Day 16 :: Maybe You Already Have It

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For years I’ve kept an eye out for wooden scoops.  I love my clear canisters but nothing ruins the simplicity of them like an ugly scooper.  Then I saw this photo.  I have that exact same cup sitting in a cabinet not 3 feet away from one of my patiently waiting for the right wooden scoop, scoopless canisters.  Plus, I get to enjoy that last intact teacup from my grandma’s collection.  I wish I would have thought of that years ago.

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  1. This reminds me of my great aunt who made a mean coconut cake. So, I asked for her recipe.
    It went something like this: “Well you take one cupful of flour…” That cupful was really a cup full–just like your new/old scoop. I love this idea–it’s practical and a wonderful way to use those old cherished things, and it’s pretty:)

  2. I have been looking for a red handled scoop to no avail. I will now be getting Blue Willow cups that are abundant! Thanks.

  3. Oh this is very pretty! Nice way to use an heirloom! I don’t have any canisters like that, but I keep eyeing them :)

  4. That’s beautiful. Now I have creative ideas of what to do with my Nanaw’s tea cups. Love it!!!

  5. Every time I am on Pinterest I see an idea that makes me think: DUH……………………………..

    Love it!

  6. I have my Walmart $9.99 extra large clear canisters, too, with NO scoop inside because I’ve been waiting on the “PERFECT” ones…..and now, you’ve gone and given us this picture, which offers the perfect solution.

  7. Wow, such a simple idea…I had a great red and white cup I use to use for my finches food, but when I rehomed them, I didn’t even think about using for the sugar…that will be so cute…after a good washing of course.

  8. I would love to find some wooden scoops too :) if you find some please post! and if I do I will leave a comment :)

  9. I have glass cannisers and use vintage milk glass or jadite coffee mugs for scoops. And they equal one cup, too!


  10. I love this idea! I have those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments ALL the time :)

  11. YES!! I saw one with a silver baby cup, all tarnished and lovely! I immediately ran to the attic where all my babby stuff is and found the one I had as a baby. Finally! the perfect use! only it doesn’t fit the opening of the container…UGH! So now I’m looking for the perfect glass container and my silver cup sits there…waiting with me:-) Oh joy!

  12. Good golly, why didn’t I think of that!?! I, also, love my clear canisters…and my FiestaWare! Guess what’s going directly into my flour and sugar canisters? :)

    Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  13. This reminds me of watching my grandmother cook meals in her house. I miss her so much. Thanks for sharing. It’s a simple reminder of everyday life that many of us have forgotten; using what you have is beautiful.

  14. I have those same glass containers in my laundry room. One contains my home made ‘oxy clean’ the other laundry powder. I use old measuring spoons in my containers because with my HE washer I do not need loads of soap etc. My spoons are very old, belonged to my grandma and I think of her with each load of laundry. Some of my favorite memories of her are hanging laundry on a line in the back yard while talking to the neighbor.

  15. Yur scoopin’ now! (O.Kkkkkkkk… I know it should be “cookin’ with grease” but I cain’t control it…

  16. Great idea! I have my blue willow tea cups from my grama 2!

  17. Beautiful idea! I love it!
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  18. I put away my teacup collection. Now I might go get a few for my flour and sugar canisters.
    Thanks smartie!

  19. You know, I’ve used my grandma’s tea cups as scoops in my canisters for years! She left me her teapot, tea cups and saucers. I remember watching her bake and when something called for “1 cup”, she used one of those teacups as a measure! Her everyday teaspoons and tablespoons were also her measuring spoons, and you know what?…everything she baked from birthday cakes to cookies always tasted so good. every time I use one of the tea cups as a scoop, those wonderful memories of her in the kitchen give me a smile.

  20. I like the idea of using those little silver cups that were given as baby gifts back in the day. I also found one at a flea market. They are the perfect sized scoop…and they look great!

  21. what a darling idea! I love china used in everyday life…my puppy eats off a china teacup dish (at least while she’s little enough to no knock it around) :)

  22. beautiful. I was given a couple tea cups that I’m pretty sure the giver would prefer that I keep…but we NEVER use them for tea and I HATE having things i don’t use or enjoy…so i’ve been looking for a way to use them around the house. This is so simple and brilliant….thanks!

  23. omg! Brilliant! I have that same cup in my cabinet gathering dust as well! I am so doing that today.

  24. I use a different cup in each of my big glass canisters. One for white flour, one for wheat, one for white sugar and one for raw sugar. I love to see all the different colors in the canisters. And you can always find a neat cup at a thrift store that’s lost it’s saucer! I have a fiesta turquoise in one, a ralph lauren coffee cup in one, a really cute pink melmac in one and a jadeite mug in one. They make me happy when I see them.

  25. Simply Brilliant.

    (And, here I thought I was thinking “out of the box” for keeping my bottles of extracts in a vintage gravy boat.)

  26. Brilliant idea. I gave away my tea cups, now I’ll have fun hitting second-hand shops. Thanks!

  27. I’ve been needing a scoop for the kitties’ food jar (which sits on our counter in a big glass jar like that) since the measuring cup just is not all that pretty. A great excuse to swing by the thirft store and see if I can find a lonely old tea cup looking for a new home!

    (Speaking of ald tea cups… my childhood tea set was a bunch of random crazy teacups and saucers from the church rummage sale. They didn’t match, but it was so fun to have “fun” china. Very cheap, and really fun for kids. And I never did break any of it.)

  28. Love it!! It’s a wonderful idea! Thank you for yet another out-of-the-box but beautiful, wonderful idea!!

  29. That looks really neat! We bought the wood scoops at a Xmas market in Germany but love the teacup idea.

  30. I’ve been using an old teacup that my mom gave me for my first apartment to scoop dog food for years. Actually..I’ve used the whole set except one…since I broke them all except one. Great re-using!

  31. what a great idea!

  32. Clear canisters are a great idea. hat way we can really appreciate the color and texture and meaning of the things inside. Lovely!

  33. Super idea, just be ware of possibility of lead exposure, especially with kiddos eating what the cups are sitting in. (hate to sound like a party-pooper, but that old red fiesta ware was a doozy…)

  34. Such a darling idea! And I’m sure my nana would be thrilled that one of her teacups was in view and totally useful on a daily basis. In love with this!

  35. Hi,
    I spent my summers on my Aunt and Uncle’s farm. And when I lived in Toronto back in the 70s it was to the farm I went when I just wanted some peace and quiet. Aunt Frances made the best butter tarts I’ve ever tasted – even better than my own (and they’re darn good, is I say so myself). I asked her one day what her recipe was and she said you take 3 cups of …… and 1 of raisins…… and so on. It wasn’t until 10 or more years later (when my butter tarts never came close to hers) I realized it wasn’t 1 cup as in 8 ozs. but it was the cup (actually a very old coffee mug) that always sat in her flour tin. It was the only thing I wanted out of the house when she passed away and was told it had already been thrown away.
    Reading this post was somewhat bitter sweet to me.
    Thanks for the great memory just the same,

  36. Where can I find these canisters?

  37. Jenise Jackson says:

    This post is a wonderful reminder to value what we have. When my aunt, who was like a mom to me, was very ill she told me she wanted to leave me her good china. It surprised me because I’d never seen her good china and so I told her this. She told me I had seen it, that we used the good china every time we ate. That incomplete, chipped and stained china is now the most valuable thing I own. And we eat off the good china everyday.

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