Day 15:: Disobey

crush cul de sac


design sponge


Someone with a dull, riskless, storebought home will laugh at your idea.  Don’t listen to them.  Try it anyway.

design walls

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  1. This post is what it’s all about– thanks Nester!

  2. I love this! It’s ideas like these that make you smile when walking into a room or home.

  3. Oh, this is right up my alley! But if I try one of these, do I still get credit for being creative? :) thanks for some great starting points.

  4. Where do I get one of those ironing boards??? :)

  5. LOVE these ideas! They make me think about practical/inventive/funky ways to use precious family heirlooms and things that are currently tucked away in storage! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. So now I’m on the hunt for a bass drum, an old ironing board and a doll house, which probably wasn’t really the point you were trying to make…

  7. I have one of those old wooden ironing boards, but I still iron on it!
    Great ideas.

  8. I’m so with you this. Hmm.
    Off to see what treasuries I can dig up.

  9. I’ve always admired the thought process behind that quote- and what creativity can shell out when we let it. Just love this…

  10. I love the freedom that comes in being given ‘permission’ of sorts, to break the rules. :) That first image is so eye-catching!

  11. Yo… I never tell people what I’m doing before I do it..ummm… not even my dear, sweet beloved Man. If I do, I preface it with, “Now, you know I know I’m krazy, but I had this idear…” waka, waka, waka….. All I need is a brown derby hat and a polka dotted tie…

  12. These are fantastic. :) I see now I not only need to stop trying to get everything just right and “correct” in how I live my life (a big thank you to your sister who is helping my good girl to chill out), I also need to get over that in decorating, too. It is okay to just have fun! To be creative. To be me. :)

  13. Loving that dollhouse laundry shelf!! I think I had seen it before, but a refreshing reminder. Creativity is just the most awesome thing…think of how creative God is!

  14. triple *like* this post & your short & sweet sentence!

    just left a store less than a hour ago where someone laughed & scratched their head at what i was buying.
    honestly, it made me all the more excited about my purchase.


  15. The first picture really caught my eye! Beautiful!

  16. These things always make me say, “Why didn’t I think of that.” Thanks to the people that do so I can copy them. ;)

  17. Love the dollhouse!

  18. Love! And the title, too! :)

  19. Love it all! Especially the doll house turned cabinet storage. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  20. I LOVE this post.
    Thank You Nester! :)

  21. How can I use that gynormous dollhouse in my basement to disobey? Better yet, can I bring it to your house and you make it disobey? haha

    Cute ideas!

  22. I loved your post with all these wonderful ideas. I have my mom’s old wooden ironing board. That’s the only thing I requested when she passed away several years ago. Using it as a sofa table. Thanks for all the great ideas. You’re a super blogger!!!

  23. Oh, I love that quotation from Frank Capra! That’s just perfect!

    I’ve often wondered how much my friends with “good taste” might laugh at me. When I was younger, I had to honor limitations because I simply had no alternative. Now I could probably buy some alternatives, but then I wouldn’t have the satisfaction that comes from listening to that bit of creativity trying to tell me something. :)

  24. Joy Manoleros says:

    Awe-SOME!!! Thanks for the permission :o)

  25. The dollhouse shelf is fantastic! Now I want to find an old dollhouse…

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