When I first saw this photo on pinterest, I thought how clever to use a old, empty ornate frame to frame to modern black and white photos.  I’ve seen so many stores mark down nice frames just because the glass is cracked.  I’ve seen so many people sell frames at yard sales because the glass is cracked and they cannot imagine a use for a frame without glass. Tragic.  So today’s charming imperfection is, USE your glassless frames.  I’ve been known to take glass out of frames and recycle it just so I can have a glassless frame {I have a little aversion to frame glass anyway, it’s a sickness}.

So I thought, what a great addition to 31 days, because I bet many of us have seen pretty empty frames but don’t know what to do with them.  What a fun encouragement to use something that some may see as imperfect and make it even more charming.

New York Magazine

Then I did some more research I found out that this frame was made out of cardboard. CARDBOARD.  Look closely up there.  Here’s what Herve´ Pierre, the artist had to say about the frame…

❝I made a frame from cardboard and paper in an eighteenth-century style. It took“ me two years, but it was like therapy, cutting all the pieces.

Once again, an example of someone using an everyday object and creating a work of art.  Inspiring, no?  Does it inspire me to spend the next two years fashioning a vase out of pasta?  No.  But it does inspire me to consider the possibilities of what could be.  The risk, the wonder, the what ifs, the process~they are all a part of the finished result whether that be a spray painted wreath for your front door or a cardboard frame masterpiece.

Use what you have, don’t insist on perfect and have fun whilst you are doing it.


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