Day 11 :: Sticker Wall Paper

I saw an article at Little Green Notebook and once again, I’m amazed at the creative mind.  This lovely wallpaper actually isn’t wall paper at all.


Look closely, do you see?  It’s a bunch of random stickers placed together in a pattern by Payton Turner.

Who in their right mind every would have had the vision that these bunch of hodge podge stickers could create something so pretty?

I wonder if her parents were the kind that didn’t mind if she put stickers on her wall as a child.

Maybe you have something that if you stepped back and looked at in a different way, it could become lovely too?

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  1. you know what’s craziest to me about this?
    that not only are they random stickers…but they are random really UGLY stickers! but somehow, put together, they’re really cool!

  2. That is seriously creative!

  3. Love it… from afar it looks like the best wallpaper ever… up close more like my junior high notebooks. ; ) What a fabulously creative idea!!!!

  4. Eh. I find this really creepy. Don’t like it at all!

    • good point but, it’s not about whether or not you like it, it’s about her using something like crazy stickers to create something totally surprising {and I think pretty from far away} Lovely limitations–she used stickers! Crazy, random, weird stickers! to me, it’s a form of genius~even if it’s not something I would have in my own home it prompts me to think about using things in different ways.

      • I agree. That’s what inspiration is all about. Otherwise, it’s just mimicking. Which is okay, but doesn’t feel as good as being able to do something truly inspired.
        Hear hear!


      • I merely stated I didn’t like it. Still do not. I never stated anything about her not being creative. No lecture needed here, thanks.

  5. as a mom, all I can think is, “what happens when I want to paint the wall?” Have you ever tried to get stickers off a wall to prep it for painting….ugh! I think it looks awesome, for someone else. However, the point of your post and looking at things from another perspective…well that’s so much fun! I get really excited when I think “outside the box” and it turns out really cool!

  6. Wow! Love that wall and love the concept! As a mom who’s had to pull stickers off the wall to paint, I groan at the thought, but as a cool art concept – I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Has she been working on it since birth, my goodness how long did it take to do that? Amazing talent, what perspective. Makes me wonder what else she can do!

  8. Brilliantly creative! Nah, it’s not for everyone, but the sheer genius of it is pretty cool stuff!

  9. michelle starling says:

    How creative. I love it.

  10. that is CRAZY! what a process that must be!!

  11. Absolutely brilliant! I love the creativity and randomness of it! :)

  12. Oh my goodness that’s creative!!!
    I can’t even imagine the time involved to create the ‘wallpaper.’ Wow!

  13. Hmmm… I am wondering what kind of “out of the box” thinking WOULD apply to my home from this…. I’ve been thinking of doing something with my kids’ bathroom walls. It’s oooold wall paper that was painted- so nothing really to ruin in there! Maybe nothing quite so random as the wall above- but it’s got me thinking!

  14. How Creative – I love this idea!!

  15. Amazing…Genius!

  16. So I think that it is super creative though I think that it would have had the same impact on a really big canvas!! I think that I would have steered my people in the not so awful to remove path. That girl should get a blog and blow us all away!! :)

  17. Now that I’ve picked my jaw up off the floor, I can comment! That is SO creative. The stickers individually don’t go together at ALL, but as one big picture, it’s amazing.

  18. That “wallpaper” is utterly amazing. Now if only she could make wallpaper out of her “wallpaper” I would have to leave work early and go grab lots. WOW! Could you imagine a board and batten nursery with this wallpaper above it for a baby girl! :)

  19. What creativity! Considering my aunt used to work for a sticker company, stickers are one thing I have in abundance. However, I can’t really see myself doing this. It’s one of those ideas that is cool, but I don’t think I’d actually do it.

  20. Talk about thinking outside the box…ahh-mazing!

  21. crazy cool!

  22. wow that is crazy! very creative and crazy cool! i would definitely let me kid do this if they wanted to

  23. I love projects that use what you already have.


  24. WOW! Now I finally know what to do with all my ugly old stickers. Too bad I don’t have near the patience, eye or energy she had. Tre Chic!

  25. I’m in love. This is SO something I would want in my house! I love the playfulness & humor the random stickers bring to the space. It brings vibrance & color & interest. I’m a HUGE fan of of unexpected, amusing home decor. (Which is why I do what I do I guess!)

  26. This is funny to me since I just spent the better part of the morning scrubbing off stickers the kids had placed in various places in their rooms. I could have saved my fingernails and the bottle of goo-gone and left those budding creative geniuses to their vises.

  27. incredulous, genius! Thank you for the amazing inspiration- waaaay outside the box, love it!!!

  28. This young lady has a bright future ahead of her. Totally awesome! Wonder how long it took to do the wall?

  29. Thumbs up for that sticker wall paper design it much your wall very well i want to buy a sticker wall and try it on my house thank your for sharing this blog….

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