MOST.AMAZING. chevron table that I am so going to hack/ditto.
    – {darlene} @fie

  22. My husband just hung our pallet bookshelf last night. Woo-woo, I’m obviously a fan and like that website about the chemicals. Not all pallets are bad, so we just need to be aware of what we’re getting into.

    Thanks! LOVE your pallet board.

  23. I am obsessed with pallets being used as decor! I’m dying to do something with one. I actually have one I got from work, just trying to decide what exactly I want to do with it. So many options :)

  24. We are ranchers so we see/use pallets a lot to store feed and for other outdoor things. I’m not really sure I want some of those pallets IN my house. I suppose if you sprayed them off good with some bleach water first, then maybe…..

    I do want to make a pallet surround for my compost pile.

  25. wow i love them as pathway. that’s just too cool

  26. I saw the most awesome pet bed on Pinterest made of pallets! I’m giving it a try soon! :)

  27. Had no idea about the pallet trend, but love that pallet path in the outdoors.

  28. No kidding, when I first moved to Nashville, TN, I made my bed out of pallets! It was totally fine. So, if you think you’ll have problems using pallets as a realistic means of making furniture, think again. Depending on what you do, you may need a bit of reinforcement , but these things work!

  29. I think they have become too much of a fad. And you know the life of fads: Here today, gone tomorrow!

  30. Hey Nester :)

    It’s Lauren…the comment-every-now-and-then stalker from Auburn, AL (War Eagle! I see you’re in NC…my undergrad is from Appalachian)…anyway, a year ago, I had sent my now fiance an email of a pallet headboard. For my birthday, he had surprised me by ripping apart 2 pallets he got for free from his weekend job for us to make a headboard. Best birthday gift ever–we actually go to BUILD something together and it turned out lovely.

    Now I’m all freaked about what I’m reading…we polyurethaned (sp?) it and I rubbed it like crazy with cleaner/lysol….I’m still nervous…I knew it was too good to be true :( :( I teach kindergarten and am an anti-lice freak…thus why I scrubbed the thing like mad…now I’m afraid of lice/chemicals, etc. Help!!

  31. I keep driving by pallets in the garbage and thinking that I should do something with them…and alas I have not brought one home. Not quite ready to get pallety with it.

  32. I think if I tried to turn a pallet into some piece of furniture or art my husband would take it and burn it. He’s not into that look at all, and I’m not really either (so I don’t really have an inclination to try it). The best thing pallets are for: Homecoming bonfires!

  33. Back when my husband and I were first married and had zero money, pallets were a frequently used solution to many a problem. I kind of laugh now that they are considered chic. I thought we looked kind of pitiful, who knew we were on the cutting edge of a hot trend!

  34. Well, how cool to be mentioned for one of my all time fav habits. :) Thank-you!


  35. One thing I’ve done with pallets:
    (It’s making planting boxes, if you can’t be bothered to click the link…)
    Another is (as someone else has mentioned) making a compost heap. Good for letting air circulate a little better!

  36. My husband came home the other night and wanted to make our boys’ headboard out of one…of course, we didn’t have a clue that they were “in.”

    I opted not to because this particular one was on the dirty side…, I’m re-thinking it.

  37. Let’s just say that our patio installers left three pallets behind at the end of the job… they really have no idea how happy it made me!! So, ya, there will be some pallet love over at FlutterFlutter in the future. ;) I noticed your pallet pins, and thought the timing was impeccable. Thanks!!

  38. I actually have several pallets in my basement that I need to decide what to do with. I’m going to go check out your Pinterest board. thanks!!

  39. Scrappyjen says:

    Love the pallet thing. I created a lovely outdoor table and bench seats from a pallet and offcuts from the local sawmill. I was really excited by the results and best of all I didn’t spend a cent. I got to create something that was beautiful, functional and best of all FREE. Love that kind of craft.

  40. i’ve yet to pallet anything either, but i have a TON of them in the garage, all torn apart and ready to work with. i’m thinking of framing out a mirror or two. i just haven’t figured out if i’m supposed to stain them or leave them ‘as is’ :)

  41. I just shared some projects I created with palettes. I’ll tell you this, it is tough work!! Doable, but tough.

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