Day 17 :: Mirrors, the Pixie Dust of Design

via Sweetie Pie Style

Who says they have to match?


Who says you shouldn’t layer them?

House Beautiful via Apartment Therapy

Who says the only view is one that looks outside?

Tricia Huntly via My Notting Hill

Who says those big sheet mirrors are out dated?


Who says the room is to small for a super big mirror?

Simply Seleta via Pinterest

Who says that mirror is too ornate for that room?  Maybe the room will rise to the occasion?

design sponge

Who says it has to be real?


Who says you can’t use a mirror as a headboard?

House Beautiful?

Who says you can’t hang it on the bookcase?

houzz via pinterest

Who says it must be centered?


Who says you have to have a fire in there?

un coeur en provence

Who says you can’t rescue the broken mirror?

better after

Who says you can’t frame it all chunky and paint it the same fresh color as your cabs?

Thomas and Vines

Who says you can’t flock it? {be still my beating heart!}

Who says you can’t make one out of poster board?


Who says they have to be perfect to be beautiful?


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  1. How fun and I love your commentary.

  2. love mirrors! they are my #1 item to look for when thrifting! does that make me narcissistic?

  3. I am loving these photos. Mirrors are one of my favorite inexpensive ways to open up a room. You have such an eye for beauty

  4. OMG….I love, love, love this post. I am a huge, no, oversized fan of mirrors. I love the unexpected in a home…mirrors are to die for….the bigger the better. I wish the huge mirrors I crave weren’t so expensive.

  5. awww nester I just love you. Maybe because you blogged about something near and dear to my heart like looking at myself. OR maybe it’s that you don’t give up on stuff…it’s just encouraging on this Monday morning. Not to get to churchy but isn’t it funny that the mirror reflects us and we aren’t perfect and God doesn’t give up on us either…He would still hang our picture all over his house…in a light turquoise frame of course…
    anyway I am sure you get so much fan mail in a days time that you feel like a member of New Kids on the block but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blogs and it’s just always very real and very encouraging. thanks sister friend.

  6. I love mirrors, but hate seeing myself in them! LOL These are some great ideas!

  7. Great post and such wonderful mirrors. This was an enjoyable way to start my morning. Thanks, Dianntha

  8. this post made me cry. i promise I’m not kidding. Awesome.

  9. So very lovely! I adore mirrors for all the light and sparkle they bring to rooms. And a mirror behind a stove is good feng shui, I think I read that somewhere. :)

  10. I don’t know who said it, but I know I love this post.

  11. I don’t know who said it, but I say I love this post.

  12. Love this post! Now I’m all “Hmm. Where could I put some mirrors??”

    My husband would like one as a headboard. Hee.

  13. I love mirrors, especially old antique mirrors. I picked up two old mirrors that were in a throw away pile, and redid them (you can see it on my blog). They can add so much to a room!

  14. Gorgeous post! So many beautiful mirrors, love the floor mirror layered behind the crib. Janell

  15. Sigh. So much pretty.

  16. I love this post. I started to tackle redoing a hand me down mirror this weekend and am going for a bold color.

  17. Oh, for the L*O*V*E!! As usual, you never fail to inspire.

  18. Wonderful. Lots of great ideas, but those three pink-framed mirrors are especially adorable. Thrift store mirrors, especially, could get a whole new lease on life.

  19. I love this post and all the great ideas for using mirrors in so many different ways!

  20. That photo of the giant mirror bringing so much light into the nursery reminds me that I could do the same for both our living room and kitchen.

    Thank you for the reminder!

  21. Love this post and your insight. I have such a thing for mirrors (not my reflection ; ). I’ve got two in my living room, one in my hallway which you can see from the couch and I fancy a collection of them up my stairs. I keep trying to fight the urge, but I love what I love and who doesn’t like more light?

    Have a great day.

  22. Found a giant mirror just this weekend at St. Vinnies for $5.00. It is in need of some TLC, but until the paint comes out time comes, it’s hanging up, reflecting beautiful natural light, in the kitchen. Great article/inspiration. And, I love the mirror hanging on the bookshelf!

  23. RubberChickenGirl says:

    “Who says they have to be perfect to be beautiful?”

    I heart mirrors!


  24. The headboard one took my breath away. Major awesome! And I’m not even a gold person.

  25. Love that venetian mirror in the pink room and the ornate gold one behind the bed. I just love mirrors! I don’t have any as fancy as these yet. Came across a pale pink venetian style mirror on the street on the upper west side of NYC. It was so heavy, I couldn’t budge it. This was before cell phones ladies. There was no one around to help. Ahhh the one that got away! Please visit my 31 Days of Orange when you get a chance.

  26. This is great! Now I know what to do about the big bathroom mirror and save a ton of money too. Thanks!

  27. …and i thought i was the only one with a mirror over my stove…i love it…

  28. oh dear. Now I will be scouring out mirrors at the thrift store!! :)

  29. I have an old antique little beauty that has seen it’s better days – let’s just say this ‘ole gals been around the block a time or two- I have plans to slap some paint on it (and promptly wipe it off) sand the edges a bit and maybe glue on some of my favorite sea shells. I love sea shells. and mirrors. so, what could be better than sea shells AND mirrors???? (we live at the beach so it works out pretty well any time of the year) :)

  30. I love the mirror w/ the crib!!! I can see that’d be a job to clean! :) I also love the mirror headboard! Cleaver.

  31. I love mirrors but I never seem to buy them.

    sandy toe

  32. Wondering how to hang a mirror on top of a mirror – especially so it isn’t permanent. Dr. Google has been no help, so far.

  33. Great post….I too love mirrors and seem to make all the relatives in the family feel like they have to somehow donate me their old mirrors! Hahaha….I’ve received 6 vintage round mirrors…which are good…and several ugly ones for some reason…not so good! I’ll have to look through your post again and see if I can paint, layer or break some of them….just for good measure!

  34. I LOOVE mirrors!!! But they are so expensive. I can’t seem to find any in my price range that look as awesome as the ones you have in your photos. Any suggestions?

    • YES::: Second hand.

      Almost every mirror I have is second hand be it yard sale, thrift store or hand me down, plus, with second hand you are more apt to be brave and risk changing a mirror up. Also, Ikea has good priced big mirrors. Oh, and Pier 1, I found a clearanced on there for our bedroom. Oh and Homegoods has GREAT mirrors!

  35. I love this! Can’t wait to put it into action when decorating our new home. Thanks, Nester!

  36. be still MY beating heart!!! ack! this entire post is rocking my world. gimme a project. i am ready. (wait, i have a list of 12 projects on the fridge that i have to finish first…

  37. Love this post! I’m new to your blog (literally just found it 10 minutes ago) and I’m excited to read more!

    Totally agree with: “Who says the room is to0 small for a super big mirror?” I just added a giant mirror to my little tiny apartment and it is doing wonders. I haven’t posted pictures on my blog yet, but I will soon. Thanks for the mirror encouragement!

  38. A wonderful post, Nester. I love mirrors too and have gained some ideas (and a few chuckles too) this morning,

  39. Love this post! Love mirrors a little too much! I keep picking them up at thrift stores. Thank you for the inspiration!

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